Julia Roberts in a bikini

May 6th, 2009 // 176 Comments

Here’s Julia Roberts vacationing in Hawaii this week with her family, and I love how she has her kids’ names tattooed above her ass. Because, really, nothing quite fills a child’s heart like knowing their name is just inches above mommy’s slowly losing battle with gravity. That’s just touching.

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  1. jimbo

    Nice ass

  2. I think she’s awesome. Can’t seem to find it in me to be cunty about Julia.

    • Jerry

      Ewwwww!!! She is so skinny. Her ass looks skinny and as much as I love to kiss female asses, I would not kiss her ass if she begged me, I think.

  3. not bad for an older lady

    but could be better

  4. Metallica

    She was the inspiration for our song “Broken, Beat & Scarred”.

  5. edm


  6. Ames

    Well… for 45 or whatev, she’s good. At least her skin isnt saggy and stretchmarked. Though really, she ought to do some squats or something for that ass… For a reg mom, she is above average, but she is (was?) a movie star and no one’s paying her ass to look like THAT… sorry

  7. still hot

    I am a big fan of her smile and I think Julia is still very hot but after seeing how buff is Kelly Ripa after having three children, she should try harder to get back in shape.

  8. Chinatown

    I didn’t know she had tattoos… anyway, her face and legs are her best features.

  9. Mia


    She looks good for having twins. She can do butt squats and tone up her butt in about 3 months. Kelly Ripa obviously diets to the extreme with her low fat count and she looks like a runner athlete. I think Kelly would look better if she put on some weight.

  10. Cath.

    Kelly Ripa’s body is disgusting. I would much rather be like Julia, than a little muscular midget troll.

  11. Italian Stallion

    “me and my horsie and a quart of beer, riding across the land, kicking up sand, mother natures not on my side so i’m not in demand”

  12. havoc

    I was in until I saw the tattoos. I still fuck chicks with tattoos, I just don’t bother learning their names…..


  13. Huh?

    Honestly, what’s the deal with Julia Roberts? This woman doesn’t even come close to being attractive, milf or not.

  14. live and let live

    #10 Cath, Lol, I’m the exact opposite….I would much rather have Kelly Ripa’s body – she works hard for those results and it shows. I agree that Julia looks amazing, but I wonder how much work she’s had done (as opposed to weight lifting and cardio like Kelly’s training) – both look gorgeous though.

  15. dirk

    Does banging your wife doggie-style and looking at your kid’s name on her ass bother anyone? What’s the one above her pussy, her mother in law’s name?

  16. STINK


    It’d bother me a LOT. Like she needs to be less sexy.

  17. SoTe

    She looks fine, she looks comfortable in her own skin and that’s what matters, if she needs to do some squats for her ass because a role requires her to do so, I bet she will. But for the time being I think she feels comfortable like that.

  18. Winston


    Only athletes should have a body like Kelly because it is unhealthy to have a body like hers all year long. Even the athletes eat more food when they are not competing and get more fat in their diet and body. An extreme low fat count like Kelly is not healthy to have all year long. It should only be a temporary thing like when the athletes are getting ready to compete. Kelly displays great discipline and perhaps she would not appear to be so ditzy if she ate more and had more nutrients to remember and comprehend things.

  19. blackout

    This is why you never date a women above the age of 24.

  20. cabcat

    Damn, that’s pasty!

  21. jesternhell

    who in the hell told her it was ok to wear that? she is still ok but wear something that at least makes you look ok not a rubber band around your ass.
    and yes i was a bad idea to put the kids name there but everyone was doing it at the time.

  22. Zane

    Thank god for body doubles.

  23. pete

    “she looks comfortable in her own skin and that’s what matters”

    Fuck that support-group nonsense. What matters is if a girl is hot. That’s it.

  24. M

    @13: I agree.

    is it just old(er) people that love her? cause i’ll still love MK&A when we’re 45.

  25. Amy

    #19 Have fun trying to accomplish that goal. Oh HEAVENS! I turn 25 in 4 months! At that point, I’ll be hideous and undateable! I’d like to forever date hot guys under the age of 30 and to have millions of dollars too.

  26. Drundel


    Good point, that is a bit disturbing. Its almost criminal if you pulled out and shot on it.

  27. blackout

    As a male I CAN continually date decent looking 18-24 year olds. There are no shortage of them that have a daddy complex. Good luck trying that as a woman, especially after your tits sag, your gunt, FUPA, and or BIF sets in, your ass looks like chewed gum and your vagina looks like half a pound of chipped ham. :-D

  28. I`d Never seen her ass, nice with tattoo

  29. Amy

    #27 Haha. Keep telling yourself that. I guarantee you it will drop off significantly once you hit 35. No woman wants a man with a pot gut, gray hair wrinkles, a flacid cock, or a bald head. I love it when old guys brag about getting with young women. Haha. When in reality, it’s women who can fuck who they want, whenever they want–young, old, whatever.

  30. .

    #27 Ahh misogyny. Just what this 21 year old finds charming. You’re not fooling anyone with that asshole act. We all know you’re ugly and lonely and still resent mommy for her string of boyfriends.

  31. Kitty says

    Who wants to bet this is the most amount of female attention #27 has had in his entire life? :D

  32. Tim

    Julia is why you’ve got to bang ‘em before they start shitting out kids. She’s a hundred times better looking than virtually all women her age, and she looks a hundred times worse than a 19-year-old in a bikini. Smartly, she married way below her own talent level, so whipped boy will stay with her forever and not dare to make a critical comment, ever.

  33. I heard Ocean’s 15 will be filmed on the outskirts of her vagina.

  34. #2 – I agree Janey. I think she looks good. Nothing fake there. Not boneriffic, but she looks good.

    #14 – If you could work out 30 hours a week with the best trainers and dieticians and 3 nannies raising your kids (and let’s face it, blowing your husband), you’d look like Madonna groupie too.

  35. Lugh

    Wow, she looks great considering her age. Good for her, I’d still bang her, although I have to agree with #15.

  36. Little Lil

    Looks way better with the clothes on. Probly biggest celeb mouth on record along with Steven Tyler.

  37. Ben

    Tim/Blackout No one wants to hear your machismo bullshit. GTFO

  38. Kelley

    She looks fabulous for having had three kids !!!

  39. Johnny

    Ben, no one wants to hear your white knight hero bullshit. GTFO

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  41. Ben

    #39 I’m a girl, but yeah If a guy had said that it would make me think he was a lot nicer than you. What is it with guys thinking douchebaggery is hot? Men who LIKE women are, shockingly, more attractive than assholes.

  42. live and let live

    18. Winston, I can understand your concern, but this Country is so used to out of shape, unhealthy and sickly figures that a truly healthy person, like Kelly is looked at like a freak. If you look at photos from the 70′s and 80′s, you’ll see many more healthy, trim and toned physiques. I’m a health nut, weight training female who has a body similar to Kelly’s and I can assure you that it isn’t from insane working out – you shouldn’t lift for any more than 20 – 30 minutes at a fast pace 3 – 5 days a week with moderate to intense cardio as many days as possible…in fact it is important to get some cardio (even as little as 20 minutes) every single day. Humans are meant to move, and push ourselves. Being out of shape should not be the norm.

  43. James

    It’s unfair, but guys just need to eat right and work out (like an athlete, 7 days a weeks, not half-assing it on a treadmill once in awhile) and they’ll look ok as they get older. Nothing you can do about baldness, of course. But women…yikes. Work out too much and you look like those middle-aged muscle bodies who have traded fitness for any visible sign of feminine sexual hotness (Kelly Ripa, Madonna). Don’t work out enough, but still have phenomenal genetics, and you look like Julia Roberts. Either way, time and gravity (and kids) will destroy your young, feminine, hot body. And, if you’re like most current-day American women, and you just give up and pork out, well, don’t get mad at hubby if he hits up the babysitter to get some non-loose stank on his hangdown.

  44. Carolyn

    Why don’t you ever post pictures of those older, oh so attracitve men (?) with bodies as shitty or worse than their female counterparts?

  45. shellibelli

    #10 actually Ripa works less than a taller person on her body. Short people always have better muscle tone because of their shorter limbs etc. Its so darn easy for them to buff up because of their shorter muscles its disgusting . My personal trainer told me this…

  46. Ryan Friggs

    What an embarrassing tattoo… her kids are going to love that when they are 20.

    I guess she doesn’t like getting it doggy style. Cause if her husband has been bugging her to do the doggy… not anymore. Uggh. What could be worse. I can’t imagine. A tramp stamp of your name on your mother’s ass. Thanks, Mom!

  47. Kitty says

    43 Speak for yourself. You obviously don’t like women like a normal straight dude does. You see women as accessories to hold up your own fragile masculinity rather than as real people you wanna be sexual and intimate with.

  48. Wendy

    “Why don’t you ever post pictures of those older, oh so attracitve men (?) with bodies as shitty or worse than their female counterparts?”

    Like, say, Hugh Jackson?

  49. Jones

    Better than I expected. Not my type, really, but still an attractive woman.

  50. James

    “You obviously don’t like women like a normal straight dude does. You see women as accessories to hold up your own fragile masculinity rather than as real people you wanna be sexual and intimate with.”

    Nice work, #47. I’m glad to see you took the time to post comments here, as a break from your hours of reading pop psychology paperbacks and underlining sections and writing “very true!” in the margins.

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