Joy Corrigan Bikini Photos Are The Crap I Missed

While Fish takes his accidental staycation compliments of Hurricane Matthew, I’m on hiatus from derpface and Instaboob duty, so as we’ve done in the past, we make sure to shower you with random bikini people at the end of each day. Hopefully this olive branch of Joy Corrigan in her bikini will reach everyone breathing fire in the Trump and Billy Bush comments about how crazy it is that we post bikini models modeling bikinis while simultaneously suggesting we’re not cool with you assaulting them or generally regarding them as below you because you happened to have been prematurely ejaculated out of a wealthy micropenis. The point is you can hold two ideas in your head at once, i.e. knowing how much you hate our site, while also knowing you could fuck off at any time and nobody would care. But hey, these are just words. They’re just words, people. What we need now is action. *opens door, gestures way out*

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Photo: Fame/Flynet