Let Me Check… Yep, The Duggars Are Still Fertile

Oh boy, before today I had no idea that people still cared what poor guy got lassoed into a lifetime of banal sex with one of the Duggar gals, but I guess I was wrong. This time Joy Anna Duggar (she’s the one who looks like the other ones) and her husband have announced they are ready to go all in on the whole family tradition of being baby factories.

The truth is that I don’t care. I don’t give the slightest iota of a shit that another one of the Duggars is reproducing again. I think people only watch that show because the family is so wholesome, so unconventionally conventional, that their viewers have developed a sick obsession for waiting on one of them to go on some Hollywood-sized rumspringa and get busted tooting coke up their ass with a prostitute outside a Dave n Buster’s. Sadly, all they got was Josh Duggar who is like, an actual child molesting monster — not the hookers and blow kind that would have been fun to make fun of.

I’ll leave you with this timeline though, Joy Anna Duggar and her husband Austin began “courting” in November 2016. They were married back in May of this year and are now pregnant. I haven’t seen anyone move that fast to make a baby since… well, the last time a Duggar daughter got married.