Josh Duggar Just Screwed The Whole Family Off The Air

Thanks to the Internet having a justifiable field day with Christian family activist Josh Duggar’s Ashley Madison account – and possible OkCupid profile – Josh has somehow found a new way to fuck his sisters because the entire Duggar brand is radioactive now. PEOPLE reports:

Duggar’s family has been struggling to move on after the cancellation of their hit TLC show 19 Kids and Counting in the wake of his initial scandal. And now, a source who has worked with the family says the latest allegations will likely only cement the network’s decision to end their relationship with the Duggars.
“It was pretty improbable that there were going to be any specials on any of the Duggars anyway,” the source tells PEOPLE. “But now, with this, there’s virtually no chance. It’s basically just over now.”

This means no Jill and Jessa spinoff after they toed the line on Fox News and defended Josh molesting them in their sleep – I know you can’t read this because homeschooling, but GET OUT OF QUIVERFUL. – but it also means no Jim-Bob And Michelle Explain Why You Helped Satan Make Your Abuser Touch You spinoff either. Which kind of makes Josh Duggar the hero? That can’t be right. Do heroes touch kids? I know Batman and Robin were chummy, but not like, “Hey, you sleeping? I’mma touch you under these green shorts,” chummy. Something doesn’t add up.

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