Jude and Sienna Fighting over Christmas

jude_sienna_thumb1.jpgJude Law and Sienna Miller have allegedly been arguing. In other news, Jenna Jameson was not a virgin on her wedding night.

It is understood they will spend the festive season apart because Sienna is filming Factory Girl in the US and Jude wants to spend time with his children.

Our spy reveals: “Sienna is angry and disappointed that she might not see Jude over Christmas. She’s made her feelings perfectly clear.

“She doesn’t seem to understand that Jude’s children have to take priority and it’s not all about her and what she wants to do. Jude has other responsibilities, but she seems to be trying to make him feel guilty.””

I’m starting to get excited by these stories, because it’s only a matter of time before someone gets murdered. I’m putting my money on Sienna, since she seems to be carrying around a lot of rage, while Jude has the willowy physique of a malnourished twelve-year-old girl.