Josh Duhamel wishes he punched Perez Hilton

June 25th, 2009 // 44 Comments

Josh Duhamel stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night and, since he’s married to Fergie, the conversation obviously turned towards Sunday’s incident involving Perez Hilton and the Black Eyed Peas:

On the situation in general:
“I try not to get into it especially now because I don’t think he deserves that much. He’s got more press than he deserves from this whole thing.”

On Perez Hilton:
“He goes a little below the belt, and when you poke somebody in the chest enough and when you call them enough names, I think it’s good to get your nose bloody.”

On who he wishes threw the punch:
“I kind of wish it was me.”

Just so I don’t look like a hypocrite, I’d like to state for the record that if Josh Duhamel ever punched me in the face, I had it coming for all those times I pointed out his wife’s penis. That said, I know he wouldn’t do it just like I could never punch him. It’s against the Beautiful Man Code we swore to uphold. With sexy.

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  1. Yeah mr douchamel why didnt you defend your lady….

  2. spelunking

    If you literally had a punch for every woman you have insulted, you would resemble a mangled foie gras in under 3 minutes.

  3. kani

    hes so damn crazy hot

  4. spelunking

    #3 the writer

  5. BNAL

    I think that everybody should have the right to punch perez…. it should be in the constitution….

  6. It's Me Fuckers

    “I had it coming for all those times I pointed out his wife’s penis”

    I LOLed at that one.

  7. Yeah

    Who the fuck is Josh Douchehamel?

  8. captain america


  9. Rhialto

    I’m glad he’s married to Fergie.I mean,somebody has to do it anyway.

  10. Lauren

    @ #2 LOL Too true. Funny Superficial guy thinks it’s fine to punch Perez for insulting a woman’s looks. He’s been way worse to way more women.

  11. Lauren

    @ #2 LOL Too true. Funny Superficial guy thinks it’s fine to punch Perez for insulting a woman’s looks. He’s been way worse to way more women.

  12. Evil

    @9 He marries a man… scratch that a manly incontinent female-type person. Look at me, I’m smarter that the average internet troll!

  13. Darth

    Is it save for us now?

  14. OMG!

    He’s super HOT! Fergie is a lucky lady! I met him once outside Q’s in WLA. He was so nice.. and fine! Luv Ya Josh!

  15. spike

    “Mangled foie gras” Haha! Are you some kind of a foodie, spelunker? Funny shit.

    Anyhow, that is one outrageously handsome, sexy, gorgeous, hot, hot, specimen of a man! Whoa!

  16. Lisa

    The first and largest Cougar Mingle site == == Search for what you want, find more than you dreamed!

  17. “I had it coming for all those times I pointed out his wife’s penis” Hahaha hilarious. Wish I’d know what Perez would say to that but then I don’t visit his blog anymore.

  18. Ananana

    @2, i was just thinking of that the other day, how lucky TSW is that his identity/ties (i still maintain that it’s more than one. conspiracy theory ftw!) are secret. That’s why Perez Hilton is such a fucking douche, though.. he fucking uses his shitty blog to promote himself!

    And yea, we should all punch Perez Hilton. Fuck gay rights and universal healthcare, I’m rallying for my right to punch PH!

  19. dirk

    Perez doesn’t understand that if you talk shit, you run the risk of getting punished by MAN LAW. I love it. I hope he gets punched again if he keeps it up.

  20. StEvec

    i don’t like fergie, but I’d love to see Duhamel or someone else knock Perez Hilton into a long-term coma……Hilton is such a self-absorbed douchebag who thinks he should be immune from criticism

  21. Vince

    dirk that’s the dumbest thing I have heard. What the hell is Man law. Here in the US it’s a felony charge to punch someone ask Chris Brown. Josh Douchamel married a tranny so he should shut up.

  22. Vince

    dirk that’s the dumbest thing I have heard. What the hell is Man law. Here in the US it’s a felony charge to punch someone ask Chris Brown. Josh Douchamel married a tranny so he should shut up.

  23. MAN LAW also says I have the right to punch Vince in his swollen vagina.

  24. Tanyaonya

    he is soo hot
    Ladies! head on over to JIMASTYLE.COM!

  25. Vince

    dirk sound like a stupid retarded asswipe clown.

  26. Vince

    dirk also sounds like a retarded fool that changes his name to agree with himself.

  27. annie

    I saw his profile on millionaire & celebrity dating club__Richflirts.com__last week. I am wondering what kind of relationship he is looking for on that site.


    I GUARANTEE if this guy didn’t get entangled in the manliness that is Fergie he would be fucking the shit out of Megan Fox RIGHT NOW!!! Together they would have knocked alien forehead-freak veins Skangelina and her barely functionlly retarted man-boy servant Bratt Shitt right off the #1 spot for hottest famous couple (a title they never deserved anyway).

    FUCK YOU Fergie, your butt fug face ruins everything, the prime example being your failry hot body which is rendered useless by the scary bloated pumpkin head on top of it.

    We need a hot couple to put Brad and Angie in their place and dethrone those fucking weirdo baby collectors. Megan and Josh would be soooooooooooooooooooooooo fucking hot together.

    Fox says she only dates men over thirty and Josh looks a little like her looser 90210 BF Brian (same type of man pretty), but Josh is WAY hotter and Josh clearly likes dirty tatooed skanks who look like plasticy strippers so they are totally each others type! Can’t you so picture them together? They would make the hottest sex senes ever!!!! Megan is hot-dirty, Fergie is just gross dirty. What is this guy thinking????? Upgrade time. God or whatever douche created this fucked up place didn’t give you that face and bod so you could slum it with some nasty man-pig-girl creature. I think he took the expression MAN UP too litteraly in his life, it doesn’t mean get the manliest woman ever.


  29. Anon

    so TSW should only be punched for insulting women.
    Everyone else is fine?
    And I’m guessing the women agreeing have never insulted men (they have read their comments on other threads)

    well ladies line up so I can smack you one.
    Fairs fair. You don’t want to be hypocrites.

    Oops too late

  30. I am not a jealous, gay, or gay jealous person but this guy really married beneath himself.

  31. spelunking

    #31 are you serious? We are talking about THIS site, which is about critisizing women’s bodies. I’ve been recovering from an eating disorder and still have body dismorphia, and I want people to stop validating this site and its message for the sake of their sisters mothers and daughters who are particularly targeted by media body shaming. You can tell me to go away but this site is here to attract people and therefore it will attract critisism from valid stand points. I would love to speak to the writer of this site face to face, I really would. If he could just understand how dangerous the message he is putting out there is I would be happy.

    And by the way I would never say anything negative about a man’s body as I know the damage that kind of thing can cause. I have met male sufferers of the conditions I have, and I know very well how it affects them.

  32. i thought this was pretty obvious from that interview as well

  33. Valerie

    First off, Josh IS fucking amazingly hot and there’s no doubt about it. Even Fish knows it by the last few sentences. Second, ya dude I was shocked when he married Fergie but whatever. Third, @33: I am heartily sorry for your problems. My advice is to actually STOP PAYING ATTENTION to this site and anything else that contributed to your disorder in the first place. How are you expecting to heal if you keep all this bullshit in your head? Remember that your way of life and the way you think is not just influenced by your culture or the media, but it’s a CHOICE. Take responsibility for your own actions–do Yoga and meditate everyday, have good sex often, exercise and eat healthy food–all the while ignoring the bullshit and you’ll be cured. I’m curious about humans, and every aspect about my culture, so I like to pay attention to what’s going on; but I know that SUPERFICIAL judgment and shallow opinions can’t affect me unless I let them. DUH! Fucking get with the program–you and only you are in charge of what you think–you OWN your own mind and if you don’t because you lost it and let the negative crap take over, it’s your own fucking fault. Be discriminate in what you choose to believe, because we’re all just talking out our asses, here–myself included.

  34. wet

    That fine-ass man can punch me in the uterus with his big cock. :)

  35. spelunking

    @35 You are not sorry. You call it a choice. I can’t even explain how hurtful that is. I’ve had Body dysmorphic disorder for 10 years since I was an 11 year old child and have had pschiatric treatment for 9 years. I know that it was triggered by bullying, both physical and verbal from boys, based on their judgements of my looks (I’m a girl btw) and I know that this site is helping to reinforce the idea that its ok to say whatever the fuck you like about another person’s appearence (particularly if they are female) and that is exactly what young arrogant people do NOT need to hear.
    People also have genetic pre-dispositions to certain psychological disorders, so no, sorry. I can’t just be like you.

    I wish the SW would stop the sexist body shaming stuff.

  36. spelunking

    and on behalf of everyone suffering from mental illness, please stop all that tough-to-be-kind-stuff. Theres enough stigma attatched to mental illness without the “you just haven’t tried hard enough” bullshit.

  37. Yeah Josh YOU are getting much more press than YOU deserve you untalented boring geek. Fergie has more balls than Josh to confront Perez Hilton.

  38. @spelunking: I would be a lot more sympathetic to your plight if you weren’t browsing and commenting on sites titled “the superficial: because you are ugly”. I would never say “you haven’t tried hard enough” to anyone with an illness, but you have to accept that you cannot control others actions.

    TLDR version: stop reading sites that offend your sensibilities.

  39. spelunking

    @40 you would never say that to someone with an illness but you still have to add your insult. “I would be a lot more sympathetic to your plight” Do you even realize how patronising that sounds? My plight? I’m not looking for sympathy. I hope people can see, rationally, that the tone of this site has deteriorated and its not just this site. The media has gone too far with body facism and its something I want to fight. I said too much about myself, and I would hope people like you would have the decency not to exploit that.

  40. haha

    ya know spelunking….i think hollywood hollbilly has a piont….why do you spend your entire day on a site called “the superficial: because you are ugly” if it makes you more insecure? Usually people who are trying to heal something like this don’t purposly go to a place they know will aggrivate the illness. Its almost like a recovering drunk spending his whole day in a bar and telling the patrons there that its people like them that lead to alcoholism. sites like these are for entertainment, and if you can’t take a joke or anything they say with a grain of salt, you should probably go somewhere else. We all just love people like you that leave comments on the very sites they say are vile….why are you on it then?

  41. ace

    A lot of people want to punch perez hilton.

  42. bourne

    why does it say “Revenge of the falle” in the upper transfomers logo??

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