Julia Roberts in a bikini

October 26th, 2009 // 50 Comments

Julia Roberts went swimming with Javier Bardem yesterday while filming scenes in Bali for Eat, Pray, Love. According to IMDB:

While trying to get pregnant, a happily married woman realizes her life needs to go in a different direction, and after a painful divorce, she takes off on a round-the-world journey.

God willing, this “round-the-world journey” involves a mystic guide (I’m thinking Morgan Freeman.) who explains to Julia’s character that woman over 40 should stop trying to pump out babies and everyone learns a valuable lesson about life. Or she could have lots of sex with Javier Bardem and bring in the randy Grandma crowd. Whichever.

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  1. andy7171


  2. Kathleen

    Gorgeous woman!

  3. Rough intentions

    Did she get caught in any fishhooks in the area?

  4. ******KrazyHotKelli**********

    Thiz iz all well and good. But let uz not loze zight of the fact that my puzzy iz zweeter than herz!

  5. Vince Lombardi

    She’s looking more and more like Denis Leary in drag.

  6. fearzarewizhez

    Kelli iz a man and ztupid boring. Hiz zhit wazn’t funny the firzt time.

  7. TekMoney

    Once upon a time she used to be somewhat attractive. Age can be pretty cruel.

    Ad what’s with no booty shots? Not sure if I want to see that or not, but when it comes to booty curiosity can get the best of me…

  8. hyped1

    Tenth! And who really gives a SH*T!! She still looks the same, good…for her?

  9. ******KrazyHotKelli**********

    I am not a man. I have a puzzy.

  10. superking

    She looks like crap, but if u really think about it , she always did

  11. fearzarewizhez

    Kelli –

    Being a puzzy is not the same as having a puzzy. Find another zite to pollute.

  12. @11 I thought you were dead?

  13. ******KrazyHotKelli**********

    For your information I bring alot to the table here. I try to zhare my God given talentz with otherz. Zo pleaze have zome conzideration for othez pleaze.
    I have a zweet puzzy.

  14. fearzarewizhes

    Kelli iz a deluzional man; very likey zuffering from a highly dyzfuntional zchizophrenia.

  15. Futonya

    Kelli, Your posts suck and are unfunny. Take a hike.

  16. Didn't, but nearly puked

    I’d like to thank the (notso) pretty woman for keeping her fat ass covered by water. I was eating breakfast. That face of hers is getting rough looking. Women age like milk left unrefrigerated. The shit goes bad fast.

  17. Sweet clingpeaches

    Julia was never hot, and neither was krazykelli.

  18. Aunt Jemima

    Hello Wibur! How do you like my bikini? Pbbtpbtpbt!

  19. ******KrazyHotKelli**********

    What makez U think I am trying to be funny? I am beautiful, I don’t have to make a clown out of myzelf to get attention. I have a zweet puzzy.

  20. fearzarewizhes

    @ Kelli

    “I don’t have to make a clown out of myzelf to get attention.”

    But you do make yourzelf a clown…the zad kind of clown. Pleaze go away.

  21. PsyKo

    nice buoys…

  22. Hugh Gentry

    I’ve never liked her. I’d rather see Martha Stewart in a bikini.

  23. ******KrazyHotKelli**********

    I do not write this proze to get attention and that iz the truth. My art is all about zharing my zelf to the world. Why can’t I make you love me? Am I not enough?

  24. firsttimefeedback

    um, i dont want to be mean kelli, but most females dont go around talking about how sweet their pussy is, its just lame attention seeking, kinda hookerish, and even though this site is all about boobs etc, you may or may not notice that most hookerish celebs get negative feedback on their photos, so please if you dont want people slamming your feedback, dont say silly things like my pussys soo sweet, and talking in z instead of s, your just asking for trouble!

  25. speirto

    I always lized Julia, even bacz in her hey day, but even then she didn’t have a great body. She loozs the same though. Sorry, my ‘cay’ button is brozen, so I’ll just use zellies idea, but I don’t znow why she zeeps talzing about her zunt, it’s so unladylize.

  26. BringbackBabalu

    Who the fuck cares? She is some old lady swimming. You can do a little better. WTF is this shit? Amy Winehouse? Who the fuck cares? Pam Anderson? Ya its fucking 1996 she is still famous. Anyone seen the new episode of Baywatch,,,err wait…god, if nothing is going on then don’t put anything on there but ffs don’t waste time with this stupid shit. I’m about done with this site. I guess I’m missing how random celebrities doing nothing newsworthy deserve to be on here.

  27. DaddyDoggiesDaughter

    Krazi Hot Kelli is a man. A pussy type of man but a man all the same. Perhaps after a sex change operation she/he could talk pussy but even then somebody somewhere would have have pictures of her/him when she was a man. This is quite a problem Kelli. When Kurt Cobain had your thoughts he stuck a shotgun in his mouth and pulled the trigger. Maybe you should use him as a role model.

  28. Jose

    Hehe I happen to like Hot Kelly, like her style, if she is female.. If its a male then he’s a reTARd.

  29. jose

    n I bet her puzzy is zweet :P

  30. shes looking quite milfy

  31. Blech

    Ick! Eat, Pray, Love?

    Really, Julia? Oprah recommended this sh*t, didn’t she?

  32. Must be nice to have that kind of a location for a film huh? it’s nice that javier’s back at work and i hope that we get to see more of him. i know that he wanted to take a little time off but it looks like he’s back!

  33. Pantsman

    I’d hit it.

    And drown it.

    And then bury the horse-tooth’d cunt right next to her daddy, Seabiscuit.

  34. yep

    Once a horse-face, always a horse-face.

  35. DisturbedByNo.18!!

    I’m guessing since I’m in Australia that hopefully No. 18, Mr. ‘Didn’t, but nearly puked’ will wake up 2 this. Every now & then I look @ comments on these things & I have 2 say, if that post is an accurate reflection of urself, then ur a pathetic excuse 4 a human being. I would LOVE to know what ur opinions are on sooooo many things as u seem quite the philosopher. Ur an anthropology student aren’t u? I can tell! Ur so enlightened! U should write a book. Oh, what’s that? U don’t know what a book is??
    It’s substandard males like u who give the rest a bad name. Just like the substandard chicks out there (the only ones that will bother with u) giving the rest of us a bad name. Seriously, go & actually make a valuable contribution 2 society. I dare u!!! Idiot.

  36. just one thing: the older she gate ,the better she looks!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Hates the book Eat, Pray Love

    OK, I really dont care how Julia Roberts looks. I just can’t believe they’re making a movie out of that piece of crap book!!! The author is a whiney, boring cow who is so into herself that reading the book made me want to puke and then throw it at the wall. I couldnt get beyond a few chapters without despising this woman. Don’t bother with the movie either!

  38. Smoochy

    41– Thank you so much for posting the only intelligent thing. I, too, am completely flabbergasted that anyone would make a movie out of that self-absorbed piece of drivel. I mean, you’re over 40 — the time for navel examining is OVER. And, thank GOD you can’t get pregnant because the poor child would be left all the time so that the author could pursue her only interest — HERSELF. Here’s a clue: the more you do for other people, the happier you are.

  39. She was never pretty just has a symmetrical face and a nice smile (which anyone can buy). Good dentist does not = good genes. I never could understand why people thought she was so attractive. What must they look like? Julia needs her ears pinned back some more and her eyes are just blah. I’d think you’d need a nice set of peepers to be considered attractive but standards were so low in the 90′s unlike the 40′s and 50′s.

  40. Nero

    She doesn’t get often posted here.Just keep it that way.

  41. it is along time when i did not see her film. i like her very much for the movie”pretty woman”.her slim fogure and good playing. wish this movie could be out on screnn earilier.

  42. UGLY

    Julia Roberts is ugly. Julia Roberts is Fugly. She always was. A horse face, horse teeth with a manly and gangly body. No curves. Chicken Legs. Real guys don’t think she is beautiful or good-looking or ever was.

    PR people and magazine people need to sell stars and magazines, so they come up with crap lists like “TOP 10 Beautiful People”…shit like that.

    Remember they tried to sell David Cruso as Sexy….couple years ago.

    Don’t be like those mindless Zombies that have bought into the PR frauds like for example that GEORGE CLOONEY is sexy or good-looking. HE IS FUGLY AS SIN!!!

  43. Krazi Hot Kelli is a man. A pussy type of man but a man all the same. Perhaps after a sex change operation she/he could talk pussy but even then somebody somewhere would have have pictures of her/him when she was a man. This is quite a problem Kelli. When Kurt Cobain had your thoughts he stuck a shotgun in his mouth and pulled the trigger. Maybe you should use him as a role model.

  44. I (notso thanks) to keep her fat ass covered by water, beautiful women want. I was eating breakfast. That face is looking like it rough. Women age like milk left unrefrigerated. Shit goes bad quickly.

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