Julia Roberts hates the handicapped

November 19th, 2007 // 72 Comments

Julie Roberts and her husband Danny Moder parked their Mercedes SUV in a handicapped spot while shopping over the weekend. Wow, this from the woman who wanted to take Britney Spears under her wing. At least Britney only neglects her children and endangers their lives, Julia. You, on the other hand, inconvenienced the old and/or the retarded by making them walk a few extra feet. Let me know how hot it is in hell because, well seriously, I want to know. I’ve done some things. Can’t really get into it, but let’s just say I didn’t know they were all nuns when I was filming. In retrospect, perhaps all that BBQ sauce wasn’t necessary.

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  1. havanicejay


  2. whoneedsenemies

    FRIST!! lol

  3. baaaaaaa

    I once looked up to Julia Roberts…now I just think she’s a greedy selfish old bitch.

  4. Hiya Pinchyface!

    So apparently Danny Moder loves to take it in the butt from an angry shemale vampire…

  5. Bella

    shame shame on you!!!

  6. whoneedsenemies

    Notice that they don’t show the mirror where we would see if she’s legal or not. She could be with a friend or family member that requires that.
    Nice try Fish.

  7. Mike

    This bitch is old and ugly. Don’t care about her. Who the hell wants to see a fuckin old hag anyway?

  8. Yep- no view of the mirror or the license plate to see if there is a valid handicapped plaquard.



  10. p911gt10c

    Thank fuck this wasn’t panty flash post.

    Oh, #1 you’re a loser.

  11. p0nk

    retarded IS a handicap.

  12. Shallow Val

    OK, now I’m mad…….Having three kids don’t make you handicapped, Vivian, I mean Julia.

  13. crotch rot

    What a horse-faced bitch.

  14. What a bitch-faced horse..

  15. cmc

    Who names their kid “Hazel” anyways?

  16. combustion8

    maybe she’s got secret ass cancer.

  17. Just Sayin'

    Shithole Spears also parks in handicapped spots.

  18. Julia

    Danny, what’s that bulge? Are you getting hard? Are you? What the fuck is that?!? Did I say you could get hard? Did I? Answer me! WHO THE FUCK SAID YOU COULD GET HARD?!?!

  19. Ted from LA

    Imagine all the people…

  20. KamUK

    retarded? nice word there, really classy calling someone retarded, isn’t this the site for insulting celebrities not people born with a learning disability. People parking in disabled spots are assholes, celebs no exception. FUCK YOU JULIA.

  21. redsonja1313

    Seen a few other shots of the car…no handicapp palque in the window. She is a skank bitch who picked up with a married man. Use to love her, but I have no use for a women who picks up with a married man. That goes for Tori too. Both these women would step on thier Mom if it menat snagging a “hot guy” Oh wait ….Tori did just that !!! I hope she gets a ticket in the mail.

  22. Hey what is wrong with you all. Julia Roberts is a big .ovie star and deservse to be able to park in the handicap spot if she wants too. I am sure all of those gimps that were forced to park in the back of the parking lot were OK considering they were giving their spot up to such a big movie star..

  23. bobbymalone


  24. sayll

    I don’t really get the whole handicap parking thing – what’s the difference in saving a few yards outside a mall when they’re just going to spend an hour walking around the whole thing anyway?

  25. Slingblade


  26. PunkA

    In other news, LiLo went jogging today.

  27. Danklin24

    Superfish that comment about being retarded isnt cool. You dont have to be retarded to be in a wheelchair you fucking moron. On the other hand, Julia Roberts is also a moron which does actually make her handicapped.

  28. Julia Roberts is fucking handicap lol!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  29. Beautiful Deaf Girl

    I hate her guts!!!!

  30. Sometimes I park in the handicapped spaces
    While handicapped people
    Make handicapped faces
    I’m an asshooooole
    I’m an asshooooole………….

  31. zz

    There are too many crippled parking spots at stores anyway.

    Nice point #25, nice.

  32. Feckless

    #28 Maybe he meant motorized cart because you have to be retarded to be in a motorized cart. All you fat fucks who ate your way into having to waddle up to a motorized cart so you could buy more fat food are retarded enough to make people with learning disabilities look like Einstein. Yeah, I’m pretty sure Fish was talking about motorized fat fuck retards.

  33. joannie

    I saw Julia on Oprah today. Julia is so beautiful and funny. Luminous. I love her.

  34. starship

    Perhaps she is emotionally handicapped.

  35. Feckless

    31 – I might love you. Do you also use the handicapped stall in the bathroom?

  36. Kevin

    Julia Roberts is a ugly bitch.

  37. Kevin

    Julia Roberts is a ugly bitch.

  38. I was told she has a profile on a celebrity and millionaire dating site named Millionairematch.com/photo/bloger. I believe it’s totally a rumor since she has been busy with her daily stuff for so long. But who knows the truth?

  39. well, at least she was considerate & flipped her mirror back so that all the people in wheelchairs could get by..

  40. makemepuke

    Another theory: I’m certain most handicapped people would gladly let Julia Roberts park in their spot…after all she is a big movie star …in fact I’ll bet Julia was driving around the parking lot and a handicapped person parked in the special spot , saw her, and wheeled over to her in their wheelchair and offered the switch, remarking, ” Oh but Julia I have a wheelchair I can wheel around for miles but you have to walk you poor thing, no I insist, take the spot”.
    Sound farfetched?…. well remember, she is a big star and loved by just about everybody.

  41. Double amputee

    When I try hard enough, I can get famous people to like me.

    The time I gave up my handicap parking space to Julia Roberts, I took off my prosthetic legs and taped the shoes to my stumps. I did a little dance and pretended to be Herve Villechaise. “Boss!” I yelled. ” Zee plane!”

    I know Julia loved it because she threw a cigarette butt in my direction as she drove away.

  42. Samhain

    Yeah, #25, all of us with handicapped placards always laugh at the losers using the regular spots, especially at amusement parks, and at the mall in the Winter.

    Handicapped spots are larger and have more room in-between to get out wheelchairs/adult strollers/whatever.

    Ever try getting someone out of a van and in a wheelchair after some thoughtless, lazy, brain-dead fuhkhead pulls in a regular space right next to you? No? You might one day. To spare your car from getting accidentally scratched, there are handicapped spaces for those who need the room.

    That ass-faced whore Julia Roberts won’t get a ticket. Maybe rules are different there, but where I live, the Cops can’t ticket people parking on private property by a BLUE sign. The sign has to be GREEN. Don’t ask me why – this is fuhking America!

  43. She is more than hot . Her nude profile and some of her nice nude photos were found on a nudist date site named http://www.Nudistonly.com . I was curious why she was there . Is she a nudist ? Anyone can advise ?

  44. abby

    are those old navy flip-flops?

  45. most people are like that…not only julia roberts. u probably do it more often than not.

  46. When an actrice hasn’t enjoyed the public eye for a while and still want to believe you’re pretty famous and all. Than you use this sick-making trick!!

  47. This chick is busted. She used to be a decent little actress. I actually liked her in that film with Hugh Grant. Every since she won her oscar and got dumped by that latin dude, she hit the wall. Her career is over in my opinion. I think when she walked away from making movies, she thought she would be able to come back whenever she was ready and I don’t think that’s the case. Hollywood does not care for Julia Roberts anymore. She’s old and appears sort of bitchy. She should just raise her kids with that husband she stole from another woman. No doubt he’ll leave her too because she’s looking bad lately.

  48. Bill Hicks (late)

    Evenin’ #31…

  49. Ted from LA

    Alright, is it just me or is she morphing into John Lennon?

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