Jude and Sienna Fight, Shock the World

November 23rd, 2005 // 19 Comments

jude_sienna_thumb1.jpgMost humans are conditioned to avoid pain. If you stick your hand in a stamping press once, chances are you won’t do it again. Most likely this is because you no longer have a hand, but you get the point. Jude Law and Sienna Miller, on the other hand, would most likely say, ‘What, you want me stick my other hand in there? Well ok, it couldn’t possibly happen again‘. The two went to dinner Monday night in New York’s Lower East Side and, according to a witness, “got into a heated argument in front of everyone. It was so bad that Sienna was brought to tears and stormed outside to catch her breath and have a ciggie.” And yesterday they got into another fight while having lunch.

A source said that “They were fighting on the corner of Spring and Broadway, [screaming] [bleep] this and [bleep] that and [bleep]hole and bitch . . . Jude got so [bleep]ed off, he told her one last time to [bleep] off and then he stormed off. He left poor Sienna standing on the corner in the rain waiting for him to turn back around, but he did not.”

This really shouldn’t be complicated. Unless Jude has powdered his schlong with cocaine, I have no idea why Sienna would want to stay with him. And it’s already clear that Jude would have no problem finding other women. Maybe even women who aren’t working for him. Maybe.

Street Fight May Spell Trouble For Happy Pair [NYPost]


  1. brattwoman

    Ahhhhhhhh…..Isn’t love grand

  2. PinkRose

    Jude and Sienna remind me of those high school couples that everyone hates who always got into fights in the cafeteria or in the hallways before class.

  3. tori

    ooh nice one pinkrose. good point.

    couples who constantly break up and get back together NEVER MAKE IT! you hear me?! just keep having sex and that’s it. and make movies of it. and save them for me.

  4. HollyJ

    Yeah… what pinkrose said.

  5. MortyFishbein

    They are that couple that everyone (including them) knows shouldn’t be together but they stay togther because, dammit, having a healthy relationship wouldn’t be any fun. And it wouldn’t get them in any newspapers.

    Sienna is obviously afraid she’ll die alone, fat, stupid and ugly. And Jude Law is obviously afraid he won’t have another beautiful but insipid woman to humiliate publicly. It’s this kind of happiness they LIVE for . . .

  6. BadGoat

    It’s an unhealthy relationship. These two just happen to be celebrities. Unfortunately they have kids together. I feel sorry for their kids. They are getting boring… yawn…ZZzzz

  7. Donna A.

    They really need to move on.
    Donna A.

  8. tori

    no, badgoat, they don’t have kids together. he has children with sadie frost, his ex-wife.

  9. Bella

    Oh come on! She should’ve left him after seeing his penis for the first time (assuming she could find it). Either that of after seeing him in his role as super emotional bitch in Closer.

  10. Jajoba

    “poor Sienna”??? No ways. This woman stays and she deserves every inch of trouble she gets out of it.

    I actually hope they do stay together – these make up break up relationships always end in a humongous blow out – I can’t wait to see who’s got the most bruises and my money’s on Jude.

  11. sadietolstoy

    Blah. Jude’s a perv and Sienna Miller’s a publicity whore.

  12. assholic

    Good one, indeed Bella. I almost forgotten how humungous Jude Gay Lord’s penis really is.

  13. Maybe they’ll name a celebrity psychological disorder after them

  14. tori

    wtf why does everyone say how small jude’s cock is?! he was flaccid in that picture and it was pretty big for a flaccid penis.

  15. HollyJ

    Jude’s penis could be the size of his receding hair line, and I STILL wouldn’t consider him sexy. He looks like a midget hobbit.

    Sienna obviously just has very low self esteem or some other debilitating emotional problem (like…liking Jude Law).

  16. BadGoat

    post #8 – Thanks for the correction Tori. And I agree with your comments in post #14. I’m personally not concerned with the size of his member as much as the size of his ego.

    Post 15 – HollyJ, they BOTH have emotional problems, that’s a prerequisite to being a celebrity, generally speaking).

  17. assholic

    “wtf why does everyone say how small jude’s cock is?! he was flaccid in that picture and it was pretty big for a flaccid penis.”

    coz it’s just bloody fun to make fun out of bloody ego bloated bastards jude was born to be. i meant to say any parent that named their child after the beatles’ song is just prayin silently that the child would be gay and useless, just like how mr law has become and turnd out to be one, just like how both of his parents wishd for.

    jude has the potential to be hot even with a bald head. his way too bloated ego got in the way though and his penis is small, so there.

    btws, wht’s up with him practisin his karate moves on random paparazzis? dont they have anger management classes for that? good lord, i so agree with chris i forgot his last name, the black guy that hosted some overrated awards show few years ago. jude law is way too overhyped and just another bad teeth-ed english actor. burn n rot in hell silently, jude. i bet you everything i have he’d scream like one of his friggin daughters if he ever found out how many people hate him on this site alone…. grow up, man, you’re a friggin bloody millionaire juz by makin crappy movies with the so not there sex appeal of yours, so really, just shut the fuck up.

  18. assholic

    oh yeah, just out of my deepist wish, in any case jude or any of his pathetic “representative people: is reading this, once again, grow bloody up. ok, juz tht.

  19. assholic

    oh yeah, just out of my deepest wish, in any case jude or any of his pathetic “representative people: is reading this, once again, grow bloody up. ok, juz tht.

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