Jude Law assaults female pap

July 23rd, 2009 // 112 Comments

These are shots of Jude Law assaulting a female photographer on the way to his car while leaving the Automat Bar in London last night. Scope out the pics then get a load of the bullshit Jude’s publicist passed along to The Sun:

“This is all nonsense. Last night’s incident was an accident. Jude was blinded by the camera flashes when he left the restaurant, raised his hand to shield himself and inadvertently struck somebody standing very close. He apologised and left. Pictures of this sort can often be misleading.”

Yeah, it’s always misleading to see a man walk up to a woman and smack her in the back of the head. I mean, after closer inspection, it’s obvious he meant to hand her a bouquet of flowers then compliment her hair. See how he has to touch it with his fist? That means he likes it.

Photos: Splash News

  1. miau

    “the paparazzi deserve it”…say people who go every day on a page to look at the pics taken by paparazzi…very smart people…

  2. David

    What is this “deal with the paps” bullshit… these aren’t the friendly photogs at that mall that take a pic of you with Sanata. They CHASE people, block their paths, crowd their vehicles, and spew insane comments just trying to get a rise out of people. It’s harassment.

    Oh and I buy the accident story.. I’ve had something similar were I backhanded someone on accident.

  3. Natalie

    Irony = hating on the paparazzi, when you read The Superficial.

  4. Jordan

    49. They make money off of the work they do not stupid gossip magazines and creepy pictures. Not exactly biting the hand that feeds, it’s just hitting a Bitch. You sound bitter…

  5. Ananana

    TSW, stop being so fucking righteous. She’s a fucking stalker, she had it coming.

  6. Nathiest

    Looks like he turned and asked her if she was ok to me.

  7. STFU Defenders

    These motherfuckers have hunted, chased and even caused people to be killed. And still there’s no stopping them! And to come on this site to look at some girl in a bikini who isn’t being surrounded or attacked is not the same as what these paps do. They are sick parasites and need to be dealt with a la the film ‘Paparazzi’.

  8. Senior Pepe

    @53… Right on the spot!

    I love how EVERYONE here hates the paps, but yet if it weren’t for them, this site wouldn’t exist.

    // Get over it
    // They don’t want YOUR pic, losers

  9. Guy

    Funny how this site defends the paparazzi, calling Jude’s publisist’s statement “bullshit”, when it actually looks to be the truth.

  10. uh

    Their story seems plausible, and I love Jude Law. So…yeah.

  11. Lain

    Well, I have no saw about Jude. But the pap’s lights ARE blinding. And seeing how his hands are awkwardly places, I can see it happening.

  12. Lain

    say*, *placed

    Also, wasn’t Jude Law’s hair thinning? It looks fuller now.

  13. willis

    I normally don’t like Jude Law. That is all.

  14. Mister 5000

    BRAVO JUDE, BRAVO!!! Clap… Clap… Clap… Clap!!!

  15. Donkey Punched that hooker like Mark Foley did to Rough Douchie, except Foley gave Douchie a dirty sanchez afterwards.

  16. Eloisa

    It was an accident. He had been very patience with photographers every nigth outside the theater, they are out of control. The ligths of the flashes are annoying and you can’t see anything. I think They are using her genre (female) to make him look bad, and that is disgusting. All my life I have been fighting with the fact that female aren’t diferentt to male at work, and people like her make us take a step back.

  17. Eloisa

    He had been very patience with photographers every nigth outside the theater, they are out of control. The ligths of the flashes are annoying and you can’t see anything. I think They are using her genre (female) to make him look bad, and that is disgusting. All my life I have been fighting with the fact that female aren’t diferentt to male at work, and people like her make us take a step back.

  18. Bitch

    Who cares, serves the bitch right, its interesting because in reality her head assaulted Jude’s hand…. he should sue the crackwhore or wear a cast on his hand.

  19. Joe

    Photo caption: “Looks like Jude Law had to pop a bitch”.

    I’m sorry, invasion of personal space is an assault, and done with deliberate intent. Hitting is absolutely okay in this case.

    I am no celeb, but was caught up in a crowd once around a celeb, and a pap thought I was with him. The pap not only went as far as to hold me/push me back in order to get my picture. That’s a big no-no. I grabbed his leg, put him to the ground, and warned him never to touch me. (and of course, all the other paps starting taking pics.)

    When the guy got up, he was all I’m calling the cops and going to sue”, until his buddies said “He’s not with (the celeb). He muttered “aw shit”, and ran after the celeb.

    I’m not a big physical violence kind of guy, but you invade the space (my rule is arms length), you get treated accordingly.

  20. rook

    Its not the pap that deserve it its the goddamn stars. They are all a bunch of arrogant pricks. I would love to be a paparazzi just long enough to get one of them annoyed at me then hit em with some mace and a night stick. Then take rolls of film.

  21. I get stabby

    its not ok for men to hit women (and men hitting men isn’t much better). Didn’t your mothers teach you that? I understand that Jude felt under a lot of pressure, but hitting someone is not acceptable. Just flip’em the bird and move on.

  22. Captain Untouchable

    #38 – Karate Chop? Looks more like a Jude-o Chop to me. =P

  23. abby

    Move Bitch! Get out the way!

  24. Val

    I don’t think he meant to do that, he looks kinda confused on the second picture…

    Besides, it’s not like he made her bleed or something… It was just an accident… And he keeps looking back on the other shots, so maybe he was just trying to figure out what just happened

  25. Crappola

    Apparently, The Superficial Writer got this one wrong.

    Eat it Superficial Writer!

  26. Prof

    I laughed out loud when I saw these pics. Jude Law is like a comic book super villain that does fuck up evil things to people just because it’s an evil fucked up thing to do. Cheats, sleeps with nannies, or tries to kill Bat-man in an elaborate easily escapable death trap it’s all good with this guy! Slaps the pap in the back of the head for being weak and annoying in pic 1, complete look of disgust in pic 2 for the weak ignorant masses, makes his getaway in pics 5 & 6! He even gives us classic evil signature posing & maniacal laughter for masses just before he 4, 7, & 8… this guy needs a arch nemesis pronto!

  27. i can’t stand dorky lookin Brit actors doing obnoxious stuff, even if was the pap’s fault for flashing too close. he acted like a coward. hate to say it, typical euro trash at it’s finest.

  28. Unklejoe


  29. Poop

    Come on, it’s JUDE FUCKING LAW, he can smack me in the back of the head any day ;)

  30. datroof

    Fuck that bitch. Female or not, she’s a pap which means she is subhuman.

    The paps need to be maced, tasered and kicked down the stairs at every opportunity.

    I fully support Jude Law.

  31. GM

    MoVe BitCh!!!
    GeT OuT thE WaY!!!
    GeT OuT thE WaY!!!

  32. Reader

    I think their story is legit. It’s what I first thought when I looked at the pics.

  33. ??

    haha wow, are you people aware that 80% of the content of this site essentially comes from the paparazzi?

  34. radarbug

    Yey Go Jude

  35. Paps are bad now?

    The commenters saying paps deserve it must be completely deluded.

    What kind of photos do you think are on this website? It’s all pap work!

    If you don’t like it, don’t friggen support it numbnuts!

    Hitting anyone is not on in civilised society, and that commenter ‘joe’ must be a fun fellow passenger on the tube!

  36. new

    paps deserve it
    too bad he couldn’t hit her harder. he’s too gentle.

  37. Huh?

    To #36

    Yeah, same thing for the paps as well. They make a living by stalking people, obviously they can handle a backhand or two.

    To #85
    And invading privacy is civilised?


  38. She’s a pap – she deserves it.

  39. hotterthanu

    Smack my bitch up! Smack my bitch up!…

    The paps are way out of control. He should have smacked them with a 4×4 truck. Bunch of rabid vermin.

    I agree with #87… I got a nice bottom you can smack, Jude. We should all be so lucky to get a little smack from the Law. Hhhhhhmmmmm… Sassy!

  40. hotterthanu

    To #53, #58, #85 – Just because we love this site does not mean we agree we the aggressive nature that the paparazzi sometimes use to get their picture.

    There is still such a thing as personal space and pictures taken such as these (in public space) can be taken without someone shoving a camera right in your face. That is what camera lens is for – to zoom in to the action without disturbing the subject.

  41. budah

    haha karma bitch!

  42. Galtacticus

    Women and men should be treated equal.Jude Law understands this very well.

  43. Darth

    Wrong move to count blind on her female charm and ‘fragility’.Welcome in the Western world!

  44. Blue

    Serves her right! Haha!

  45. ardgelina

    jude is hot he can hit me up and down the block lol :)- jk but he looks really confused in the pics!

  46. abba

    She put a camera in his face he put his fist in hers. Fair enough, he’s still sexy as hell.

  47. Eloisa

    Please stop saying she is a woman, because is the most sexist thing i never read…a paparazzo is a paparazzo no matter what genre is. It was an accident, as you can notice if you see all the pictures about the incident, not only 2 or 3 the sites are showing now…..but, of course, if a paparazzo said it was on purpose it’s must be true! yeah, sure.

  48. Obama is a racist.

    Bitch deserved it.

  49. Chris

    @77 – “typical euro trash at it’s finest” which is why you dumbfck overweight inbred Yanks love to watch us.

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