Jules Liesl and Other Things That Have Nothing to do With Harvey Weinstein

Self-proclaimed side boob queen Jules Liesl has appeared in such obvious places as Sports Illustrated and Maxim magazine as a model with very large breasts that were not fondled by Harvey Weinstein. Does this make her a national treasure? I’d say so…

Here are a couple other things that Uncle Harv hasn’t tried to get into a hotel room…

-A treadmill.

-Any of the new Kardashian cast members.

-A Galapagos turtle.

-A cobb salad.

-Bella Hadid before she was old enough to drink.

-Banana chutney.

-A Catalan declaration of independence.

-Anyone who ever wanted to be there.

-Mike Pence.

mike pence2

“I tried to get Harvey to cast me as the bad guy in one of the Lego movies, but it didn’t work out…”