Joslyn James is classy and other news

May 10th, 2010 // 68 Comments

- Rihanna + Moonwalk = FAIL. [Dlisted]

- Mickey Rourke is probably talking about Megan Fox. [Lainey Gossip]

- Lindsay Lohan gets her ass handed to her in court by E*Trade. [Popeater]

- Hillary Duff should send Elisha Cuthbert a Thank You card. [DrunkenStepfather: Site is NSFW]

- Marisa Miller hosts a pool party without getting in a bikini. BLASPHEMY! [HollywoodTuna]

- Jessica Lowndes is cleavagey. [Popoholic]

- Lady GaGa wants to die in front of paying customers. [TheFABlife]

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  1. Que

    Que would.

  2. Que

    Que change mind.

  3. Chester Molester

    looks like she’s pointing at where she wants that fresh batch of Yop! ;)

  4. Neorules2112

    Would rather put my cock in Khloe Kardashian than this and that’s fuckin bad

  5. Taz

    insert package here

  6. Terry

    Could she not have spent her money fixin’ them teeth instead of the stretch marked boobs?

  7. Hugh Jorgan

    Uh, who is she??

  8. PoisonIvyLeague

    Those are some busted-ass tittays! What kind of gross fucking texture are they? Looks like bubble gum stretched over bowling bowls.

  9. JIll

    RE Gaga link: She may be rambling but holy shit she sounds freaking amazing. WOW at 7:03-7:08…that was beautiful. I can’t believe she still sounds that good after touring as much as she has. Officially made me want to go to a gaga concert.

  10. Don

    I had to google Joslyn James to find out who the fuck she is. The first link had Tiger Woods in there, so I guess she was one of his whores. I’m only posting this for those like me who had no idea who this chick is.

    I’d still hit it though. I like big boobs.

  11. Nicole

    Her boobs are gross. She needs some cover up on them

  12. gross

    She needs to fix those effin chompers and that diseased lookin’ tit. Nasty ho.


    Still debating.
    Big Head, Yes. Little head, No!

  14. Katie

    This woman is the definition of wreaked/beat/used up and thrown out. I imagine that she probably does anal in her videos, based on her deformed asshole from this photo in your previous post:

  15. Katie

    This woman is the definition of wrecked/beat/used up and thrown out. I imagine that she probably does anal in her videos, based on her deformed asshole from this photo in your previous post:

  16. Gweb

    I guess this is what a ghetto tit ho does when Tiger’s not fucking the ass that he owns. Personally, I be afraid to stick it in a skanky cocksocket like this one here. Might not get it back, you know?

  17. Jack Mehoff

    Not the best teeth but she makes up for it in the chest department. Definitely one I would bang all night long. I can taste Tiger now.

  18. She's disgusting

    Now that there’s no possible way to earn money representing this used up & discarded ho in any blackmail/extortion scheme, WHOREia allred has fled the scene. She’s moved on to other leg spread hos she can help blackmail/extort money for.

    This ho needs to hide her face, fix her disgusting tittays & get a life. Also, while she’s at it. she needs to pay the $25,000 in back child support she owes in Washington State and start being a parent to her child. Worthless tw*t…

  19. Holy hell, the town hooker on my name is earl is more desireable than this piece of refuse. You gotta try hard to have even cleavage that is unattractive!
    How Tiger’s Wood could stand at attention for this seeping disease-bag is beyond me. The man is a billionaire and he trolls for street trash like this???

  20. Rasputins Liver




    That is one butt ugly bitch! She appears to be the typical vacuous, self-involved bimbo, ugly on the inside as well as outside.


    But then throw in her goddamned ugly stretch marked udders and you’ve gota grade A ugly bitch.


  21. Parker

    Same drill fans. My urogenital tract in her digestive orifice. What difference does it make how attractive or diseased a woman is when you are putting penis into the ejectile tube of feces?
    No really?

  22. Tek

    @14 You would be correct on the ASSumption, Katie. I clicked a thumbnail on one of those porn tube sites out of curiousity back when the Tiger scandal hit the fan and there she was taking a massive black dick up her ass with ease. Makes sense I guess… I mean, with a face and body looking like that of a crackwhore, she has to make money somehow…

    vaginal neglect FTW?

  23. stiinkdaddy

    Christ. It looks like someone’s been chewing on those things. *shudder*

  24. stiinkdaddy

    Christ, it looks like someone’s been chewing on those things.

  25. bar room hero

    tit tattoos are vile…

  26. TJ

    stretch marks aren’t hot anymore or what? haters. lol.

  27. ppl

    look like a cheap hooker

  28. Her expression is so hot and attractive she is really hot material now a day.She look so sexy with such aggressive body language she can easily attract some one.

  29. LPB

    I see what you mean about classy, but I think she’s classy in sort of a grotesque way,

  30. Fayted

    …Up until now I always thought this woman was the trannie side of Jessie James. Why kill the dream?!?! Dammit. Now because of this supposed ‘she’ (it?) I must go burn my corneas out with draino. I also think I got gonaherpasyphilaids just from looking at them, I wonder if draino can take care of that, too….

  31. salsa

    What a classy ho!

  32. I can not express my feeling now,that is very good?

  33. Fuckston

    Goddamn, this whore’s shit is seriously wrecked. I’d wager her vag looks something like an exploded Arby’s cheddar melt.

  34. gueibor

    That tat boob is the grossest thing I’ve seen this week, and I’m positive I saw myself in the mirror just yesterday.

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  36. Bellatrix

    I can hear her mental thoughts from Pic 1:
    “(Points to mouth) ‘You c*m in my mouth and then I spit it out in this tissue – any questions?”.

  37. captain america

    she was bored by PARIS H., folks!!

  38. Ego

    I’d hit it

  39. joho777

    So she is famous for getting boned by Tiger Woods.

    Ride your fame, lady. Your 15 minutes are already up.

    I don’t think I have ever seen an uglier woman with breast implants.

  40. Darth

    After she did give bj’s to a huge amount of different guys.I’m not sure if i would allow her a taste of my pizza slice.

  41. jane

    Recently I found a hot club — T a l l h u b . co m — just for tall girls and guys to find their romance. Come on, tall singles. Don’t miss your love…..

  42. Nero

    She’s becoming a huge pain in TW’s ass .. Is it that what she wants?

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  44. Gando

    I don’t really get the love-hate vibes from Joslyn James … Mental distortion?

  45. Wishbone

    Trying way(way) to hard to look sexy. She looks like an idiot. And yes, if your boob looks like a road map, cover it up!

  46. cellphone

    TW is the Mount Everest covered in $100 bills to her=love of her life.

  47. Mahatma Cain-Jeeves

    wow. you can see that there was once an “average prettiness” there (which there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with) but of course that wasn’t enough for her (since she’s an idiot) so she had some modifications done and now looks absurd. although maybe she was trying to draw attention away from that absurdly long neck of hers. i saw her on Nancy Grace i think it was and she had a shortish haircut and one could get a good look at that neck of hers: it just went on and On and ON. But anyway, I don’t normally riff on celebs much, but JJ really has it coming. From the interview on NG, she would appear to be (no kidding) a low-grade moron, as well as just plain mean and vindictive. And besides: anyone who mugs for the camera in public by simulating oral sex on her finger, a smoothie, and a slice of pizza has some serious self-esteem problems….

  48. SO RIGHT

    I think she’s actually really pretty. It’s just too bad she has no self esteem and therefore feels sex is the only thing she has to sell.

  49. That’s right, gag me. Need’s Photoshop…makeup…something…anything.

  50. cg

    She is a nasty porn bitch. She’ll take it up the ass from anyone with a huge dick and let them finish in her ass.
    Don’t get me wrong she is hot as hell in a cheap hooker way but she is dirty dirty. I wouldn’t fuck her with Tigers dick without a condom. No way No how

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