Julia Stiles Denies Banging Dexter

The Superficial | December 17, 2010 - 12:46 pm

When word of Dexter stars Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter ending their marriage broke, Julia Stiles was rumored to be the other woman whose box-like face lured Michael away. She is now denying those claims which is exactly what I would do if people found out thought I slept with Dexter. Clever girl… People reports:

“I have absolutely nothing to do with the split between Michael and Jennifer,” the actress, 29, says in a statement. “We are good friends and enjoyed working together. This is a personal matter between them, and we should respect their privacy.”
Adds Stiles, “Although I too prefer to keep my private life, private – I felt compelled to dispel the rumors I was somehow the cause for this matter.”

Jennifer Carpenter has since filed divorce papers which claims the couple has been separated as far back as August, so there’s a chance Julia Stiles didn’t sleep with Michael C. Hall while he was technically married because that excuse worked out so awesome for Angelina Jolie. On that note, I can’t even imagine how big of an erection Chelsea Handler is getting from all this, but I’m sure 50 Cent will know how to handle it. “Bitch pull a dong, Fiddy ring that gong. PLOW PLOW!” (Your guess is as good as mine.)

Photos: Bauer-Griffin