Josh Hartnett hospitalized

March 30th, 2009 // 45 Comments

Josh Hartnett was hospitalized early this morning after suffering abdominal pain, according to E! News:

Hartnett was out Sunday at Hollywood’s Chateau Marmont when he began “suffering from a flare of a gastrointestinal problem that plagued him while he was starring in the West End of London during the production of Rain Man,” says rep Susan Patricola. The actor was laid up for a few days last November.
Patricola says Hartnett walked into an ambulance under his own power about 1:45 a.m. He was taken to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.
“He is under observation but is resting comfortably,” she says.

Usually after I eat Taco Bell, I just pop some Tums. But if Josh Hartnett wants to ride in an ambulance, who am I to judge? Directly.

Photos: Splash News

  1. Amy

    Poor guy! First! I love this website!

  2. Natasha Richardson

    I hope he fuckin dies.

  3. testing

    Huh, who knew wooden actors had intestines

  4. M.D.

    A few typos to fix – he was in the South End starring in a production of the “Green Apple Quick Step.”

  5. Randal

    Wishing you a quick and healthy recovery Josh and thanks for keeping us in the loop. Hope to see you back on the big screen this summer in your upcoming blockbuster.


  6. Andrea

    Oh, so he was out at the place where John Belushi gave himself a lethal speedball? And he’s got “gastrointestinal problems” you say? Sure. Fine. Ok.

  7. Jrz

    Could it be from taking it up the old poop chute?

  8. Dude stop taking it up the poopshute.

  9. mr sensitive

    Any minute now TMZ should have the first pictures of his bedpan.

  10. now say

    “look what we did…ewwww”

  11. Jrz

    GUY–you shiney fuck!

  12. Dr Phowstus

    Even Asian dudes are like “what happened to his eyes?”

  13. Maybe his stomach is pissed that his career has been over for years now…

  14. Josh "Wayne Campbell" Harnett

    I did a play in London. It was really hard, I stayed up all night on it. Then the next day in gym class I was on the minitramp and I got diarrhea.

  15. asian dude

    What happen to eyres?

  16. PunkA

    You’d think the guy would have learned by not to not do too much heroin on an empty stomach. Stupid ass clown can’t hold his juice. Or his women. Pussy.

  17. Jrz

    Motherfuckah looks like a possum

  18. ##18 Maybe that’s it possum found a new home. In his ass.

  19. E!

    Reached for comment, Josh said,




  20. Rhialto

    Who’s he!? What’s he doing here!? Who’s reponisble!?

  21. Ninj must feel awfully bereft without possum.

  22. Stan

    I hope the next story is about Khloe Kardashian’s problem with rivers of yeasty discharge.

  23. R2-D2

    Boop! Humans weak specimen! Blip! Limited flesh and blood! Beep!

  24. Nero

    Eww! He looks like a momma boy to me!

  25. Wendy

    He faked all the symptoms in the hope of receiving a thorough physical exam.

  26. Sauron

    Weak people are mean people folks! It’s all about mentality and attitude! In the animal world they’re the first to be taken!

  27. Josh

    “I’d say the first time was about 15 years ago…what? Oh, ok. No, I wouldn’t say I’ve had any anal bleeding specifically associated with this illness.”

  28. testing

    At least he isn’t blaming sushi like that ass clown Piven

  29. Galtacticus

    There’re whole cattles of weak people!

  30. Nero

    Yum,anything is acceptable for me except pork!

  31. Ha!

    #29! ha! Yes.

  32. syn

    I’d be sick to my stomach too if I’d helped to absolutely jack up a great story like 30 Days of Night. Whatever. I hope he’s ok, but a little bit of painful gas would serve him right for his “acting” career.

  33. i call 'em as I see 'em

    #3 you are a very disturbed person.
    You are also funny as hell.
    You made me snort audibly.

  34. AirMail

    There’s something going around. Listen to the Doctors and take good care of yourself. Your are about the only watchable actor left in Hollywood.

  35. Ah yes, late night curry will do that to you.

  36. devilsrain

    How much of a fag do you have to be to call an ambulance for a stomach ache!? Attention whore

  37. devilsumbrella

    #37 You’ve obviously never had appendicitis. You can’t driven when you have abdominal pain like that altho you can walk – real slowly. Sometimes it takes a few attacks before your appendix really flares up enough to come out.

  38. yep, I’m sure.

  39. I’m an open girl! I like strong guys. Do you want to date with me? Do you want to have an amazing night? If so, please join in –?––?–

  40. Mr. Jones

    Two words: rat poison

  41. J-Dizzle

    @ 6

    Randal I wish you would throw yourself into oncoming traffic during rush hour.

  42. Sephystal


  43. Well, he may not be dying but seriously after Patrick Swayze and his debacle you never no.
    Hope its nothing bad !!

  44. There is something going around. Doctors listen and take good care of yourself. His only watchable actor in Hollywood are left.

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