Jude Law and Sienna Miller get drunk together

October 5th, 2006 // 44 Comments

  1. GirlyGirl

    Getting plastered is awesome.

  2. griffmills

    so funny what a little fame does….he looks like a drunk poorly dressed douchebag…..she looks mean and ugly (but I would do her)

  3. DancingQueen

    This girl is a dumbass. Getting cheated on publicly for all the world to see and then taking the cad back. He must have a big schlong is all I’m sayin…

  4. Tracie

    Jude’s a stupid dick and Sienna’s a stupid cunt for staying with a stupid dick.

  5. Tracie

    #3, It’s actually a tiny weenie:
    Maybe Sienna likes her men super hairy. I hear she’s actually got her eye on Robin Williams.

  6. He looks likes he exercising a few demons


  7. mrs.t

    I can’t even look at hime without recalling the old pics of him and his miniscule penis. And I don’t want to hear a goddam word about “shrinkage”-my husband could have 100% shrinkage and still look like a horse next to Jude.

  8. Grunt Big

    That’s not Jude Law, it’s Eddie Vedder.

  9. mrs.t

    thanks for linking those, Tracie.

  10. That is what alcohol does… it makes you forget that someone publicly and personally hurt you. Then you wake up and realize you had one cosmopolitan too many!


  11. Binky

    He’s crying because he’s worried their Nanny will see the pictures.

  12. DancingQueen

    Wow Tracie, you’re right, that’s nothing to be proud of. I can’t believe he’d change in public like that. What a horse’s arse.

  13. Jude Law… Yum-Mee!

    @7.. Tracie sweetie, is he circumcised? It’s hard (tee-hee) to tell from your photos.

  14. shmoody

    And in the background Jimmy Buffet was heard to sing

    “So why don’t we get drunk . . . and screw.”

  15. slantingthroughdarkness

    “I love you Sienna. I really love you…”
    “I know Jude. I really love you…”
    “I love you Siennaaaaaggghhh…”


  16. shmoody

    Did she kick him in the nads in the top picture?

    I mean he probably deserves it and all but why wait all this time? Shouldn’t she do it right after he banged the nanny?

  17. The Gilbs

    #5 one cannot determine how large a man is until he is erect. I have seen small stay small and then there is small that grows to, well, whoa. Not that I care whether this badly dressed whore has a big wiener or not I’m just educating.

  18. meetmybutt

    she obviously waited until they got into the car to rip a ginormous beer fart

  19. no one you know

    Is she wearing a harness? Who has the leash?

  20. alteaon

    What is that brown leather contraption she has on?

  21. Tinky-winky

    Jude looks like a reptile!

  22. @7 I didn’t know he was from Vienna………

  23. c

    Jude and Sienna are two hot sluts. Too bad they can’t dress for shit or hold their liquor.


  24. Getting sh*t faced is always fun.

  25. shell

    What a coincidence. I’m going to get drunk when I get off work.

  26. Jacq

    Jude: Knock, knock!
    Sienna: Who’s there?
    Jude: You did.
    Sienna: You did who?
    Jude: The nanny! Bwahahaha! *snort* Love, you’re not laughing!

  27. Jacq

    #8 – Me too. The ones of him on the French Riviera looking like a proud 12 year old. Baby dick!

    #20, 21 – My thoughts exactly. Suspenders? Weight belt? Harness? It is probably something designer that I can’t afford and don’t want.

  28. bitchaholic

    Drunk british guys are HAWT!

    I’d hit it.

  29. BoognishRising

    I would not want to get in a car with him. A can of nitrous oxide and the picture would be complete.


  30. Equalparts

    #18 I concur.

    His weenie looks about the same as my bf’s, but his grows to a nice size when he’s feeling randy.

  31. The Juice

    Why’s everyone looking at the back of his head like he’s got a pussy growing from it

  32. HollyJ

    strikethru –> nasty uncut penii

    (sorry to the uncut guys in here; it’s a personal preference)

  33. RichPort

    I’m really trying to think of two people that I could give a fuck about less… nope, still drawing a fucking blank.

  34. cayana

    I think he’s crying because someone yanked out one of those chest hairs he has on display. I know if I had those things staring at me all the evening the temptation would be very, very hard to resist.

  35. cayana

    #20 & 21 .. it’s a gun holster. In case he starts having thoughts about the nanny again..

  36. jrzmommy


  37. nc72

    The girl’s out to have some fun, and I bet Jude is luvin it!

  38. tracyp

    what’s with her harness in the second pic???

  39. Eye-Dish Lass


  40. knowhere

    i’d do both of them probably.

  41. killeristic

    that is really sad huh.


    The girl’s insecure and LOVES HIM. I’ve seen that look before in a woman’s face. She’s out of my league, but I’ve seen that look before. She’d go back with him in a minute. And he KNOWS IT.

  43. “and crying a little in the back seat”?!? what a bitch

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