Julia Roberts

The latest buzz regarding Julia Roberts is that she’s supposedly ‘glowing with health on the beach’. Can somebody explain to me why every news article is referring to her supposed pregnancy with this weird expression? Why can’t they just say she looks pregnant? Are they afraid they might offend her by calling her fat? Dancing around the subject with strange terms that may or may not imply pregnancy only really serves to piss me off. I don’t care if she looks healthy. I don’t care if she’s glowing. All I want to know is whether or not she’s pregnant. And why do they all specify that she happens to be on the beach when they talk about her healthy glow? For some odd reason, the piss poor journalists abroad seem to associate healthy glows with pregnancy. Now I’m not really up to date on my pregnant lingo, but I always thought a ‘healthy glow’ meant sweaty. So basically, these articles are saying that Julia Roberts is pregnant because she was sweating on the beach. Fantastic.

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They’re basically the same. She’s glowing with health on the beach. We get it. You’re stupid.

*edit: It’s official, Julia Roberts is pregnant with twins.