Josh Brolin, Jeffrey Wright got a taste of Southern justice (Read: Lots of TASERs and ‘N’ words)

July 17th, 2008 // 80 Comments

The weekend arrest of actors Josh Brolin and Jeffrey Wright during an incident at a Shreveport, Louisiana bar was captured on cell phone video, and it’s not good. The two were drinking at a wrap party for Oliver Stone’s W when they were asked to leave along with the film’s crew. At some point the owners called the cops which ended in several arrests. However, the details of the arrest have been revealed, and already the D.A. is considering not charging any of the actors. I wonder why? TMZ reports:

Local station KTBS reports and TMZ sources say Wright, who plays Colin Powell, was repeatedly tasered and pepper sprayed as he lay prone on his stomach in the street. We know witnesses heard the officers using extremely foul language, including the “N” word, directed at Wright.
Our sources say Brolin was observed by witnesses attempting to make peace and standing still as he was repeatedly sprayed in the eyes by cops.

Southern cops acting like racist assholes?! Hell’s bells, Margaret, I could never imagine such a thing. Some might say this is what happens when you film a liberal movie in a Red state, but, c’mon, like these cops know who Josh Brolin (particularly a bald Josh Brolin) or Jeffrey Wright is. This is a prime example of: “Hey, Cletus, let’s try out them thar TASERs. They works on electro tricity! Say, ain’t you that guy from the Goonies? I better pepper spray you just to be sure.” PFFSSHH. “Shucks! It is you! Do you mind if we lynch your colored friend? Shoots, I ain’t supposed to say that no more. I meants Afro-can American friend.”

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  1. havoc

    Don’t start no shit, won’t be no shit…..


  2. syn

    What a strange story. Turns out I don’t really care, though.

  3. Poon


  4. Eva


  5. Will be interesting to see if the video actually surfaces.

    Besides, who knows who the Hell these 2 are anyways?

  6. I’ve heard so many public cases of the “N” word that it doesn’t even offend me anymore. I just call everyone and their mother the “N” word now. My white friends, my mexican friends, asians friends, you name it. It’s like Im a “N” she’s an “N” he’s an “N”, we’re all “Ns” Heyyyy!!!!!

  7. In the south, we don’t shoot nothin; but cans… AfrCANS, Puerto RiCANS, MexiCANS, DominiCANS…

  8. wanks

    man i got mad respect for josh now and jeff is a great actor. i wish them the best and i feel kinda bad for the southern treatment especially since i live here in houston haha

  9. Kathryn

    Shreveport is my hometown. The story above is a prime example of why I moved above the Mason-Dixon Line. NYC, to be exact.

  10. __________________________________________________

    #3, Poon,

    What can I say? You’re just brimming with originality. Fuckin dork.

  11. Ted from LA

    Don’t tase me bro.

  12. james

    this wife beater needs a serious fucking beat down. tase his sorry ass.

  13. Southern cops acting like racist assholes?!

    McCain supporters lacking a basic grasp of the important issues?!

    Bitter jealous sedentary lardasses sniping impotently at famous people?!

    Well now I’ve heard it all!!!

  14. Malffy Hernandes

    I don’t care how ‘sick’ of the N word you are number 6…hell aren’t we all, you’re not in a league of your own on that one. Point is, no one should use it and in this case it was obviously used in a racist manner. Had it not been for the movie cast being there, they’re prob. would’ve been a hanging on Wright and Brolin’s side.

  15. Mike

    wohooooooo #13……Kari……… have your link back up with your picture……..Kari just to let you know that it is really me………..I WOULD DRINK YOUR DOUCHE WATER.

  16. mamadough

    and the south shall rise again. jesus, southerners wonder why they catch so much shit for being stupid, inbred, and arrogant. they bring it on themselves!

    case in point: i remember reading a news story of a family who lived in a alabama trailer park. a son had gotten really drunk, beat up his brother, and then raped his mother. the only thing missing from that story is banjo music.

  17. veggi

    I don’t know. Let’s be fair – look at the picture. He sure looks like a nigger to me.

  18. Michael

    Pretty sure Louisianna is a blue state…
    Nice stereotyping everyone! Congrats for your ignorance of history and culture since there is way more racism in the North.

  19. soprano

    bona-fide n00bs

  20. dennis

    Let’s try to remember that racist cops have been a problem in just about every area of the country. Not just the south. As a southerner it upsets me that this generalization still exists. Not excusing the actions at all it is horrible when things like this happen.

  21. BigJoe

    Isn’t always LA cops that are video taped beating the shit out of blacks? and Mark Fuller never said nigger…riggghhhttt!!!!

  22. lara

    may I have a side of grits of that?

  23. Im sure they were just standing around being nice and non-argumentative. Thats why they left when they were asked to and thats why the cops were called, right?

    With gang problems, terrorists, illegal aliens etc, you have to know NOT to be a smart ass to police and soooo many people have yet to learn that lesson. My guess is these 2 idiots have learned it, the hard way.

    Yes, I support having your ass kicked by the police if you are a dickhead and try to argue or fight in anyway at all. Court is for your argument, not the side of the road or the front of a bar.

  24. Sheva

    LA isn’t a Rat welfare state anymore. They deported a lot of criminals to other areas and they stayed there after looting New Orleans.

    Most people listened to the warnings and the Federal warning in advance of Katrina. But others stayed behind because being ignent and all, that’s wot de do.

    If the cops came in at the owner’s request to get some Oliver Stone rejects out his establishment what can you do. Fuckers should have left when the owner asked.

    If they said some bad words when they got the beat down, they should apologize for saying those bad words and promise not to say those words again.

    Okay, now we good? Aiyit, lader niggas.

  25. dude_on

    I think everyone is missing the point. This is a better script than whatever junk Oliver Stoned called a film.

    Racist Southern Cops, Hollywood Folk, Tasers – I smell Oscar.

  26. Jumpin_J

    All that’s missing are the cops saying, “Now what we y’all have here is a failure to communicate”.

  27. #23 – I agree, which is why I have prayed repeatedly for you to get shitfaced and brave when the blue and white comes to ask you if you know why they stopped you.

  28. dear god

    I’m pretty amazed at the level of ignorance in a lot of these posts. It makes me feel pretty helpless that anyone would resort to poking fun at a situation like this. Racism is a pathetic and deadly disease that all too many of you seem to have caught. Maybe one day when you venture past your state lines, you’ll realise that most of the world doesn’t share the same illness.

  29. @27 – Sorry to disappoint you, but I have diplomatic immunity, so its no concern of mine. Now get along with your tele-marketing job elliot_gets_dumped_on.

    Just sit there and play bejeweled with your headset on, looking for black cock on, pestering others with your phone calls. Its what youre best at, earning $9.95 an hr.

    Youd think getting your ass handed to you daily would deter you from acting like you have a pair, but no.

  30. Larry Jones

    Red State? You might want to Google up s list of La’s political reps. The place is fllthy with Democrats. Last time I checked, rabid right wingers don’t have a habit of electing those guys. I expect an apology, you libeling cocksucker.

  31. @28 – most of the world doesnt have to deal with lazy, jobless blacks on every corner, bumping crappy music, driving cars they cant afford, dressing like god knows what, speaking in god knows what language, constantly causing violence and whining about being held down etc. If they did, theyd feel the same way. It gets old having to hear about slavery and black rights on every channel, every newspaper, every internet news site.

    Theyre their own worst enemys and dont realize that had they not been brought here, theyd be sitting in the desert catching flies like a chameleon and trying to figure out why they have 145 kids with aids.

  32. Timmay

    Well, I live in one of the most racist states of them all (ever see a black person at a Red Sox game?…me neither). Anyways, it’s OK for David Ortiz (Red Sox player) to wear a shirt bearing “I love black people”, but a white player couldn’t have an “I love white people” shirt. Makes you think….

  33. @28 – The Arabs love the Israelis right? The Turks love the Iranians right? And who likes the french? It exists and is part of life. Its the same thing with these elitest liberals, they hate anyone making money and feel someone should take it from them and shell it out to the same ones I said hang on the corners…re-distribution of wealth. A liberal concept and communist at is core.

  34. Fuming mad

    I used to read this site daily, but this is the last day I will be reading. I am from Louisiana, Shreveport as a matter of fact, and take a lot of offense to the stereo-typing that has taken place in this article. People from Louisiana are not idiots and don’t talk like idiots, as you have portrayed. Also, correct me if I am wrong but didn’t cops in LA do something similiar (actually worse) to this years ago, which started riots? Things like this happen all over the nation, just not to actors so they don’t get national attention.

    Oh, and Louisiana is a blue state.


    #31 & #32 – you have taken the words right out of my mouth. well done! blacks are a drain on society and excruciatingly hypocritical.

  36. A

    Ha ha #17 that was funny

  37. Cici

    I live in Shreveport and my best friend’s husband was one of the arresting officers… the whole “N” word story is bogus – it was never said. In fact, two of the officers on the scene were black, and to top it off, they didn’t discharge their tasers. This whole story is getting out of control, and most of what you read is totally bogus info spun by the media for a story to tell that will draw attention. Shreveport may not be the greatest city on the planet, but it’s not bad… there have been over 30 movies filmed here since 2006 and we’ve seen the likes of celebrities like Samuel L. Jackson, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher, Denzell Washington, Kevin Costner, Queen Latifah, Diane Keaton and many others, and no one else has seemed to have a problem here.

    Oh, and to Kathryn who’s a Shreve native, the Mason-Dixon line doesn’t go across the nation… it divides Maryland from Delaware and ONLY borders part of those two states, so to say that you’ll only live above it is kind of dumb. Apparently you didn’t pay much attention in U.S. history class.

  38. steve

    Sorry, Cici, but I don’t believe your best friend’s brother. Husband. Whatever.

  39. Cash907

    For a man who’d just been tasered and pepper sprayed repeatedly, Wright is looking pretty ok to me. My 6’4 neighbor got blasted with bear spray on accident a couple years ago, and his eyes were bloodshot and swollen half closed for 12 hours after, and he’s a big SOB that was a linebacker in college and is a cop now so it’s not like he is some wuss.

    I dunno, either they were using some wussy spray or I’m gonna have a hard time believing all that went down.

  40. Nelson


    I love these spirited defenses of the South!


    ATLANTA, Georgia (AP) — Mississippi, Alabama and Tennessee lead the nation when it comes to obesity, a new government survey reported Thursday.
    Overall, about 26 percent of to the CDC’s telephone survery were obese.

    Overall, about 26 percent of to the CDC’s telephone survery were obese.

    More than 30 percent of adults in each of the states tipped the scales enough to ensure that the South remains the nation’s fattest region.

    The 2007 findings are similar to results from the same survey the three previous years. Mississippi has had the highest obesity rate every year since 2004. But Alabama, Tennessee, West Virginia and Louisiana have also clustered near the top of the list, often so close that the difference between their rates and Mississippi’s may not be statistically significant.
    Top 10 Obese States
    1. Mississippi, 32.0 percent
    2. Alabama, 30.3
    3. Tennessee, 30.1
    4. Louisiana, 29.8
    5. West Virginia, 29.5
    6. Arkansas, 28.7
    7. South Carolina, 28.4
    8. Georgia, 28.2
    9. Oklahoma, 28.1
    10. Texas, 28.1

    Why is the South so heavy? The traditional Southern diet — high in fat and fried food — may be part of the answer, said Dr. William Dietz, who heads CDC’s nutrition, physical activity and obesity division.

    The South also has a large concentration of rural residents and black women — two groups that tend to have higher obesity rates, he said.


  41. Shep

    Yeah it’s common knowledge that the southern people are ignorant and mostly to blame for your country having 2 doses of George Wya. However, is it really their fault? The U.S.A has one of the shittiest education systems in the world and it’s no wonder your country is so easily led as sheep by corrupt politicians. Knowledge is power and your government doesn’t want you having any of it. As of right now all your politicians are at Bohemian Grove worshipping a 25 foot owl and doing mock human sacrifices. Don’t believe me? Google it and then ask yourself why your news doesn’t report any of that stuff? Oh that’s right, your news and politicians are both controlled by private cooperate interests.

  42. Cici

    #39 – good point… for someone who’d allegedly just been tasered and pepper sprayed in the face repeatedly, he does look pretty damn good in his mugshot. Not a single speck on him to indicate that either happened.

    #38 – I don’t care if you believe me or not, it’s the truth. Shreveport is a black town… the mayor is black, the council is black, the police chief is black and many of the cops are black. I’m not denying that there’s racism in this country, but it’s not nearly as bad as you all seem to want to believe it is. I’ve seen more racism while living in northern cities like Chicago and DC than in Shreveport.

  43. BamaChick

    I am from Alabama and we do not talk/act like this. I am ashamed that cops would be so mean to these two men. The “n” word…..really? You just don’t say stuff like that…umm….unless……you wanna get shot! Please don’t think all southerners act like this…..

  44. Rob

    Yep. No cop brutality in LA. New York. Nobody getting attacked by random mobs there either. The perps of this were idiots. Idiots are nationwide, but given regional population differentials, I’d say the south has possibly the least of that problem.

  45. Really??

    Wow, #13, “Frist” (supposed to be “First”?), how ignorant of you to generalize an entire section of the country both politically and physically. It’s easy to see that you, yourself, have a “grasp on the important issues”, considering your McCain comments regarding a state that is, in fact, usually BLUE and currently has a minority governor. You’re going to be a real asset to the presidential election. And by the way, there are bad apples in every city and state. Take you, for example.
    P.S. – Could your comments also be related to the fact that you, yourself, are a “sedentary lardass”? I’m thinking yes, as I can’t imagine any other reason for you to be so bitter. Just saying…

  46. Big Joe


    Eat a dick….if our education system is so bad, how come every Indian (dot,not feather), mexican, and Chinese fill our schools and universities for…FREE??? My neighborhood is filled w/ doctors and only one has student loans…the same one who is from here. So Shep, go fuck your mother.

  47. Shep

    Big Joe I think I covered you in my first sentence when I talked about ignorant people in America. Do some research Big Joe before you form an opinion and I don’t mean watching Fox news after the simpsons is over.

  48. Shep

    and Oh btw Big Joe, Statistics say your country has a poor education system in comparison to other countries, not me. I think your statement filled with crude remarks only serves to prove that statistic true. Thank you Big Joe

  49. Bilbo

    Welcome to the south, now go home! BTW, they talk with a cajun accent in LA.

  50. Erica

    People always say “there’s more racism in the North” but that’s utter bullshit. I’ve lived in both places. De facto segregation exists in the South. Whites and blacks live their separate lives in separate places. In the North they’re forced to interact more with each other, and not to mention with other races and ethnicities, in far greater numbers than in the South, so there’s more conflict and more overtly expressed racism (among all groups). If you’re a white girl walking into a restaurant with a black man, you’d be noticed by everybody in the North but you wouldn’t be treated as if you were violating an unwritten law, as you would in the South.

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