Josh Hartnett sort of beats people up


Josh Hartnett was involved in a bar fight last month in New York and his rep was spinning it that he was standing up for a woman’s honor. But now witnesses have come forward saying it was basically his entourage kicking some guy’s ass while he stood around watching:

“Hartnett was with a group of very aggressive guys and two girls,” said a Whiskey Ward patron. “One of the girls in his group claimed a guy in the bar pushed her, and Josh’s friends started getting really heated.” “At about 4:15, a group of guys jumped [a fellow patron],” said a female witness to the incident. “They threw him to ground and kicked him. And Josh was just standing by and watching.” Friends of Hartnett, along with his reps, denied that account, and said he tried to stop the fight by loudly saying, “Everyone just relax and grow up.” His pals also claim the other guys were the aggressors, and that one of them “cold-clocked” a member of the actor’s crew in the head.

So who are we supposed to believe? The multiple witnesses at the bar or the guy who thought those glasses were a good idea. Personally the only person I trust in all this is my leprechaun friend Bojangles. He lives on my shoulder and tells me to steal things.