Josh Holloway tries to make love to the ocean

December 8th, 2008 // 210 Comments

Dear Ladies,

Merry Christmas!

- The Superficial Writer

P.S. Also, why not? Josh or Hugh Jackman? And someone’s losing a limb. GO!


  1. val

    very nice

  2. twizlah

    first, but really wanting to be

  3. moron


  4. Kat


  5. tp

    He looks like an ape

  6. Anyone heard from Randal, lately?

  7. Kathy

    He’s just barely fit and not fat. He looks much better in his trademark white-trash halfway unbuttoned shirt.

  8. shellibelli

    i dont get it
    he has no shoulders!
    put more Jackman up please

  9. Andrea

    Hot, but definitely a big farter.

  10. hellcat1983

    Oh YUM! Would I love to be LOST with that!

  11. Jenna

    Hugh Jackman by far!
    He doesn’t need to lay around half naked in the ocean to be sexy. He could be blowing his nose and I’d still say he’s hot

  12. Oh yeah, I almost forgot. And stinky fingers in three, two, one….

  13. agent

    Josh, sweetie, love you to death. Always with the 5 o’clock shadow. Hot, in a hotly disease-y way that the secretly dirty girls like.

    But…you gonna do stuff like this, hire a trainer. Like, yesterday. You’re a biscuit away from the Pillsbury Doughboy.

  14. Sandi

    #15 – he plays Sawyer on “Lost” And he looks awesome – he would look even better with his pants off. Whats up with the jeans?

  15. kater

    he looks like a fucking oaf.


  16. Cindy

    I love his trashy vibe, but he needs to lay off the Bud & wings. Not all of us have fantasies about the paunchy-hot repairman (“looks like you need some pipe work, ma’am”…bow chicka wow wow…).

  17. Elmo

    eww xP he’s grosss…

  18. You kidding? I don’t know how they say Hugh Jackson is the sexiest man, of course a bunch of grannies sitting around playing poker and reading GQ perhaps. Oops! But Josh is sexy! That I agree

  19. havoc

    I hope he was filming something and not just caught rolling around in the surf in his jeans. Was this on a gays-only beach?


  20. Ardgelina

    ew? no definition anywhere!!!! y would anyone want that?

  21. whateveryo

    he could have taken his jeans off >.< lol

  22. p0nk

    waxed chest, unshaven face, swimming in his jeans…. know how i know you’re gay?

  23. Sarah

    lmao@all the jealous guys chiming in with their “he’s gay” comments. Don’t be so insecure, it’s very unattractive in men.

  24. lucycharms

    I wish I were the ocean….

    Eat your heart out Jackman. You might be more ripped(right now) but you def don’t have that unbeatable Holloway Mojo. It’s the full package….cheesy but true.

  25. alliejane

    Here’s how it goes down: Jackman is such a badass he rips off his own arm, and beats Holloway till he squeals like the doughboy he is (props to post 16) then fastens a light weight sea worthy craft from Holloway’s extra midsection skin. He paddles with dismembered arm to the fucking island that we refer to as LOST, fights polar bears (w/ dismembered arm) and saves the 30 or so idiots on the island from a disastrous 5th season.

    and Jackman would do all this simply cause he has a day off and is bored.

    he then goes back to being unbelievably hot, old, and gay

  26. Heather

    Hugh…definitely Hugh.
    What is with the jeans?!? He doesn’t have money to buy a proper swim suit or brains (or other parts) to skinny dip?

  27. Kahlee

    I don’t like the waxed chest look, so I prefer Hugh Jackman.

  28. lala

    First off I want to thank you so much for posting a hot man up instead of a coked out skank whore. Even though the skanks are entertaining, us ladies still need to see a hunk of hotness every once in awhile.

    Hugh still wins my vote though.

  29. Adrienne

    i hate swimming in clothes. why in the hell would he swim in his jeans!!! is he trying to compress his penis or what!!!!!!!!

  30. Don’t know who he is except someone on here said he is on Lost. I do not watch Lost. All I know is Hugh has a male version of “butter face” and this guy is a homo seeking photo ops..

    I vote for NEITHER (or is it niether) no the first one, pretty sure.

  31. Clem

    Good looking guy but needs to stop eating all the pies.

  32. Grizzlies


  33. Mrs Pumperknuckle

    He’s FAT.

  34. Dani

    WOW! Hottest pic i’ve seen in a long long while.


  35. susan

    He’s handsome but, yeah, he needs to tone up, since he doesn’t have the greatest frame to begin with. All in all, not bad for an American guy. They’re the worst, by the way – the average American white guy let himself go while still in college and now proudly sports a hairy beer belly hanging over an uninspiring package, all the while criticizing girls if they don’t look like supermodels. Hollywood knows all about this – give American girls any type of halfway hot non-American guy and they’ll go absolutely wild over him, because of the contrast with Joe the Bald Loudmouth Bigbelly Alcoholic Plumber. It’s like the line that American brides always say – “I didn’t really land him, it’s more like he beached himself on my couch.”

  36. Kahlee

    @36 yeah, what is the name for a male butterface? But’iz face?

  37. Danklin24

    Gayest pictures ever. Is the new Superficial writer also a flamming homo? Perez???

  38. L

    Hmm. I’m in bed with Jackman. Lost boy enters and objects to us being in his bed. Hugh rips his arm off and throws him through the window. We have hot sex again.

  39. m.munroe

    HUGH JACKMAN! any day – any way!

  40. M

    Hmm. I’m in bed with Jackman. Lost boy enters and objects to us being in his bed. Hugh rips his clothes off and throws him on the bed. I vomit as I watch them have brutally inconsiderate buttsex.

  41. Stefi

    He is so sexy!:. IMO he is way more sexy then Hugh!

  42. B. Larry

    How hilarious. I love how defensive the (I assume?) ladies get on this site whenever someone has the audacity to say, whoever, Lily Allen is a little plump; the histrionics about unfair judgments on women’s bodies, yet look at this. This guy does not “sit around eating beer and wings.” All you judgmental ladies should well know: after 30 you don’t need to do anything to look as “fat” as Josh Holloway except not starve yourself of carbs and not train 6 hours a day. Oh, but we’re men so it’s fair to sling that kind of stuff at us, huh? Well to that I say Kim Kardashian’s ass is huge, how do you like that?

  43. NickiChick

    I’d imagine those wet jeans would be difficult to get out of. And, being as I work in health care, I am trained to help out for such an occasion!

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