Josh Duggar Is A Master of Disguise

Hey, remember Josh Duggar? Molested his sisters then fucked a porn star (or two) behind his brainwashed wife’s back while railing against gay marriage? The moonface, punch-me-face guy. Anyway, Gawker apparently found his Ashley Madison profile pics, and they’re exactly as clever as you’d expect from a homeschooled idiot who thinks he has Jesus’ blessing to commit adultery because his wife didn’t fuck his dick every second of every day like his mom does for his dad.

josh duggar ashley madison profile

In Josh Duggar’s defense, who would actually think to look for him on a dating website? It isn’t his sisters’ bedroom nor is it an overworked vagina that looks like an old mine shaft. “Says here ‘Beware of Flying Babies.’ What do you reckon that mea- *foomp* – TARNATION!”

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