Jude and Sienna Fight, Shock the World

jude_sienna_thumb1.jpgMost humans are conditioned to avoid pain. If you stick your hand in a stamping press once, chances are you won’t do it again. Most likely this is because you no longer have a hand, but you get the point. Jude Law and Sienna Miller, on the other hand, would most likely say, ‘What, you want me stick my other hand in there? Well ok, it couldn’t possibly happen again’. The two went to dinner Monday night in New York’s Lower East Side and, according to a witness, “got into a heated argument in front of everyone. It was so bad that Sienna was brought to tears and stormed outside to catch her breath and have a ciggie.” And yesterday they got into another fight while having lunch.

A source said that “They were fighting on the corner of Spring and Broadway, [screaming] [bleep] this and [bleep] that and [bleep]hole and bitch . . . Jude got so [bleep]ed off, he told her one last time to [bleep] off and then he stormed off. He left poor Sienna standing on the corner in the rain waiting for him to turn back around, but he did not.”

This really shouldn’t be complicated. Unless Jude has powdered his schlong with cocaine, I have no idea why Sienna would want to stay with him. And it’s already clear that Jude would have no problem finding other women. Maybe even women who aren’t working for him. Maybe.

Street Fight May Spell Trouble For Happy Pair [NYPost]