Josh Duhamel and Fergie get their sweat on

January 18th, 2007 // 70 Comments











  1. 22nd!!!!!

  2. kirk


    shes still butt ass ugly

  3. RichPort


  4. RichPort

    Fuck *FIFTH*, …

  5. aimatcha

    This chick has a face like a chimp and pees her pants. How did she land such a hottie??

  6. Ems is da Shizz

    ewww she looks like a space alien, in the 4th pic she has a cameltoe nasty!

  7. Ems is da Shizz

    i guess years of crystal meth can F up your face

  8. He is so very yummy it hurts.

  9. Binky

    Fergie reminds me of way back at first day at calculus class.
    I don’t really get it. Lump Lump.

  10. RichPort

    #5 & 6 – You’re truly a fucking moron. You didn’t happen to off yourself yesterday, didja?

  11. julema

    hate her face

  12. LaBellaVienna

    oh the stupidness that is fergie

  13. mrs.t

    So I’m assuming he’s her witness?

  14. unsob3r

    cute hat – the best part about it is how it covers the upper half of her face. now all she needs is a matching scarf to cover her misshapen chin.

  15. LaBellaVienna
  16. anothershityear

    #8 no offense or nothing, with everyone entitled to opinions and all

    but when the FUCK did cameltoe become nasty???

    erect nipples and cameltoe are two of the hottest things ever (on dames, at least…)

  17. Lowlands

    What’s the homeless guy doing there again?I guess he was tired of carrying diapers and booze all day for Britney.How much did Fergie give?

  18. mkmcg

    you are all just jealous- get over yourselves

  19. wedgeone

    So who is this Josh & why does he walk around with vomit all over his back & shoulders?

    #18 – true … true. Stiff nips & camel toe is hot on smokin’ biotches. But does the Ferg qualify? I have yet to get a good look at her face to form an opinion. Not all of that Photoshopped, airbrushed crap on her website, but a real pic.

    #20 – you must be new around these parts. Please read the site disclaimer before posting again.

  20. mkmcg

    am i not entitled to my opinion

  21. thebor

    Hey 20,

    Yeah I’m jealous of a wrinkly lumpy Meth Whore, your right.


  22. mkmcg

    f you 23- i am sure you have led a perfect life- ahole

  23. RussianMafia

    Way too bundled up for exercise in Santa Monica . What gives?

    PS – Meth>Yoga

  24. thebor

    Hey my slates far from clean, but I have never sucked a dick for a record deal, and rolled up the contract to do a line off of the record execs ass. Which I am sure you have done for a sudafed.

  25. spamfighter

    Yo #21 –

    The BEP at grey cup, last year. Too tiny to really see, but she was gross. bitch was drunk off her ass, and all fugly. That CT looks like it could swallow a house pet. Nothing hot about CT on a fat crankhead who sings in a talentless over-produced band.

  26. gay4girlz

    Little does he know I already broke my thumb nail on Fergies ass callous. Those monkey squats are hard with a medieval spiked mace dipped in habenero juice wedged in.

  27. Jacquelantern

    Damn that Josh Duhamel is hot! Fergie is the best he can get… I beg to differ!

  28. gay4girlz

    Fergs should either join a volleyball team or go ahead and take that hose-blowing trophy home to her peanut-butter loving german shepherd.

  29. MissMara

    i like the diarrea brown and orange jumpsuit

  30. biatcho

    He’s fucking hot.

  31. 86

    She is the luckiest whore in the world for getting that scrumptious piece of man meat.

  32. Mo

    Wow, and I thought the visual of Hugh Hefner doing it would be the worst one I’d have today…until these pics. He must do her because of the second picture.

  33. 86

    …cuz he is tasty. T to the A to the S-T-E-Y.

  34. Bunch of haters.

    I’d shag her rotten.

  35. There must be a lot of fat ugly whores posting here.

  36. nicholelibra

    Josh D has to be the hottest thing since Gawd knows what, but Fergie???? WTF? I’m still wondering how they’re still together. There must be something wrong with him to the point where that fugly meth monkey is the best he can do. Pencil dick, ED, Gay?

  37. jrzmommy

    Aw, Mkmcg is a perfume mouth. I bet Mkmcg looks like that constipated bitch wearing the white shirt and black pants in the last photo.

    Take the stick outta your ass and lighten up. We ain’t here to worship the mirror kissers, dummy.

  38. spamfighter

    #36: ‘I’d shag her rotten.’

    too damn late. been done.

  39. saltpeanuts

    Look!!! She be up in the gym just workin’ on her fitness.

  40. BarbadoSlim

    Soooooo, Josh likes dudes?

    That’s what I get from watching him wrestle around with that other fella.

  41. diarrhea riot

    That dude going down the stairs behind her is obviously nervous he’s going to slip in her pee.

  42. 86

    41 I don’t see any guys lining down the block just to watch what she got!

    Where are they!??

  43. 86

    41 I don’t see any guys lining down the block just to watch what she got!

    Where are they!??

  44. 86

    41 I don’t see any guys lining down the block just to watch what she got.

  45. guest1234567

    #25 Way too bundled up for exercise in Santa Monica . What gives?

    It’s freezing out here, dude. It actually snowed a little in Santa Monica yesterday.

  46. 86

    Sorry, internet fart.

  47. BarbadoSlim

    Hey, Josh’s name can be altered for comedic effect:

    Josh Douchehamel, a touch of douche can be added to many a name for all sorts of hilarity.

    It’s a good thing.

  48. pixelbasic


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