Julia Roberts in a bikini

May 6th, 2009 // 176 Comments

Here’s Julia Roberts vacationing in Hawaii this week with her family, and I love how she has her kids’ names tattooed above her ass. Because, really, nothing quite fills a child’s heart like knowing their name is just inches above mommy’s slowly losing battle with gravity. That’s just touching.

Photos: Splash News

  1. shawn

    that ass should not be in a bikini!!!


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  4. shafat

    nice Lady ,she is sooooooooooo cute

  5. Ha ha ha, some of the comments here are as crazy as fuck, very funny

  6. I think julia is looking so older . She is not looking nice in bikini . She has lost her figure.

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  8. UGLY

    Julia Roberts is ugly. Julia Roberts is Fugly. She always was. A horse face, horse teeth with a manly and gangly body. No curves. Chicken Legs. Real guys don’t think she is beautiful or good-looking or ever was.

    PR people and magazine people need to sell stars and magazines, so they come up with crap lists like “TOP 10 Beautiful People”…shit like that.

    Remember they tried to sell David Cruso as Sexy….couple years ago.

    Don’t be like those mindless Zombies that have bought into the PR frauds like for example that GEORGE CLOONEY is sexy or good-looking. HE IS FUGLY AS SIN!!!

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  10. The Dirty Low Down

    Most men, like 99% , can’t fuck to save their souls. They are lousy in bed and have to be taught everything. They age worse than women, get paunchy and bald out, get skinny old legs and flat butts.They concentrate in the gym on their arms but ignore their gut and flat asses and crappy legs. No symmetry, not to mention the major issue of hair falling out. So guys, get over it. I am over the hlll by most standards but have a glorious red mane of hair, big jugs, great legs and a great hip to waist ratio. I don’t need you, any of you. So rag on Roberts all you want….you’re broke and she’s worth 200 million and would not
    fuck you on a bet. She only does guys who can promote her career and you are not among them. After two pregnancies her abs are going to be soft, her legs are going to get some cellulite, and her breasts are going to change. You see, women are made to bear children to perpetuate this miserable human race….not be be eternally hard-bodied little bimbos. The double standard is a joke. Have you seen how bad the male movies stars all start to look in their forties. BAD. So drop dead and do the world a favor. I think most men are fags anyway!

  11. She looks fine, he looks comfortable in your own skin and that is what matters to her ass if she needs something to do squats, because a role requires him to do so, I’m sure he will. But I think that being comfortable like that for a while.

  12. rasheed
    Commented on this photo:

    u r so beautiful

  13. Dee
    Commented on this photo:

    Are you kidding? Is this beautiful woman, one of America’s most favorite actresses for so long a time, not quite good enough for the writer? OMG. Shut up. How can you attack her with any sort of notion that you’d win the argument? You’re annoying and shallow to those of us who love her movies and more so, who aren’t commercialized into thinking like you. Wow, you must be so buff, Rolf. You know if you live, you’re going to age. You won’t want that to be like you did something wrong when you get there. Fearful *uck. I bet you’re checkin’ your own ass in the mirror all the time. The less of you the better. I just randomly found these pictures when I was wondering how old she is from a pic on yahoo. Can she be more hot? Geez, you might want to sit next to her sometime and get a clue. The more we see of her, the better. Nuf said.

  14. piggy


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  16. Erin
    Commented on this photo:

    boy she lost it alright. Her face is getting ugly and her body has gone to pot. she definitely lost her prettiness.

  17. eljeran
    Commented on this photo:

    she looks like shit. cant stand that overrated overpaid piece of shit whore. and all her big pretty curly locks have all thinned out too. GOOD! I never understood why Hollywood had such a huge blind spot when it came to her. Lousy actress, movies constantly tank, screws everyone she ever worked with, she is nothing but gums and nostrils, her laugh sounds like a dog barking. Yet hollywood keeps casting her, keeps telling us she’s beautiful, keeps paying her more than anyone. I just dont get it.

  18. Bill

    Julia Roberts has a nice smile on her ass and I would gladly kiss and sniff her rotten egg farts.

  19. Bill

    I’d love Julia to pass gas in my face!

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