Joss Stone’s butt: Because why not?

April 19th, 2009 // 48 Comments

Here’s Joss Stone at Coachella wearing a skirt that might be just a tad too short for someone performing on an elevated stage. Just a tad. You know, when I post pics like these, I think about the spaceship that crashed here on Earth carrying me as an infant and wonder, “Am I truly inspiring humans to greatness?” And the answer is “Yes. Yes, I am.” Now who wants some space sex? Ladies?


  1. Katie

    Good for her, no cellulite :)

  2. i will kiss one time in the ass o.k

  3. Darth

    Hard to say what’s on photo 2 and 4.

  4. Nero

    Look for the wet spot?

  5. Jigga

    Joss Stone’s vag, as well, it appears.

  6. CustomMonkey

    I was more interested in the camel toe in pic 2.

  7. Who the hell is this no-talent porker and why is she gaying up the front page with her fat ass.

  8. amanda

    time to buy a new razor blade for those armpits…

  9. WP

    She’s cute in a natural way.

  10. Minty

    @8 yaaaawn!

  11. Darken

    Only a Miller High Life in the last pic would make this classier.

  12. Fuck U

    Who the fuck is this cunt and why is she here?

  13. The Laughing G-D

    People pay to watch Nascar, live, for the same reason they pay higher prices at concerts for front row seats. The chance to see an explosion.

  14. pointandlaugh

    mmmmm I can smell her vag from here.

  15. Ohnoyoudidn't

    Doesn’t this qualify as child pornography?

  16. The One Who Knows

    With that face I’m waiting for her to OINK. BFD. Tina Turner danced and sang with no panties. You should have seen the jaws on that one. North Hollywood Ca 1970 at the Lazy X on Vanowen. And that bitch was hot in them der days !!! And still is going.

  17. HankTheDwarf


  18. Serious-LEE

    #15, So 22 year olds fall in the category of child pornography now? Man I am going to be going to jail for a long time soon then.

  19. jim

    @16… hardly, she’s like 22 now. Foolish man.

  20. Andy

    @10 right on the money she is smoking and aint all fake

  21. tromba

    Simply edible!

  22. L.

    Well, at least she’s wearing panties.

  23. Pedobear


    She used to be hot around age 16


  25. jc

    um, she’s not american? she’s a brit, I believe….

  26. Kitty

    @9 – Haha, I am not the only one who by-passed the panties and thought, “Damn, woman, get yourself a sharper blade!” I think we are the only women here–only a chick would notice something like that in the face of 1/10 inch of exposed, panty-clad vagina.

  27. -----------

    jeasus, she is fucking hideous! that face! and she’s a bit porky or think or something….

    i prefer my women without loads of holes in their face as well….

  28. mikeock

    Hippie chicks always smell like a fish fry.

  29. Amanda

    She’s hot and she doesn’t shave her armpits. Totally seductive and sexy~ Love her.

  30. mikeock

    I like that last picture where she’s airing the taste of granola and balls off her tongue.

  31. liz4sale

    ive never really liked joss stone..she just rubs me the wrong way for some reason..maybe its that hideous nose ring. i mean shes not horribly ugly, altho i dont like those squinty little eyes.. maybe thats it. i duno.

  32. Lindsay Lohan

    I love her. Does anyone know if she’s single?

  33. dude

    splended way to kick off my new week:D LOVE the toe in pic 2 hehehe did i mention id hit that

  34. FACE

    Wow – what a piece of overrated white trash

  35. It’d be much hotter if she didn’t have the I-just-ripped-one stinkface expression. It’s such a shame that a girl’s butthole has to be functional.

  36. Parker

    who is she and why would I want to buttfuck her?

  37. brooke

    pic #2 is clearly NSFW…thanks a lot fish.

  38. gargoyle

    Her “stuff” looks like it could be very unclean.

  39. nasto

    Pic #7 is THE Joss Stone style I hate.. the annoying “yeah, I can stick my tongue out, I’m so cute” pose..

  40. the thing is

    @27- “bypassed her vag”
    You lie, because you had to click on that pick to see her raised arm, and it’s the only picture with her arm raised that exposed her vagina.
    Nice try, but you have once again proved that women like vaginas too, and that women don’t lie very well.

  41. Erica

    She’s cute in a natural, fresh-faced way.

  42. ME

    Now this is what pimply face white boys like!!!

  43. ME

    Now this is what pimply face white boys like!!!

  44. Look with your eyes

    I don’t see any panties here, just vag

  45. Aurealous

    I saw pussy!

  46. Aurealous

    I saw pussy!

  47. boner

    looks like your mums vag

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