It’s Famous Movie Star Julia Roberts in a Bikini. Huzzah?

August 17th, 2011 // 112 Comments

Here’s Julia Roberts looking fucking terrible in a bikini yesterday which reminds me of an old saying of mine: “Julia Roberts looks fucking terrible in bikinis.” Granted, it’s not a very snappy saying, or even a clever one, but it’s practical and pretty much conveys everything that’s happening here in as little words as possible. Although, in her defense, if this was a site dedicated to bikini babes built like your mom, I would’ve called it a “tour de force of the eyes” and wrote epic poems documenting the intense yearning in my groins. (Oh, I meant the plural.) So at least Julia Roberts has that going for her and no man will ever take that dream away because I’ve always fancied this site a haven of female empowerment.

Photo: Flynet, Splash News


  1. Artimus

    She ate too much Mystic Pizza

  2. Julia Roberts Bikini
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  3. Deacon Jones

    Looks good to me

    (throws empty bottle of Cabo Wabo out window)

  4. Julia Roberts Bikini
    Cock Dr
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    Mr Roberts looks nice & tight.

  5. LJ

    Three kids and being 43 will do that to you (unless you do the liposuction).

  6. Julia Roberts Bikini
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    I think she looks beautiful! Exactly what I want to look like when I’m passed 40…

  7. Watsora

    I am curious how you look in a bikini, POS misogynist. Please post, and we’ll all make clever comments.

    • spoken like a true fat-ass

    • LisaLisa

      I can’t believe how cruel you people can be. She’s a fucking MOTHER! Ever look at YOURS?! Love to see all you haters critique YOUR mommies. Damn people, grow up.

    • Vivian

      there’s too much estrogen in the air today, are we going through PMS? (notice I said going through as opposed to suffering ; I am a woman too) chill girls! have fun, that is what this site is intended for.

      • 1. There’s no shortage of Hollywood chicks with more kids than her, who look LOTS better.
        2. Her entire career is built around looking good. She’s failing at that, so yes a little criticism is fair. It’s not mean spirited, it’s like an annual job review: “Needs Improvement, first warning issued”.
        3. Watsora is clearly fat.

      • juaquin ingles

        McFeely Smackdown, aw yeah.

      • maybe im a bit young but i dont really know julia roberts of ever being like, a sexy actress. she’s just an actress, i’d say a pretty good one i guess i mean she does pretty dec movies i guess. ya know she isnt disagreeable looking but she was never a sex symbol? are you talkiing about pretty woman? and like look at this way, do you really think her looks matter that much to HER? like…shes probably got it made.

  8. MarkM

    Okay…you’ve got step one down…now move on to Pray, and then Love!

  9. Julia Roberts Bikini
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    I think she looks 1000 times better than most of the people on the beach. She isn’t 400 pounds with a roll covering up a hidden thong. She looks pretty good for her age and having kids. It wouldn’t take her long to knock off anything excess weight if she wanted to…just a couple hours a day on an elliptical.

  10. terry

    P.M.R.E: Prime Milf Real Estate

  11. Maeby

    She’s had like 3 kids dude. stfu and go eat another vat of butter.

  12. stratacat

    Is that ripped dude her husband??? Damn….

  13. Clarence Beeks

    her figure is nice, she just looks like she has never exercised a day in her life.

  14. Vivian

    She’s got millions, her job requires her to maintain her figure, having three kids is not an excuse to look like that. She doesn’t even need surgery, all she needs is toning her body a bit.

    • rpurple

      She’s go millions, so maybe she just quit her job

    • gumption

      agreed, she looks freakin disgusting. She was pretty for 2 seconds in Pretty Woman then went down the crapper. It always made me laugh when in Ocean’s11 her ugly, clunky ass came down the stairs and Pitt and Clooney had to muster up the performance of their lives and say “wow!” like she was hot. Shit actress and ugly as sin. Now this fat body just makes it too much to bear.

  15. Dude of Dudes

    Jessica Simpson says “Come at me Bro”

  16. I dunno, considering what the average 43 year old woman with 3 kids looks like around here, she looks great.

    But in the spirit of this website…

    What a fucking moo cow!!

  17. JTrain

    Julia has tailored her career so she doesn’t have to look bangin’ in a bathing suit (which by the way, I would not say she’s terrible looking, she’s over 40, has 3 kids, had twins…) like some actors/actresses do. She looks healthy, not especially toned but her thighs look better than mine! :)

  18. Fartblossum

    that’s “fucking terrible?” really? oh god, I think I may have finally outgrown this website. sigh.

  19. Erica

    She’s always been big and horsey (and bitchy) – try to name one “hot body” scene of hers across any of her movies. It’s amazing that she made an entire career out of a wide toothy smile and long brown hair. And now she has all the apples and carrots she’ll ever want.

  20. Julia Roberts Bikini
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    I agree with MissKitty. She did pop out a set of twins, after all, and she’s 43. not bad at all.

  21. argleblargle

    Sometimes I think she’s sexy… and other times I actually wear my glasses.

  22. Grand Dragon

    Looks like Hillary Swank on the estrogen pills that male trannys take.

  23. she still looks doable. not on the level of Halle Berry who is 45.

  24. rican

    So finally Ke$ha gets a tan!

  25. Mickey0123

    Holy Cow! Pretty Woman hit the wall in a hang glider!

  26. Pallenberg

    Agree with LJ – Julia’s 43 and has three kids. She looks good, on my opinion. All she really needs to do is tone up and/or wear a one-piece.

  27. whatafatty

    I knew that was a body double in Eat Pray Love!

  28. Julia Roberts Bikini
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    She has more hunches than a scientist. Its never to late to try yoga to try to correct your posture

  29. Pretty Doughy

  30. Shyt

    Her body looks like mine–bad.

  31. 539

    Makeup and camera angles does wonders. I’d do her just to show her what a bedroom bully is.


  32. Steelerchick

    She looks like Lumpy Rutherford

  33. Julia Roberts Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    For a 40-something mom of 3 (who carried twins) she’s not bad at all. Her legs are great-she could rock a nice one-piece. That said, her face is haggard. Not all like the airbrushed ad that got banned in the UK.

  34. seabee

    She’s fine for a 40-something mom of three. Her legs are great – she should wear a one-piece. That said,her face is haggard, nothing like the airbrushed ad that got banned in the UK.

  35. Satan

    Please post pictures of Emma Roberts in the future. Thank you.

  36. Julia Roberts Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    Never mind the body, her face looks nothing like the Julia of movies, magazines and TV interviews. She’s not beautiful at all

  37. Alex

    And just imagine the strength of that bottom to hold back what has to be bushel of pubic hair. She’s known for that and hairy ass armpits around Hollywood. Yep, she gets around.

  38. My favorite posts are from doochnozzles that say “FIRST” but end up being less than first.

    My second favorite type of post are from doochnozzle wannabes that whine about posts that are superficial when the post is on a site called, “THE SUPERFICIAL”.

    I love it!

  39. Julia Roberts Bikini
    Double D
    Commented on this photo:

    Edward is downgrading his offer to Vivian of $3000 for a week to a McDouble for a quick handjy.

  40. The Everlasting Know-it-all

    Nothing beats a soccer mom. I’d hit it.

  41. pookiewookie

    Julia has not aged well and should defintely not be out in public with a bikini on. Time to go to the gym girl!

  42. elviz

    unfortunately for you assh-les, she doesn’t care about your posts.

  43. RobBeers

    Could be Ke$ha

  44. Mimi

    She looks
    Great. You are jealous.

  45. Julia Roberts Bikini
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    Thank God she shaved her armpits this time

  46. Julia Roberts Bikini
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    She still looks better then Ke$ha

  47. Julia Roberts Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    Why is it that women are branded as “un-fu*able” once they have had children?? Seriously,how old are the “men” who comment on here? 16? You obviously wont be getting laid after you hit the age of 30 if thats your mentality.
    Im so sick of hearing the words “frumpy”,”haggared” and “beaten up” when it comes to women with kids.

    When you´re a mom,a wife and a housekeeper,your everyday life isnt exactly glamorous no matter who you are,and normal people dont have a stylist up their ass where ever they go.So sorry if the “norm” makes your peanut peni all droopy…you want glamour and perfect looking babes? Wrap your pathetic cocks in a magazine!!

    • mpath1

      yeah but this site is called “the superficial.” so that’s mostly what guys (myself included) do here–(mis)judge and critique celebrities for surface qualities and whatever little we read/see of them. even perfect 10s get bashed for the tiniest blemishes. it’s all completely absurd and unreal, of course. i think most know that.

      but hey, a man’s right to fantasize…that’s has to be in the Constitution or something right?? ;)

      • tiki

        This is exactly why so many women are jacked up………….eating disorders etc….from rediculous comments from men like you……..

  48. Jonny Topside

    She looks great for a 63 year old.

  49. Julia Roberts Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    Come on you idiot, she does not look that bad at all! I’m 29 and wish I looked that good. : (

  50. Arzach

    I’d hit that, no really, at her age she has a nice figure considering that she probably doesn’t work out much.
    She doesn’t show cellulite and her shape is proportioned, give her some time to work out (if she’s not a lazy ass) and will probably get into MILF state quickly.
    Julia > Ke$ha by far

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