Josh Duhamel Kicked Off Plane

Seen here at Billboard’s Fifth Annual Women in Music event yesterday (But… but they have both have penises…), Josh Duhamel was kicked off a plane at La Guardia this morning after he refused to turn off his Blackberry before take-off. TMZ reports:

We’re told the flight attendant asked Josh to turn off the device three separate times — and on the third time Josh laughed at his request.
We’re told Duhamel’s reaction infuriated the attendant, who then called for backup — and the plane, which was already on the runway, was turned back to the gate.
Two officers eventually boarded the plane and escorted Duhamel off of the aircraft.
We’re told passengers were pissed — because the incident further delayed the flight.

Josh’s rep told TMZ his client was just trying to send a text but is sorry about the incident. The Superficial has obtained said text, and it actually looks like it was pretty important:

Bitch stewardess wants me to turn my phone off. TRANSFORMERS, honey.

The Superficial was unable to confirm whether or not the message was sent, but God help us all if it wasn’t. God help us all…

Photos: Splash News