Julia Roberts in a bikini

May 6th, 2009 // 176 Comments

Here’s Julia Roberts vacationing in Hawaii this week with her family, and I love how she has her kids’ names tattooed above her ass. Because, really, nothing quite fills a child’s heart like knowing their name is just inches above mommy’s slowly losing battle with gravity. That’s just touching.

Photos: Splash News

  1. Ive got 3 words for this post, -SLOPPY-
    Ill bet when she bends over you see her brown O in lower case!

  2. Charlie

    I would bone her niece Emma over this saggy Crypt Keeper any day.

  3. Kitty says

    haha, hit a little close to the bone there, huh? I have never read any pop psychology. I’m a 21 year old student with real books to read. I just don’t like sexists such as yourself. What I said is my own analysis of men like you, and I stand by it.

  4. James

    lmao@ “hit a little close to the bone”

    You’re your own little self-sustained theorist, aren’t you? Frequently wrong, but never in doubt.

  5. not bad for an older lady )

  6. Joe

    Kitty, only 5 or 6 more years until your tits look like fried eggs and your fupa grows…make it fun!

  7. Sweet Petite


    Kelly’s body looks underweight like an athlete during competiton, but to have this kind of body when you are not an athlete is not very attractive. I am into fitness and admire an athletic body, but Kelly’s body looks underweight. Kelly is 5’2″ and weighs around 92 pounds. This is underweight and unattractive. There is nothing attractive about an underweight female as well as an overweight female. I am 5’2″ and weigh 106 pounds and feel great. Being fat should not be the norm as well as being underweight too. Even Kelly’s husband says she is underweight.

  8. Kitty says

    haha, pseudo-intellectual put-down attack!!!! sorry sweetie I gotta go. Its been fun.

  9. Shawn

    15 & 26, I could not agree more.

  10. Rhialto

    She isn’t that often posted here.I think she doesn’t work-out that regular.She’s considered looking allright.

  11. Gwyn

    Hey everyone, women age! Someone call the news media! That hot 20-year-old on your college campus is going to get old!

    Just because the media values youth does not mean that women automatically become ugly once they have children and start losing skin elasticity. I think that Julia Roberts looks great here, and I think that all of you would agree if you had minds of your own, and didn’t just mindlessly enjoy what the media tells you is new, hot, and sexy. She looks like she enjoys her body, which is more than most co-eds can say.

  12. Darth

    She’s totally different though but who else thinks some poses of her have some similarity with Amy Whinehouse ‘poses’?

  13. Nero

    If Amy Winehouse wears her push up bra up side down then the third pic has some similarity.

  14. live and let live

    57. Sweet Petite

    LOL, you & I are almost the same weight (weight/height)….I’m 5’3″, fluctuating between 109 and 111 pounds on any given day. XD

    I don’t know, I think Kelly is very trim with an extremely low body fat percentage, but I spend so much time defending fitness, (healthy) thinness and lack of understanding that this Country is in a real medical crisis (reminds me of the humans in Wall-E for example, and NO I don’t think they were portrayed as bad people…they were heroes in the end and I thought they were great) that I get super defensive about the subject at times.

    I say, as long as you are fit, NOT starving and have more than enough energy (which Kelly seems to have in abundance), I say “more power to ya”. Here’s to a fit life…cheers! <3

  15. gil

    she is so fucking ugly, i never understood why ppl call her pretty woman

  16. Person

    43 – I hate to break this to you, but eating right and staying in shape does not keep an older man hot. Wrinkles and saggy skin may seem sexy in your mind, but it’s not. The difference is that men generally start off kind of gross anyway, so they usually don’t have very far to fall.

  17. Depressing.

    Put some pants on (high waisted for the tramp stamp) and stop gumming up the screen in movies.

  18. sunshine

    Julia explaining to the kids why they are getting so much crap on the playground at school ~”Mommy loves you so much, I had all of your names tattooed right above my asshole.” Really, would you want your name on your mom’s wrinkled up backside right now?

  19. Adonis

    Why don’t some of these celebs figure out (quickly) what a one-piece or a tankini is? I don’t get why these out-of-shape and/or ageing women insist on wearing bikinis. She’d look like an attractive 40-something-year-old woman if she would put on a swimsuit that actually fit her and covered up her trouble spots. It’s like they think that if they wear a one-piece, they’d be admitting that their youth and figure are gone. Well, it’s in plain sight, Julia (and you others). Get a tankini or a one-piece. And one that fits you. And fast.

  20. Superbiggerevil

    I was just thinking about going horseback riding on the beach this weekend.

  21. Over 40 Hottie


    It appears you have never seen an over 40 hottie. I am fit and fine and I love great sex. I do not concentrate on my bicep muscles, so I do not have the ugly manly looking bicep arms like Madonna. I am not underweight but I do look bigger on top because I am petite and have perky 34C. I turns heads of all ages and it is cool to find older women attractive thanks to Demi and Ashton. Times have changed and it is great being an over 40 hottie. I work out with weights but looked toned not bulky. Go ahead and say your wrinkle jokes but I know the truth!

  22. Taylor


    She looks great for her age. Unfortunately too many younger females have fat guts and wear bikinis when they should be wearing a one piece and sarong. I say wear a bikini if you are not fat at any age!

  23. Kathleen

    Julia Roberts looks great for her age and after having children.

    Kelly Ripa, on the other hand, is NOT A WOMAN. She looks disgusting and anyone who thinks that is sexy is fucked.

  24. Samantha

    If I had a choice of being 20 and fat or 40 and fit; I would take 40 and fit anyday! I am 39 years old and I look better than women younger than me. I enjoy eating right and exercising regularly because I love the results and positive attention. Julia looks great and Kelly looks like a marathon runner in training for the big one.

  25. supersex

    holy shit, that bitch really went to shit.

    then again she’s alway been ugly.

  26. mandeer

    She is ONE HOT MAMMA! dang she is soo gorgeous. Her man is one lucky man. I would dye to look that good at her age!

  27. jenh

    Julia looks fine. Kelly Ripa, tho, looks like a freak!

  28. Vagoo

    Over 40 Hottie’s vagoo looks like an old used catchers mitt

  29. Mike

    …and made out of cardboard.

  30. “Older lady” the woman is only 41 SLOPPi squared!

  31. Channel 5 Reporter

    I feel the way this story has been reported is a bit irresponsible. This is clearly a “Big Foot” sighting, not Julia Roberts vacationing with her family! Anyone can tell by the posture in the first photo. Wait a minute! Gimmee that picture again. Opps, my bad . . .

  32. Maree

    She is beautiful!!! and you know she is all natural. I love her.

  33. honest person

    Typical angry liberal. Saggy ass. Stretched tats – nice.

  34. Rasputins Liver


    The bod’s fine.

    The horsey guy face is…not.

    She was never a good lookin’ woman.

    But, she was and is a damn good actor and that’s all that matters to me, horse face or no.


  35. Horney H Toad

    Hmmm fugly. She looks like she got her teeth kicked in. Honestly, would’nt even get a lap dance from her.

  36. all guys

    “Hey everyone, women age! Someone call the news media! That hot 20-year-old on your college campus is going to get old!”

    Yup. That’s why she’ll get dumped for a brand new hot 20-year-old.

  37. yes

    You kids’ names as a tramp stamp?

    Not the wisest choice.

  38. slapshot

    “Julia Roberts looks great for her age and after having children.

    Kelly Ripa, on the other hand, is NOT A WOMAN. She looks disgusting and anyone who thinks that is sexy is fucked.”

    Yeah, but there is a happy medium. Roberts doesn’t look bad. She just looks like she’s not trying anymore. Which is fine. It’s her body. But don’t expect her to get compliments either, if she does start to let herself go.

  39. jzhz

    Has anyone seen Mel Gibson, lately? Or Russell Crowe? Those fools look TERRIBLE.

    She looks great, age-appropriate, and probably actually spends time with her kids instead of working out 5h a day. Good on her.

  40. Karen

    Has anybody seen Hugh Jackson lately? He’s the same age as Julia and he looks FANTASTIC (unlike her).

  41. truth

    A guy who saw her at the beach and didn’t know who she was wouldn’t take his eyes off the nearby 20-year-old in a bikini. Not for one second.

  42. Jigga

    Post-multiple-pregnancy belly = Gross

  43. Jigga

    Post-multiple-pregnancy belly = Gross

  44. .

    she looks good! and has very pretty skin. the tattoo is kinda WTF, and a weird spot to put it buttttt whatever floats her boat

  45. Meh, she wasnt great even when young.

  46. And whats with the ass tattoo? Wouldnt the breast or belly be more appropriate? Seems rather insulting to the kids.

  47. Andrea

    I think she looks amazing for her age, and after having kids! She is one hot mama!

  48. alinka72

    Chicken legs, no ass, mouth full of teeth. Sorry,this woman always had a horrible figure that was always body-doubled on all movies or covered… Never understood the American enfatuation with this woman.

  49. I wonder, she shaved her ARM-PITS & PUSSY, folks?

  50. nuke

    First time reading this site’s comments.
    There are so many tards on this board. Predictable, repetitive argument:
    Douche guys make fun of women and sound like klansmen.
    Insecure women defend themselves as if douche guy’s opinion on stupid celebrity bashing website matters.

    Wait, all of these douche macho guys are REALLY checking out a celebrity website? FAGS.

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