Judd Apatow: ‘Sony Email Leaks Are Same As Jennifer Lawrence Nude Photos’

“Say something stupid for me, Judd. Say something stupid real good.”

Eventually some Hollywood asshole was going to put his/her foot in her mouth and compare the Sony email leaks with The Fappening because we’re dealing with a subset of people who aren’t accustomed to not having their asses kissed or their massive egos on display for the world to see. Which brings us to Judd Apatow who equated the leaks to the Jennifer Lawrence nude photos who I’m pretty sure would’ve much rather preferred people read her make an off-color joke about a colleague than see her spread eagle naked on a couch:

It doesn’t take a rocket science to recognize The Fappening was a more invasive sexual violation (That I heard about from a priest. True story.) with aggressive misogynistic underpinnings while these Sony leaks are basically a bunch of rich people being exposed as narcissistic assholes who’ll do or say anything to protect their egos, but again, without everyone seeing where they pee. Then again, Jonah Hill, an Apatow fixture, practically blew Amy Pascal when she suggested merging 21 Jump Street with Men In Black so I can see how witnessing that private exchange qualifies as a sex crime. Via Film Drunk:

In an e-mail to Ms. Pascal, Mr. Hill says “jump street merging with mib i think that’s clean and rad and powerful.”

“Clean and rad and powerful.” Jesus Christ, he went balls deep on that one, and I genuinely feel bad for reprinting that now. That wasn’t for us to see. This is wrong.

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