Josh Duggar Police Report: He Groped His Sisters In Their Sleep

One of these people strikes at night. You’ll never guess which one.

Yesterday, the Josh Duggar molestation story broke all over the Internet which, at first glance, seemed like his dad Jim Bob turned him in for some innocent teenage fooling around because sex is an evil, disgusting act unless it’s causing a small town to fly out of your wife’s sin-hole. Other possibilities included Jim Bob manning up and doing the right thing by taking Josh right to the police after a girl’s father accused him of “inappropriate contact.” And then there were the incest rumors which we’ll circle back to because In Touch, in a surprising feat of journalism, got a hold of the police report and Jesus Clown Car Vagina Christ. Here are the highlights:

Josh Duggar confessed to his parents that he molested five young girls in their sleep. They waited a year before taking him to the police.

Jim Bob informed his church elders who waited three months before contacting authorities.

Josh has been doing this since he was 14 and confessed to his parents in 2002 that he molested a girl in her sleep.

It happened again nine months later and with more victims. This landed Josh in a “Christian program” that supposedly involved counseling. Michelle Duggar would later tell police they actually just sent Josh to live with a family friend to work on houses. There was no counseling whatsoever. When asked if the man was a mentor, Michelle responded, “kind of.”

Josh prayed to God and was “forgiven” by the victims, so that was good enough for the church who were totally cool with everything, according to Jim Bob.

When Jim Bob did take Josh to the police, it wasn’t to turn him in, but to meet with a state trooper buddy as more of a “scared straight” teaching moment. Despite previous reports, this trooper took no action and only gave Josh a “stern talk.” However, the trooper definitely was later arrested for child porn, so Jim Bob couldn’t have picked a better cop.

As for how an official investigation got started, someone tipped off Oprah about Josh just before the Duggars made their first appearance on her show (which ended up being canceled), and her production company immediately notified the Department of Human Services. When the police officially began investigating Josh, Jim Bob tried to hire a lawyer – two wouldn’t take the case – and refused to produce his son for questioning. The charges were eventually dropped because the three year statute of limitations had expired.

In Touch’s coverage of the police report is definitely worth reading, but one thing it noticeably doesn’t make clear is whether or not some of Josh’s victims were his own sisters. (UPDATE: It was.) That said, the Duggars are heavily involved with other Quiverfull families, so God fucking knows whose kids were where, and the only one keeping tracking of kids were other kids. There’s no way these people don’t find a child corpse every few days in a dryer or something, but that’s not important right now. What is important is the next time Josh shoves his self-righteous punch-me-face in a camera and preaches about homosexuality destroying the moral fiber of this country, tell him to shut the fuck up because he touches kids in their sleep, and no, it doesn’t make it better that they were all girls. Don’t even.

UPDATE: Thanks to eagle-eyed reader AssIn9 the police report specifically notes that victims’ parents are Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar. Dude molested his own sisters, so tell us more about the gays, Josh, and how they’re destroying the American family. We’re all ears.

UPDATE: And Josh Duggar just confirmed he molested his sisters. Holy shit.

Photo: Instagram