Josh Brolin, Jeffrey Wright got a taste of Southern justice (Read: Lots of TASERs and ‘N’ words)

July 17th, 2008 // 80 Comments

The weekend arrest of actors Josh Brolin and Jeffrey Wright during an incident at a Shreveport, Louisiana bar was captured on cell phone video, and it’s not good. The two were drinking at a wrap party for Oliver Stone’s W when they were asked to leave along with the film’s crew. At some point the owners called the cops which ended in several arrests. However, the details of the arrest have been revealed, and already the D.A. is considering not charging any of the actors. I wonder why? TMZ reports:

Local station KTBS reports and TMZ sources say Wright, who plays Colin Powell, was repeatedly tasered and pepper sprayed as he lay prone on his stomach in the street. We know witnesses heard the officers using extremely foul language, including the “N” word, directed at Wright.
Our sources say Brolin was observed by witnesses attempting to make peace and standing still as he was repeatedly sprayed in the eyes by cops.

Southern cops acting like racist assholes?! Hell’s bells, Margaret, I could never imagine such a thing. Some might say this is what happens when you film a liberal movie in a Red state, but, c’mon, like these cops know who Josh Brolin (particularly a bald Josh Brolin) or Jeffrey Wright is. This is a prime example of: “Hey, Cletus, let’s try out them thar TASERs. They works on electro tricity! Say, ain’t you that guy from the Goonies? I better pepper spray you just to be sure.” PFFSSHH. “Shucks! It is you! Do you mind if we lynch your colored friend? Shoots, I ain’t supposed to say that no more. I meants Afro-can American friend.”

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  1. Bilbo

    Listen to Randy Newman’s song “Rednecks” to find out where the real racist are. “Yes he’s free to be put in a cage
    In Harlem in New York City
    And he’s free to be put in a cage in the South-Side of Chicago
    And the West-Side
    And he’s free to be put in a cage in Hough in Cleveland
    And he’s free to be put in a cage in East St. Louis
    And he’s free to be put in a cage in Fillmore in San Francisco
    And he’s free to be put in a cage in Roxbury in Boston ”

  2. woodhorse

    Rodney King has friends now.

    And #50 STFU In the North they say whatever is the “correct”
    thing to say but treat minorities like hell, (especially “prairie n*ggers) and in the South if a person is predjudiced they just say so and they are the only ones doing any mistreating. Normal southerners (yes, there is such a thing) treat each other fine.

  3. mafme

    Because IQ tests are normalized nationally, a person who scored 100 in the US, would be statistically below normal in the EU. The US is dumb.

  4. Stan

    “Normal southerners”

    We all know you mean “white people.” This is the problem with the South, in a nutshell, and it’s no closer to being solved than it was 100 years ago.

  5. #9

    So basically, you went from a location where everyone smells like an asshole to a location where everyone is an asshole. Not much of an approvement, I’d say.

  6. granada

    LMAO, good write Fish.

    And the name Cletus sounds like clitoris and fetus combined.

  7. #56

    That would be improvement, not approvement. Damn quaaludes.

  8. Ummm....

    Question: By this article (and many of these comments) stereotyping a giant group of people as hillbillies, and by a number of these comments stereotyping the entire American population as stupid, are you not perpetuating a trend that this article presumably seeks to admonish? Namely, stereotyping and racism against African-Americans?

  9. hmmm...

    More to the point, #58, with such a self-righteous stick up your ass, why are you hanging around a degenerate site like this one? You’re like the televangelists who just can’t seem to stay away from drugs and prostitutes.

  10. mafme

    58 – I would hope that people who make blanket comments about the intelligence of minority groups in the US based on IQ scores (which should be considered with a bit of suspicion to begin with) might at least pause to think that the difference between national groups (EU and the US) is as significant as the differences they like to point out between groups in the US. I’m sure that the people who deride those of us who questions findings such as those in The Bell Curve for “twisting” the “facts” would be willing to twist in the wind to come up with excuses for why the US test scores are so much lower than those of the EU (or Japan, for that matter) when compared on the same scale.

  11. Matt

    #54, actually I saw nothing in the post which says anything of the sort. You’re the one insinuating it, so YOU have the problem. Good luck with that.

  12. ummm...

    59 – What? Your analogy doesn’t work.

    60 – My point is, to make blanket comments against ANY group (Southerners, Northerners, Europeans, Americans, African-Americans) is wrong. You can’t make a valid point that stereotyping is wrong if you are simultaneously stereotyping.

  13. SteveM

    “Southern cops acting like racist assholes?! Hell’s bells, Margaret, I could never imagine such a thing. Some might say this is what happens when you film a liberal movie in a Red state, ”

    Ahh…Shreveport, Louisiana is in Caddo Parish which has a Democrat mayor and voted for Al Gore in 2000 you liberal clown.

  14. dsgf

    I just feel a little strange that someone is keeping saying some celebrities and rich men joined the famous affairs site ???ww w.S u g a r d a d d y C o n n e c t. c o m???.. Did you notice that? absolutely a rumor!

  15. Mark S. Nelson

    I am a resident of Shreveport and enjoy perusing this page each weeknight. I was personally embarrassed for the actors when this story broke last weekend and disappointed that it’s receiving all of this attention. I’ll be even more embarrassed for my hometown if these allegations are true.

    Shreveport has made great strides over the last few decades and recently elected a black mayor to lead the city. After Hurricane Katrina, with Louisiana’s favorable tax breaks, the movie industry set up shop here with a number of diverse movies being filmed here annually. Millineum Pictures is building a multimillion dollar studio in downtown Shreveport and the community has embraced the industry.

    While such events that are described now may not have surprised me during the ’70s, they don’t provide an accurate portrayal of the Shreveport-Bossier City area today.

  16. neil

    Bullshit, made up fake story to promote a film that is going to bomb, contrary to popular belief whitey doesnt regularly beat blacks in the south and we dont go around calling every black person a Ni**er.

    Southern whites, the only people where its still ok to stereotype negatively while there is more racism in boston, NY, and philly than the entire south combined. God northern people are ignorant morons.

  17. Richmond to Queens

    Goddamn it. The only fucking ignorant people are those who generalize based on race, creed, orientation, color, or hometown. No fucking questions to ask; that is the absolute truth.

    I’m born and raised in the South, currently taking the F train to 5th Ave. to get to my office. Preparatory high school, private post-secondary undergrad, followed by an MBA at the second oldest college in the nation. Yes, a fuckload of racism happens in the north. A lot also hangs around the South. The cure for ignorance is travel. Grab a goddamn Greyhound and get out a little bit, no matter your latitude.

    Stop embarrassing yourselves, bitches (most of you). Smug northerners, forget the bars you go to that are gloriously diverse. Consider the last theme party you attended on the UES. How many blacks or Hispanics were there that did not serve you food. Those of you in Brookline, same thing. Get over your goddamn selves. It’s the same shit everywhere. Please don’t fool yourselves into thinking the US will ever be some kind of utopia. No matter the color of skin, there will always be a degree of discrimination. It’s human nature.

    Once again, grab a fucking Greyhound or Chinatown bus ticket. It’ll open your eyes.

  18. Gemma

    Umm, to the people who say Louisiana is a “blue” state. Really? Would it kill you to go look at an electoral map? With the exception of the Bill Clinton era, Louisiana is typically a “red” state.

    And #66, can you prove that there’s more racism in Boston, NY, and Philadelphia than the whole south combined? Do you realize the implications of your claim? Namely that unless research has been conducted that proves otherwise, no one can use personal judgment as the sole identifier of racism. Unless you’ve been present for every act of racism in the south, NY, Boston, and Philadelphia, go screw yourself. If you’re going to generalize Northerners such as myself as ignorant, you’d better prove you’re not some hypocritical asshat, like I can only assume you are.

  19. Richmond to Queens

    …and Superficial:

    I love ya, but if you are going to report such inflammatory news about police officers, you absolutely have to drop your sources. Hmmm. Based on the stereotypes coming out of the two extreme coasts, the whole En Bomb approach seems palatable if placed upon some “witnesses”

    Methinks the “sources” were just friends of the belligerent crew willing to corroborate a bullshit story. Didn’t Brandt from Goonies have a battery charge on his wife or girlfriend or something. That’s the side I’d want to take, Superficial. I love women-abusers.

  20. Rape

    Nuke the south.

  21. Hobbes

    #18 – You’re an idiot. Do you bother to check your asinine comments before spewing them out? Louisiana is a red state, dumb ass. Look it up on CNN or any other viable news source.

    Also, Northerns aren’t racist. We’re classist. POOR people are stupid and lazy. If a lot of them happen to be black, then so be it.

  22. Calvin

    The term northerners traditionally refers to the primary states that fought in the Union, most notably on the East coast. I don’t consider CA northern even if they do tend to vote along the same lines. Ergo, LA riots don’t reflect on Northerners. We can be racist, but we’re smart enough to know we should be ashamed of it. That’s one step closer than Louisiana. I have family that lives in that state. My cousins are half Korean military brats and they suffer from racist behavior all the time, mostly from their little asshat classmates. If you don’t think Lousiana is racist after the Jena-6 and Katrina then you’re in serious denial. If the people in that stadium had been predominantly white, they wouldn’t have been shot at when they tried to leave it. Just because it’s a stereotype doesn’t mean it isn’t true.

    I wonder what they’ll do if Obama wins? Secede?

  23. Tak

    67- There are maybe 5 black professors at W&M (the second oldest college in the country), and all my caf food is served by… wait for it… black people. The state legislature is looking to pass special laws because Gene Nichol made gains in getting more diversity in the university and suddenly the college is too liberal. Racism is everywhere. It’s not contained in one geographic region. But there are places in the country where it not only exists but is tolerated. That, too, isn’t contained to one geographic region. But if you have a geographic region where the Confederate flag is still raised along side the state flag in multiple the capital cities, then don’t complain if the rest of the country perceives it as being a racis region.

  24. #23 – “get along with your tele-marketing job ”

    My sides..!!! That, my dear friend, is comic gold and amazingly analytical. Diplomatic immunity? So… you’re not even a US citizen? Figures… and for the record, I make $10.95 an hour which oddly, is exactly what your mom charges for gum jobs. So I figure if I work until noon, I can orally abuse the hag for as long as I like. Does she like to play the rusty trombone? Does she like gladiator movies? Has she ever been to a Turkish prison..? I mean, I know YOU’VE seen a grown man naked…

    Seriously, how do you type so quickly? It must be fucking hard to see through the eyeholes on the pointy white sheet you have on. You, sir, have talent.

  25. @74 – You can be an american citizen and have diplomatic immunity within your own country. It can only be reneged if a felony crime is committed.

    Glad to see, once again, you dont know what you spew and prove it at every possible chance.

    Oh, and yes, reneged can mean something besides a shift change at McDonalds or the rotating door of your bedroom, you cock garage.

  26. Julia_NYC

    love, peace, harmony niggas

  27. #75 – So, what’s it like running around with a tin foil hat on? Do the bad guys still see you, of do you have to yell some secret phrase uttered in a long forgotten language to activate your cloaking ability? You have diplomatic immunity? Damn… I’m jealous that my imagination isn’t as far fetched as yours. You should hjave just said you were in the witness protection program or some shit like that. You’re just another nut pissed off that Tyrone got the night shift manager position and you’re still clearing tables, and all the illegals make more than you do. Now run along! Those dishes ain’t gonna wash themselves.

    Cock garage… the first funny thing you’ve said…

  28. Kn33lBeforeZod

    #65- BULLSHIT!!! I happen to live about an hour from Shreveport/Bossier, so I get the Shreveport/Bossier news stations like KTLA and KTBS, and I hear horrible shit from that town every goddamned day! Strides my ass! Every damn day it’s this- RAPE, MURDER, CHILD MOLESTATION, ARMED ROBBERY, HATE CRIMES, CROOKED COPS WHO TURN OFF THE CAMERA’S AND BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF DRUNKEN WOMEN!!! You could not pay me to live in Shreveport/Bossier! Whenever I do have to go, I am in and then right back out. If there is something that my town is too small for, I drive the extra hour and a half, and go to Dallas. Shreveport/Bossier is a cesspool, and this does not surprise me. And also, this comment has neither anything to do with Red or Blue states, or race of any kind. I just think Shreveport/Bossier is a horrible place. It is the cesspool of the ArkLaTex!

  29. Paul R. Moseley

    My brother and I actually knocked back a few at The Stray Cat about a year ago whilst visiting my cousin in Shreveport. Not a bad bar actually… though I’m not so sure they know what a double whiskey on the rocks is (they all looked an awful lot like singles). In any case, I did a little digging around and it appears as though this isn’t the first personnel issue the Sheveport Police have had recently. Turns out (Former) Lt. Wiley Willis “allegedly” beat a woman within inches of her life when she resisted a sobriety test. You can actually check it out on Youtube here:

    P.S. I’m originally from Alabama and personally found the whole Cletus routine pretty hilarious.

  30. Rodger McLane

    Not everyone in the south is racist. I live less than a hour away from Shreveport in a much smaller town (6k people) and I am not racist nor any members of my family. It seems really stereotypical to label someone from the south as a racist but because we dont live in LA or New York we are considered out siders.

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