Julia DeMato gets arrested

December 7th, 2005 // 7 Comments

julia_demato_dui.jpgAmerican Idol loser Julia DeMato was arrested for DUI and drug possession early Saturday morning in Connecticut. Police allegedly found two marijuana pipes, weed and cocaine in her SUV. It sure is a shame to see America tear down its biggest and brightest stars.

“I am not a drug user,” she told the newspaper in a phone interview from her home. “It’s going to be taken care of in court and that’s that.”

DeMato finished in the top ten during season two of


  1. And in other news, Ruben Studdard was pulled over by police and arrested on kidnaping charges. The Pillbury Doughboy, Mrs. Butterworth and The Trix Rabbit were unharmed.

  2. hafaball

    Don’t the losers usually end up more famous then the winnners anyway? I don;t know, I hate it all. They can all burn in the fiery flames of the abyss for all I care…wow, where did that come from. But what is she so worried about, only the cool people take drugs, like Kate Moss for example :D

  3. Popz9

    who the F*ck is this loser?

  4. Binky

    I read somewhere, I think it was probably in the Economist, that she has been a bit of a basketcase since Simon kept referring to Ruban as ‘the cute one’.
    I agree with the last guy – she’s rather unknown. But if she changes her first name to ToMato – call me.

  5. HollyJ


  6. Oh yeah, I remember this girl. She had a huge rack. (That’s my contribution to society for today. Now back to my cave.)

  7. greg

    She is awonderful person who followed a dream and did a dam good job of doing so. People make mistakes. They learn and movce on. She hasent a past, or a present problem with any of that stuff. She is a wonderful person, so keep your negitive comments to yourself!!!

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