Josh Duhamel might be blind

July 11th, 2007 // 73 Comments

Josh Duhamel’s live-in girlfriend, Fergie, has reportedly just installed a stripper pole in their home. Duhamel tells Glamour:

“Fergie is taking lessons, but she won’t get on it until she knows what she’s doing, ’cause she doesn’t want to look stupid.”

He also adds that there’s “no way” he would’ve scored with Fergie when he was younger, saying:

“She would have been too hot for me in high school. I would have been intimidated by her.”

There are a lot of very confusing things going on in this interview. Like Josh Duhamel saying Fergie just installed a stripper pole and not following that up with ten minutes of screaming. Or him saying Fergie is intimidatingly hot. Yeah, Fergie has her moments, but for the most part she looks like this. Which I wouldn’t really describe as hot. ‘Leather monster’ might be a more appropriate term. Or ‘a dude.’


  1. wedgeone

    Must be quite a sight when she swings around the pole, with her schlong flapping around wildly.

  2. HASH PT


  3. sean

    why’s he talking about high school anyway?

  4. wastedOne

    She must have to tape that shit back or else face getting cock-burns

  5. Aubree

    he’s pretty, she’s masculine. It’s meant to be

  6. Josh Duhamel

    She would have been too hot for me in high school. I would have been intimidated by her. She’s more approachable now that she’s got a leprechaun meth face, 7-inch clit, and urinary incontinence.


  8. Man Land

    I wonder if Fergie’s balls get stuck to the stripper pole when they get all sweaty

  9. Your Mom

    Two words: Butter Face.

  10. gay4girls

    No no no . . . You guys have it all wrong. Fergie is not a man–she’s a BEAST.

  11. Smelly Gostard

    I’ll bet she had to get an extra fat pole to accommodate her “man hands”.

  12. combustion8

    yeeeeuuuuuuuckkkkk.. I’m guessing she has giant goofyflappers too.

  13. gay4girls

    As a matter of fact, she is not all that unattractive of an orangutan.

  14. gay4girls

    Plus, she can bench press a Buick. What does it take to impress y’all anyway?

  15. Granted, she’s covering her head like a lady should, but she should not be taking her clothes off at home or for an audience!! How unclassy and homely. It’s lust any way you look at it (and I personally do not believe you should look at it at all))!!

    Roberta Shugs

  16. gay4girls

    Oh, and when the bravest man alive said she was “too hot” to approach in high school, he meant her crotch. Now he wears flame-retardant underwear with lead lining, and uses Kevlar condoms. Intense!

  17. Dee

    He has confused “hot” with “manly”

    He meant to say he would have been intimidated by her manliness in high school.

  18. lambman

    She’s “smoke and mirrors” pretty at times, as in with a pound of make up, fake hair, fake tan, good lighting and airbrushing she can look OK.

    Just like Britney back when she was “hot” its not that she was good looking back then, its just that blogs/tabloid candids weren’t as popoular. Even in her “oops I did it again” days she looked like crap in candids.

  19. bib1608

    Fergie probably walks around in the house with a paper bag on her head, hence Duhamel’s comments…

  20. @15 Hey mom those stripper poles are the work of the devil!!! Oh and I a gay, that is why I want to become a ballet dancer

  21. so shoot me

    I’ve read that Britney-was-never-hot thing a bunch of times now. She was extremely fuckable when she hosted SNL the first time back in 2000, when the full smoke and mirror treatment wasn’t available. Her features started to look harsh after her teen years were over (well before she had kids), just like Brooke Shields. But she was legitimately hot for awhile. Don’t lie to my penis. His memories are all he has now (after marriage).

  22. Donkey

    I didn’t realize that the movie Mask was based on an actual person.
    I feel bad for this dude, having to through life looking like a lion.
    Be strong dude!

  23. brooke

    Uh Yea i think Josh might be blind because hes at least 10 times hotter than fergie. Well, blind or ms little fergie has something going on that i cant see.

  24. Mr. Black

    Ugly fucking bitch. I bet Texas Tranny isn’t as ugly as her.

  25. Clay A.

    They have a game they play – she oils up her body and does her stripper routine while he watches naked in a chair. Then he gets up, turns around, kneels on the chair and holds onto the back, and she …

  26. Sh'eAMan,Baby!

    Why does she keep flashing a ‘V’ sign? Is she saving up for a vasectomy?

  27. Sydney Bristol

    Sippin, reminiscin’ on days when I had a mustache.

  28. venus

    maybe she looked more like a jock then, too, than she does now? josh duhamel is a bit on the skinny side, isn’t he? (googling a pic, i don’t know how i could forget such a famous person as him) maybe he was more waifish in highschool & intimidated by jock-trannies. who knows? kudos to him for embracing his inner gay, though, to be so open with his relationship!

  29. miss oblivious

    She looks like an ugly, greasy version of Jennifer Aniston; circa 1986.

  30. Gemma

    I wish Fergie would give an interview on how she brain-washes people into thinking she’s hot. ‘Cuz them she’d be my hero.

  31. gossipmonger

    The uglier the face, the hotter the bod, ’cause they know its not the face ya fuck, its the fuck ya face…

  32. no1justminda

    Josh likes trannies!

  33. Hank

    She has such large, muscular thighs. Kinda like Mandy Moore, except hers are large and flabby.

  34. maeby

    Is that Mickey Rourke?

  35. Miserable Bastard

    Did they also have a barstool installed across the room from the stripper pole so Josh can work on his beer goggles while Fergie dances?

  36. nummy

    The worst part is that whenever Fergie spreads her legs and swings around the pole, she rips beer farts. Load, wet, muddy, Budweiser-from-a-can beer farts.

  37. Varsoogle

    I thought it was Boy George wearing a wig for a moment.

  38. PrettyBaby

    Love is blind. And in this case, has painful anal tearing.

  39. Alayney

    She’s got a cute little ass if you ask me. I wouldn’t mind having a body like hers.

  40. FreeWaterfallJr

    I’m afraid… Fergie and Samantha ronson are wearing a boy george hat. That is disgusting.

  41. Conky

    Conky thinks maybe Josh Duhamel has a drinking problem because a minimum of 8 beers is what’s required to make Fergie seriously hot.


  42. my comment

    Pic #4. Kathy Griffin photo in magazine on the left. Too funny!

  43. B. A. Baracus

    Doesn’t this chick star on 3rd Rock From The Sun opposite John Lithgow?

  44. MeatSack

    The pole is so he can strap her to it and beat her further with “the ugly stick”…

  45. N/A

    I’ll never get over how he thinks shes hot. Shes absolutley disgusting, ugh. Josh can do wayyyyyyyyyyy better. If that hot, then I’m fucking unbelievable.

  46. LivewireT

    #44 No, you’re thinking of Kristen Johnson (Sally) but I see the resemblance there.

    U can recognize Fergie by her Cromag-like Meth Face.

  47. Fergie,,,love your zongz
    but girl needz a new face….
    I wouldn’t do her…reminds
    me alittle of a man…….

  48. Ambivalentbastard

    Krazihottkelli we meet yet again…
    Girl your comments are funny
    only because you’re stupid.
    Oh yeah
    and while fergie needs a new face
    you need a new brain…Wait you need a brain period
    I doubt you have one…in that head of yours.
    Keep us all laughing dear.

  49. theblender101

    fergie has the tightest bod, screw that i do her

  50. Dear?/? how the hell old R U?
    fuckin 80..who the hell zayz dear
    anymore? fuck! :p

    I’m not tryin to be fuckin funny
    ya damn faloopalopez, I’m tryin to
    f’n hate here, thatz all, bitchez….

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