Josephine Skriver Can Probably Beat You Up and Other News


The folks accusing R. Kelly of holding their daughter in a sex cult actually knocked on his front door. Of course they filmed it, it’s 2017. [TMZ]

The fashion world is dumb: Kendall Jenner is to be named fashion icon of the decade. [CeleBitchy]

Jada Pinkett Smith definitely put a grapefruit on her husband’s penis back in their newlywed days. [PageSix]

Have you heard of “daggering?” It makes bounce music look like the Mormon Tabernacle Choir… [YouTube]

Nicolas Cage and Crispin Glover went to sushi… the photos do not disappoint. [LaineyGossip]

Actual transgendered people are pissed off that Richard Simmons tried to claim being called tranny was defamatory. [Perez]

This is neat; Snoop and Martha Stewart made a poop video thing. [Dlisted]

The Kardashians do something good, but don’t fail to let their PR machine know about it. [WWTDD]