The Guy Who Josh Duggar Wishes He Looked Like Isn’t Getting Any Money from Him

When you look like Josh Duggar, finding a warm body to bump your fuckbits against is going to be an uphill battle. When the eldest and most molesty Counting On spawn realized that if women didn’t know what he looked like, then they’d be more likely to talk to him, he used a man named Matthew McCarthy’s image to catfish his way into women’s pants via online dating sites. It didn’t end well, and the resulting scandal made everyone realize that you should never put a family on TV that sees women as nothing more than baby factories who owe their vaginas to Jesus.

McCarthy, a DJ and photographer, filed suit against Duggar for damages to his image, but a California judge dismissed the case because Josh Duggar doesn’t live in California and his family prayed really hard last weekend.

“On Thursday, November 2, Los Angeles Superior Judge Teresa Beaudet ruled in Josh’s favor and dismissed the case. She explained that the suit was filed in the wrong state given Josh’s state of residence, and that the state of California has no jurisdiction in this case.

According to Daily Mail, the documents stated, ‘There being no evidence of any relation between the controversy in this case and the two contacts Duggar had with California for business, the Court does not find personal jurisdiction to exist in this case.’ Matthew can still sue Josh for damages, but he’s going to have to find the proper city to do it in to be successful.” (from Celebuzz!)

We don’t know whether or not this guy is planning to go after Duggar in his home state of Arkansas, but even if he did, I’m pretty sure Josh Duggar is working at a car dealership now and is broke as fuck (it’s hard to find a job when you were accused of molesting your kid sisters and tried to convince people that racism is a trick of the devil). Especially after his wife inexplicably took him back and let him dick another moon-faced baby into her this year…

I’m sure Josh is feeling pretty relieved today knowing that the DJ whose face he used to have non-missionary sex with women other than his wife got stiff-armed by some loophole in our justice system. He’ll probably spend the day doing something he really enjoys like hiking or condemning gays to hell

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