Josh Duggar Is Being Sued By The Guy In His Ashley Madison Profile Pic

Because Josh Duggar looks like Josh Duggar, finding random women willing to bang him was going to be an uphill battle. Plus his wife clearly neglected her Godly duties of letting his fat, naked gut and the tiny nubbin that lies below slap against her 24/7, so what was he supposed to do? Not make a fake profile and finally have non-missionary style sex? Be still thy tongue. Except in Josh’s haste to take what was rightfully his because of Anna’s sin – or Satan controlling him, whichever – he used someone else’s photograph for his dating site profiles, and now that guy is fucking Josh, but in a whole new way. TMZ reports:

Matthew McCarthy says he’s been humiliated since Duggar confessed he was addicted to porn and had been trawling for women online. As we first reported … McCarthy was shocked to see his face as the profile pic on several Duggar accounts.
In the lawsuit, McCarthy says he was raised in a strong-knit Catholic family … so being connected to Duggar’s porn life — on Twitter, OkCupid and Ashley Madison — has been mortifying.
He adds he’s been getting harassing messages referring to him as “Duggar’s boy toy” and “DJ Duggar.” He’s a DJ and photographer by trade.

According to TMZ, Josh Duggar is broke and working at a car dealership, so take a wild guess who’s suddenly going to come around to welfare after his dick just knocked the food out of his 18 kids’ mouths because it’s not Josh Duggar. Are you kidding me? Learning is Devil talk. Don’t be stupid.

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Photo: Instagram