Another Child Just Flew Out of Anna Duggar’s Baby Chute

**This picture of an amateur wrestler from¬†Spain personifies what I imagine Anna’s uterus feels like at this point in her life.**

Anna Duggar gave birth to her fifth child yesterday with her incestuous, pussyhounding, sister-molesting husband, Josh Duggar. The fact that these two are still together defies all laws of natural science, but Anna continues to distract herself from her husband’s upcoming molestation trial the only way she knows how because she’s brainwashed by whatever book in the Bible that tells women they’re only good for making babies.

The baby is fine, by the way. It was born healthy and without an Ashley Madison account, so I suppose that’s a positive. Anna on the other hand, looks like she just stepped out of a sensory deprivation chamber and got flash-bulbed. Josh is still the wandering-eyed, moonfaced monster that thinks gays ruin the sanctity of marriage, despite being a “recovering porn addict” who banged his way though half of Arkansas’ online dating website users. Oh and then there’s the whole “molest four of your young sisters and a babysitter” thing… that’s still going on too.

anna duggar
CREDIT: Twitter: @joshduggar