Jude Law’s baby mama in her underwear

August 9th, 2009 // 82 Comments

Turns out Samantha Burke, the woman carrying Jude Law’s baby, has been documenting her pregnancy on her Photobucket page. And by documenting I mean taking sexy pictures of herself in her underwear that makes me realize I really need to get a medical license. Or something more convincing than a picture of me hitting a pinata with a stethoscope.


  1. JuJasa

    she is hot!

  2. karen

    oh my god she used to be hot !

  3. Adrienne

    What the FUCK? Why would anyone do that, that’s disgusting.

    I hate pregnant people.

  4. Mama Pinkus

    sad, the amount of attention this gal seems to need

  5. Sushi

    She is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I hate you Jude Law!!!!!!!!!!!!


  6. Kelley

    WTF ?? Jude Law should have been more careful with birth control … the amount of child support she will receive makes me sick. Shameless slut, she, and he, too.

  7. bebop

    wow, talk about sucking in your gut

  8. pirhan

    I thought there was an age restriction on emo cam-whore Myspace pictures?

    @ #5, I don’t think you need to worry about being politically correct, “women” would suffice.

  9. frank


  10. Darken

    Nothing better demonstrates your future parenting skills like smoking during your pregnancy.

  11. Rhialto

    Why is she posted here?!

  12. Mimina

    oh god, white trash! Tracky and trashy!

  13. sam

    I wonder how often she knocks her beauty products into the toilet.

  14. ishi-san

    Some of those pics are not so much a documentation of pregnancy but rather of a night on coke!

  15. Cletus

    Okay, you know what? I live in Pensacola, and I am so glad that Samantha Burke FINALLY got Pensacola into the news without it having anything to do with death and/or murder. Seriously, we got sharks eating kids’ arms off and doctors getting shot and fuckers offing parents of handicapped kids… all we in Pensacola ever get is BAD FUCKING PRESS. So thank you, Samantha Burke, and thank you Samantha Burke’s Vagina, for fucking Jude Law and getting knocked up and showing the world that not only do we got some seriously fucked up murderers around here, but ALSO we got a Hooters and girls who will put it on you RIGHT.

    And our beaches are lovely.

  16. yuki

    wow jude at least buy her a few more bras.

  17. Marie

    It’s pretty sad to see a pregnant woman taking pictures of herself in her bathroom because there’s no one else there to take them. Pregnancy should not be spent alone… :-(

  18. Marie

    It’s pretty sad to see a pregnant woman taking pictures of herself in her bathroom because there’s no one else there to take them. Pregnancy should not be spent alone… :-(

  19. Marie

    It’s pretty sad to see a pregnant woman taking pictures of herself in her bathroom because there’s no one else there to take them. Pregnancy should not be spent alone… :-(

  20. The Bisexual

    At 18…wow. If this chick is good press for where you live I feel bad for you.

    And I don’t see what the big freaking deal is with her. She’s average looking, at that. Otherwise she just seems cheap.

  21. Cletus

    Okay, I am from Pensacola, and all I can say is THANK YOU to Samantha Burke and her vagina for getting Pensacola into the news… and this time it doesn’t even have anything to do with murder or maiming. For real, all we get down here is BAD FUCKING PRESS- at least now the world knows that sure, you may get your arm eaten off by a shark or possibly get murdered in any one of several popular ways down here, but ALSO we got a Hooters and girls who will fuck you RIGHT.

  22. Cletus

    Er… sorry for the double post.

  23. xanadujulie

    wow smoking while pregnant. now that says class.

  24. Steph CL

    Is she holding a cigarette in the 6th photo??

  25. Camran

    What a SLUT!!!
    Why don’t women have self respect or dignity anymore?
    For God’s sake you’re about to be a mother, so start acting like one!

  26. 2inpink1instink

    I would be her baby’s daddy

  27. I heard the guy that hit the nyc mega million celebrate the same way…i just came from his myspace page….

  28. Douchie, you coming on a dude is not news.

  29. Look whos been waiting for me? Hey Backwood Bitch?

    Can you tell me how long youve been lurking behind your monitor and stewing in your own foul stench, dissecting my every post so you can inject your query rants into it?

  30. Oh and add another E to query for me, make yourself useful BWB…

  31. Donkey Dongey Dong

    Ugh…keep it in your pants Jude!

  32. mensa

    when did the Superficial Writer start blogging on the weekends? i have to start tuning in more often.

  33. jlylec

    jude’s so cool

  34. Bosco

    Too bad she didn’t document the conception…………

  35. JN

    This babe is hot!! I can see why all the skin and bone loving gay boys are put off.

  36. clpierced

    i am a girl and can admit yes she is pretty. she had a nice bod, but i love the classyness of pic #6 of her pulling on the blinds. seriously its like really hot. she is mighty creative. ill take note..new facebook pic for me? hells yes. and yes i am a fan of your bra, sexy thingg

  37. kineticanne

    elizabeth hurley 2?

  38. Fas(c)hionista

    Skank. Chlamydia-coated baby in 3…2…1.

  39. Will

    #7 is Jude Law baby mama.
    #22 you are right pregnancy should not be spent alone but women should not open their legs to any man because they want to trap them. We can all see Jude Law use this heifer for sex and nothing more. Now he will not go near her. He will not go near her again because women like her are a dime a dozen.

  40. Ben

    Jude was slumming real bad when he pick this one up.

  41. I am a pole-smokin’ butt-sex-lovin’ ass clown. That is all.

  42. Ryan the Canadian

    That climax is going to co$t him. One look at her digs tells me she’s going to bail Pensacola when the cheques start rollin’. Back to bad press for you motherfuckers…..then again, I live in Canada and all we do here is eat whale blubber and throw spears at women to fuck them.

  43. Chris

    What a stupid chick. Still trying to get her 15 minutes of fame.

  44. What a desperate fuck! Some start early…

  45. Sassy

    She doesn’t like the fact that she’s pregnant and will have a baby soon- the cunt just wants the millions….poor fucking kid.
    Slut’s like these are like rabid, disease ridden alley dogs, they need to be put down. Couldn’t earn her own living so she screws some rich cunt over….don’t see her opening her fat legs for some nobody….I hope you die you WHORE.

  46. Sam

    Oh, she definitely knew what she was doing. A classic case of an opportunist gold digger, whose “modeling career” wasn’t taking flight, so she went and got herself knocked up by a horny rich guy. She and her baby’s life’s set, well congratulations. Her family’s attitude confirms it: they said something along the lines of “we’ve contacted our lawyers to make sure she and the baby are financially taken care of for the rest of their lives”.

  47. stu

    regardless of wether or not she had sex with him to pry some money out of him. that girl is smoking hot those he think otherwise are clearly blind espcially the ones saying she is fat! lmfao

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