Josh Duhamel Kicked Off Plane

December 3rd, 2010 // 60 Comments

Seen here at Billboard’s Fifth Annual Women in Music event yesterday (But… but they have both have penises…), Josh Duhamel was kicked off a plane at La Guardia this morning after he refused to turn off his Blackberry before take-off. TMZ reports:

We’re told the flight attendant asked Josh to turn off the device three separate times — and on the third time Josh laughed at his request.
We’re told Duhamel’s reaction infuriated the attendant, who then called for backup — and the plane, which was already on the runway, was turned back to the gate.
Two officers eventually boarded the plane and escorted Duhamel off of the aircraft.
We’re told passengers were pissed — because the incident further delayed the flight.

Josh’s rep told TMZ his client was just trying to send a text but is sorry about the incident. The Superficial has obtained said text, and it actually looks like it was pretty important:

Bitch stewardess wants me to turn my phone off. TRANSFORMERS, honey.

The Superficial was unable to confirm whether or not the message was sent, but God help us all if it wasn’t. God help us all…

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  1. Whatever

    What a fucking douchebag!

  2. S'up Bitches


  3. Because dealing with airports in general doesn’t already suck enough… let’s cause a fucking scene and delay everybody else’s shit over a cell phone.

    What a dick.

  4. joe

    he was probably texting the chick he was cheating with AGAIN- BTW who cares about this dude. he thinks hes better then everyone else just because hes married to some celebrity

  5. Josh Duhamel

    Give me a break, you guys. I was texting Fergie that I ate some Muslim food before the flight and had to take a dump on the plane and dropped a bomb in the restroom.

    Fucking stewardesses!

  6. Oh Dear

    Surely, please GOD, somebody on this flight knew how to record all this on their cell phone.
    Seeing this Hollywood fuck escorted out of first class–probably while calling his agent and telling them to “fix it”—now that is a movie I would pay to see!

  7. Sheena

    Somebody said he was texting about flight delays. OH DELICIOUS IRONY.

  8. Veronica

    What do you expect? Dude has the word ‘Duh’ in is name.

  9. wim

    psst: THE LANE WAS SKY HIGH(35.000 feet) IN THE AIR, folks!!

  10. Justin

    What a douche bag. He should have just turned the damn phone off.

  11. First

    Greetings from Josh’s frozen home town of Minot, ND. Go fuck yourself, Josh. Nobody is so important that a text can’t wait. Did I mention, go fuck yourself?

  12. Doc Schweinstrudel

    Fergie is smart ugly chick to score such a dumbass handsome guy! Kudos

  13. Mena

    Maybe he was trying to reassure his buttaface wife that she isnt going bald. Give him a break, she needed to be talked off the ledge.

  14. Toby Weymiller


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