Julia Roberts and Cameron Diaz are hobos

Superficial | September 28, 2005 - 3:23 pm

diaz_bag_lady.jpgFashion designer Valentino said in an interview with a German newspaper that Julia Roberts and Cameron Diaz dress like homeless people.

“Today you see Julia Roberts and Cameron Diaz running around looking unkempt in jogging trousers, they look like bag ladies, like homeless people. In the past you never saw that,” Valentino was quoted as saying by weekly paper Die Zeit.

The only thing that could top that is if the Queen of England slapped Catherine Zeta-Jones in the face and called her a dirty whore. I’ve been saying Julia Roberts and Cameron Diaz look like hobos for years, but when a fashion designer like Valentino agrees with you, it really gives validation to your life. Now all I need is official confirmation from the Pope that Kirsten Dunst is a dirty vampire troll.