Jude Law and Sienna Miller call it quits

November 13th, 2006 // 93 Comments

I thought this already happened like six months ago, but Jude Law and Sienna Miller are officially splitting for good. A friend close to Jude says:

“It’s a mutual decision. They have definitely come to the end of the road. They tried to make it work but it failed.”

Either the time machine I built in my basement has finally started working or these clowns are so out of things to do they’ve started repeating themselves. I’m leaning towards the latter, but the caveman I saw going through my garbage makes me wonder.


  1. mrs.t

    With his tiny penis, and now impending male-pattern baldness, he should not be surprised.

  2. i agree with comment before hehe tiny pennis


  3. jazzdrummer420

    No wonder she said monogamy is overrated and were all just animals, she was looking for the wonder penis all along

  4. Gee, I wonder if they will get back together.


  5. no one you know

    Hardly shocking…you can only trade the same, boring STD’s back and forth for so long before you begin to crave something new. I heard Jude is after Paris Hilton since the split, since he hasn’t contratced HIV yet. Collect the set!

  6. mrs.t

    Did anyone see those ‘age projection’ pics of him, where he’s totally bald? Yul Brenner minus the sex-appeal. Giant egghead.

    He always looks like he could become violent to me. Like a really mean drunk. Sienna looks like she just gets bitchier by the second. Do they have sororities in England?

  7. Binky

    My sources tell me Jude’s promotion contract with Pittsburgh Tourism was causing tension in the relationship.

  8. jrzmommy

    what a shame. Could someone pass me the bottle of I Could Care Fucking Less, please?

  9. 20 says she’s with tommy lee in a week.big american penis> tiny english penis.


  10. I’m sure this has nothing to do with Jude’s small penis


  11. PrettyBaby

    These two are so fucking boring. She is marginally cute but a 10 on the irritating scale. And HE is a fucking idiot. I get soooo tired of some of my galpals simpering over *Jude Law* He is not hot at all. No way. No how.

  12. RichPort

    Jrz – You can have the rest of mine. I had my fill after one fucking swig. When two ugly people break up, they’re just doing the rest of us the service of not having to watch any of their PDAs.

  13. PrettyBaby

    Yes, she needs to get a more interesting, more scummy man like possibly Tommy Lee (yep #9)

  14. miss_anthropic


  15. YYYYAAAAAAAWWWWWNNN!… I’m so sleepy for some reason. Must be a slow news day or something…


  16. Ed Bambrick

    “They have definitely come to the end of the road. They tried to make it work but it failed.”

    (Referring to their fucking careers, probably.)

  17. slantingthroughdarkness

    Sienna Miller is a buck-toothed slag.


  18. He looks like a fossil !!

  19. Italian Stallion

    I can’t believe it took her this long to realize that he likes men, you know, like that Tom Cruise dude………….

  20. some people will do anything to stir up a little publicity, divorce is all the rage this year. Watch for Sienna to attempt to buy a black child, and for Jude to hook up with Hohan.

  21. sexybitch

    The only person who’s interested is the nanny.

  22. biatcho

    Besides making fun of people that live in unfortunate areas of the country, this is the only way this bitch can keep her name in the press. It certainly isn’t for her acting skills.

  23. pinky_nip

    Small penises are nice when you want to retain your virginity.

  24. NipsyHustle

    balding or not, he doesn’t have to keep denting her poon anymore. she’s probably deep enough to accommodate a sectional sofa at this point. she’s beyond tired and worn out. he can do so much better than this talentless twit.

  25. UncleSam

    Hey! Cavenmen are part of our daily lives now you know. Haven’t you seen the Geico commercials? He was probably a garbage man.

  26. I hope they realize they won’t get nearly the coverage that Brit and K-Fed are getting.


  27. PrettyBaby

    #27 Wow! As danielle always stupidly writes: “chirp, chirp”.

    Although I wrote about myself on the Pam thread today so maybe I suck too. But mine was a lot shorter and about my sex life, so hopefully I’ll be forgiven.

  28. RichPort

    What 20 year old signs off with toodles? What the fuck does that even mean?

  29. jrzmommy

    There’s an herbal treatment for people suffering from the disorder R&R has….it’s called Hemlock/Death Therapy….100% effective in curing assholes.

  30. That has to be a fake Post, somebody that stupid would forget how to breath and choke to death.

  31. danielle

    #29. Keep my name out your mouth.


  32. PapaHotNuts

    @34- I have something to keep in your mouth.

  33. Pagan Queen

    OMG – who dropped all the names in here? I keep tripping over them and ewwwwww, I have PeeWee Herman on the bottom of my shoe!

    JRZ – hey sweetie, I am thinking we need to hand out some of that Hemlock/Death Therapy.

    biatcho – yow, making more friends? LOL

  34. PapaHotNuts

    @34- It rhymes with “fuge lucking gick.”

  35. Pagan Queen

    lol Papa – always trying to help the needy. You are a humanitarian!

  36. RichPort

    #37 – HA!!! You may want to bring your own tetanus shot.

  37. Pagan Queen

    and rabies, and dystemper, and hoof and mouth disease, and….hell – just grab a vet vaccine manual!

  38. danielle

    #35&37. That’s sweet. I’ll go grab some tweezers.

    #39. (wind)

  39. Stasmi

    I have never been able to forgive Jude for being in the movie “A.I.” which was, and shall always be, the biggest piece of cinematic crap ever created. He was the creepy and gross “Gigalo Bot” and I have held it against him ever since. I don’t think he’s attractive at ALL and if he weren’t famous, he would be the guy at the bar that girls would be avoiding at all costs.

  40. RichPort

    Thanks Papa… it’s passing wind again…

  41. danielle

    Bitchsnort- Phlegm ( look it up in a dictionary and there should be a picture of you there)

    You can’t get rid of it. It just keeps coming back for more, even though no one ever seems to address it.

    Curl up and die already. Please.

  42. jrzmommy

    There’s a hair salon in Texas called Curl Up & Dye….who was telling us that? Hmm….anyhow, why is she here?

  43. danielle

    I was about to ask you the same question honey.

    BTW- I came on here to address UglyBetty….I mean PrettyBaby.

    All of a sudden I have BillyBob and the Gang up my ass for some reason.

    Haven’t been on here in days sweetie….Yet still there are retards on here spewing my name out of context, you being one of them.

    So ask not “why am I here”. Ask “why do YOU care”.


  44. PapaHotNuts

    @41- You don’t have tweezers. That would imply you groomed yourself, and we all know you are as dirty as a 10 cent whore, except you are worth a nickel less. You were born out the crack of a donkey’s ass and I hate your family for knowing you.

  45. Pagan Queen

    JRZ – yeah, it is next to the cleaners with the big sign that says “Drop your pants and jacket off”

  46. danielle

    danielle is such a pretty name for a bitch. Haven’t we talked about what happens when you start acting all high and mighty? Don’t make dust off my old clothes and roll up my sleeves.
    You make nice with your playmates. I don’t want to have to come back here.

  47. danielle

    #47. Actually, dumbass, since when do you need to own a pair a tweezers to be qualified as being “groomed”? The only use that I have for tweezers are either getting a splinter out or …getting a splinter out.

    If you’re implying that I need them for some other “grooming” purposes do tell me.

    FYI- For someone who calls themself “PapaHotNuts”…you really shouldn’t be giving ME hygenic advice.

    You should try and focus more on the fact that you have “hot nuts”. I bet that region of your hairy body hasn’t been explored with soap in say…months? years? decades? You’re disgusting.

    What’s that you say? You were born out of your mother’s ass? That’s interesting.

    That explains the stench.

  48. Pagan Queen

    hmmmmm sounds like someone wants to play the new game by the makers of “Whack-a-mole” it is called “Slap-a-ho”

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