Jude Law and Sienna Miller split…again

January 23rd, 2006 // 31 Comments

jude1ic.jpgJude Law thought it would be a good idea for him to stay with his ex-wife Sadie Frost while filming in L.A. Sienna Miller thought that it would be a bad idea because Jude Law will stick his, to put it mildly, unimpressive penis in anything that might be a vagina. So they did what they


  1. HollyJ

    He’s an untalented ugly balding egomaniac with no penis, so WTF is the world’s interest in him?

  2. davina85

    sienna is absolutely awful looking, her claim to fame is the fact that she was cheated on by that little prick, pathetic! Her looks are mediocre at best. After seeing her I get that same bad taste in my mouth usually reserved for when I accidently come across a picture of the lovely Kirsten Dunst. I’ll take butterface fergie over those 2 any day of the week.

  3. andrewthezeppo

    Well, maybe once Factory Girl craps out at the box office and with critics we won’t have to hear about this little tramp anymore.

  4. Sheva

    Oh no, I mean oh great, okay, no, I mean, who gives a shit.

  5. amma

    OMG! Just break up already!
    He’s pretty cute. She ispretty average. No one cares anymore.

  6. How can you guys say sienna is average looking?
    I think she’s pretty damn hot – i mean check out the pictures on this site a few months ago:

    Of course, i still don’t care. But she’s still hot.

  7. I wish they would stop playing these stupid games. None of this drama matters. Even if they were madly in love and got married, they be divorced in two years anyway. This couple bores me. I liked Sienna and Daniel Craig.

  8. davina85

    those pics don’t mean shes “hot”…just that she enjoys taking her clothes off and wandering around in front of people…so does paris hilton. Does that make her “hot”?

  9. Sebastian De La Ghetto

    she has no ass, but her face is allright. id let her give me a reacharound, so she’s got that goin for her.

  10. September_bebe

    ooh god, stop with this sienna miller! she’s such a joke, i didn’t even know who she was until this site! i don’t find her very attractive, maybe a good body, but the face is just not doin it… did u see the casanova previews? i mean, hello, her face looked booty ickish and in other pictures, her face looks so generic… who cares if they break up! they’ll probably get back together tomorrow

  11. rachel

    I thought Jude had a huge penis when I saw his nude pics but that was back when I was still with my ex-boyfriend =)

  12. This story gets the “two thunbs down”. Thats about all I say.

  13. shopaholic197

    Sienna is like, the boho IT girl- She’s fab. Anyways, she should just stay away from Jude- ew. I used to think he was amazing and handsome , now.. not so much.

  14. Captain Awesome

    “sienna is absolutely awful looking”

    You should watch Layercake, she was hot in that.

  15. Jayne

    he’s just so adorable..I’d take him..small penis and all.

    His ex doesn’t look so pretty.
    Sienna isn’t bad.

  16. SoupaSarah

    Not a day goes past when Jude and Sienna are in our papers over here (UK), and all the magazines…. Why do people still care about them? They are proper Boring me now! I couldnt give a shit whether they are on or off or on or off…. make up your mind!! in the words of Matt from Nip/tuck, you either shit or you get off the pan. :)


  17. HughJorganthethird

    Hey Jude
    Don’t be afraid
    take a small dick
    and make it bigger

    to not fuck all the nannies
    then you’ll begin
    to make it better

    (apologies to John Lennon)

  18. Oh Great, another story about the “Nick and Jessica” of Britain. Yay!

  19. Inquintessence

    However stupid they both are, Sienna is gorgeous.
    She could do much better.

  20. Tink

    The best part is that he has a small one… He’s cute, but if he’s a cheater and not even very good in bed… she’s better off without him.

  21. ESQ

    Superficial you said it best, “This isn

  22. ESQ

    I saw pictures of his small schwantz. A small schwantz only goes so far until you are seen for what you are really, an asshole.

  23. SMF121490

    Its really time to call it quits Permanently. These two can’t agree on what color the sky is. One of them is over controlling. And, the other can’t seem to keep their private parts from straying. This couple reminds me of Elizabeth Hurley and Hugh Grant.

  24. shorepauly

    Ever heard of shrinkage? And since when is Sienna in Layer Cake?

  25. derekd

    LMAO. I thinks it so funny how SF won’t let that penis pic die down. YOU GO SUPERFICIAL!!

  26. beejust

    I cannot stand Jude Law but I don’t think his penis is that small. Sorry. It’s ugly but not that small.

  27. QuiteFrog

    Yeah well he’s still got an uncut penis and I’d rather do George Clooney anyday over Jude Law :D :D ;)

  28. Tania

    I have 5 words for Jude: “I was in the pool!”

  29. Some1Special

    Ewww i just saw the penis pics, he is uncircumsized thats just nasty, i prefer the firemans helmet, rather then the firmans hose…

  30. HollyJ

    It IS small. S M A L L !

    Men who say it isn’t small say that because theirs is just as small.

    Women who say it isn’t small say that because they’ve clearly had an unfortunate string of lovers hung like a light-switch.

    Men, make a note: When the head is 50% OR MORE of the entire weight and length of your penis, it’s time to keep it covered in public.

  31. geez sienna, what does it take to drop him? he’s not that great…..http://hollywoodsnark.com

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