20040804_joshua.jpgAlright, we get it. You’re a freak. There’s really no good reason to ever implant strange crap into your forehead, unless it’s because you have some sort of bizarre forehead related medical problem. I’m pretty damn sure that this Joshua character has no such medical problem, but is instead just a freaky ass human being. Why anybody would want to transorm themselves into an alien type lizard creature is beyond me, but that’s probably because I’m normal and Joshua is a freak. Did I mention that Joshua is a freak? Because he’s a damn freak.

View Joshua (somewhat disturbing)

*UPDATE: A reader wrote in explaining that this was actually an April Fool’s Joke and that there’s an explanation in the source code. I couldn’t find the same message they found, but I’ll take their word for it, considering the article was published on April 1, 2003.