Jude Law has a small penis

August 17th, 2005 // 11 Comments

Thanks to the wonderfully sexy Meredith for the images.


  1. AmberDextrose

    You know, it makes me so mad. When my mum still lived in France she knew Jude’s mum (all the ex-pat Brits hang out together). Now we all know how keen he is to wap his knob out, I feel I missed an opportunity to view it for myself. Damn, damn, damn. Why the hell didn’t my mother ever mention that one of her friends had a hot filmstar-to-be son who banged like an outhouse door in a storm? Even if he does have a small wiener.

  2. mags

    Ick, uncircumsized.

    But poor guy…so he’s a grower, not a shower!

    • traneesha

      Yeah, there’s nothing as sexy as scared tissue, right?

    • Grower or shower, large or small, guys need to focus more on the health of their tool; regularly using a top notch penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) can help with dry member skin, odor, loss of sensation, etc.

  3. Danny

    Who cares if hes “uncut”. He is till one of the hottest guys in the world and i wouldnt mind letting him have his way with me!!!!
    Call me jude ;)

  4. austin1151

    a) this is not a “small weiner” b)this is not a fully erect weiner c)that 2nd half of erection can produce some amazing increase in size (trust me on this if you are of little experience)d)that he is uncut is hot e) whoever “meredtih’ is, she should be ashamed of herself, along with every other person ogling these pics. Jude Law is a man who has the same rights to privacy as anyone else. How would any of you oglers feel if some scum paparazzi snapped a shot of you naked and unawares, then spread it all over the net? all of us, as human beings, should treat each other with compassion. This unwarranted trashing of a man by secret photos should make each and every reader of this awful site ashamed of participating, myself included.

  5. fred123254

    How sad that society’s obsession with penis size leads someone to make such stupid comments on a perfectly fine and no doubt very serviceable male member. Any NORMAL woman would be delighted to have his cock inside her.
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  6. A. Nonomous

    That is much bigger than mine.

    mine is smaller than that when fully erect

  7. how can you judge someone on their flaccid size? Firsr of all hes completely soft there, maybe even a little shrivvled. Does the public not understand how the penis works? Second of all, Tommy Lee isnt even that big. Way to much hype surrounds this guy. He is often boasted as 9 and 10 inches, which is a complete lie. Tommy is 7-7.5 inches max, and news flash, his soft penis isnt that far ahead of Judes.

    Mr. Superhung doesnt look so big here does here?

    Than you see him erect

  8. FecalPellets

    ^^^^NOw THAT’S a cock!!

  9. I have not really seen anything of men, Pee Wee fluttering in the wind is always Hollywood. But I can tell you that, you know. I think a small penis syndrome is rather obvious to detect.

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