QOTSA’s Josh Homme Apologizes for Being Rock n’ Roll AF

Queens of the Stone Age frontman Josh Homme has always come across as a fucking madman. Last night during a show in LA, he upgraded his madman status to full-blown piece of shit after kicking a female photographer in the face during his set. She went to the ER with a head wound while Homme pulled out a knife and ostensibly cut his face on stage. I don’t know if that was to show some sort of eye-for-an-eye condolence or something, but to me it brought notions of Ozzy biting the head of a bat to mind… except, ya know, he kicked a lady in the face with a boot.

Twitter has been ‘cancelling’ Homme and his band all morning, so eventually he had to nut up and issue a two part apology.

Pt. 1

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Pt. 2

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Here’s the video of the face punt in question, notice how the photographer drops like she just got hit with a… well, a boot to the face.

Diehard QOTSA fans are torn because their rock god turned out to be a real asshole, while some are even defending Homme by saying that she shouldn’t have been that close to the stage. Me personally, I think the guy fucked up royally and he’ll probably never clear his reputation for being a violent douche. Let’s be real though, do people really boycott Guns n’ Roses every time Axl Rose does some crazy shit? This is rock n’ roll and people are assholes.

While my heart goes out for the photographer that got kicked, that black eye is probably going to be worth a nice seven figure settlement in the next couple months…

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