Christian Bale & Joseph Gordon-Levitt For Your ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Speculating

October 28th, 2011 // 48 Comments

“Holy Spock eyes, Batman!”

If you’re trying to avoid any spoilers for The Dark Knight Rises now would be a good time to skip this post and possibly forget you just saw Christian Bale and Joseph Gordon-Levitt‘s characters filming a scene together in New York this morning.

Are the nerds gone yet? Okay, good, now let’s talk about nerd shit.

So going by these pics, at minimum, it’s looking more and more like Joseph Gordon-Levitt is either going to be Robin or replace Bruce Wayne as Batman after Bane breaks his back. Then again, Christopher Nolan cast Anthony Michael Hall in The Dark Knight, hinted that he’d be playing a major character and he turned out to be a news reporter. So this could all just be sleight of hand to distract us from the truth, and that truth is Joseph Gordon-Levitt is the Clock King! I SLEUTHED YOU GOOD, NOLAN!

*waits for every woman in reading distance to recoil their vaginas shut in horror after the words “Clock King” and my knowledge of such*

Photo: Splash News


  1. Coleen

    Oh Jesus, please let him be Robin. Pretty please.

  2. Bale needs to cut that fucking thing off his face already…

  3. carissa


  4. Is this the new Bruce Wayne Meets Spock movie I’ve been hearing about?

  5. That’s a very Boy Wonder haircut.

  6. Vake

    SPOILER: Christian Bale plays Bruce Wayne.

  7. cc

    What the hell do these guys shave their faces with? That’s a seriously close shave.

  8. guy in the background: “Bale! Hey Bale! Is that a monocle or do you need to see a fucking doctor?”

  9. shoddycursive

    All I want is one night with JGL. One night. I would let him do anything he wanted with me.

    • Dick

      Only if your a gay man. JGL is in a power closet. BTW Brick was shit.

    • Would you be his beard while he cruises for dudes?

    • SisterRay


      • Venom

        Never understood women’s pathetic obsession with men in uniforms, especially police officers. They are generally uneducated and mostly the low rung of the ladder of men, not to mention they tend to be very abusive and know they can get away with it. I have never seen a woman so scared as when she breaks up with a cop.

        Just this year alone we have had a cop get fired for stalking and running background searches on all his ex gf and mother of his child’s boyfriends and another one is sitting in prison for murdering his pregnant mistress and trying to make it look like a suicide. Another woman he was involved with years ago “committed suicide” and so did her ex bf, so this guy might be a serial killer cop.

        Hell, look at Drew Peterson, apparently killing women and getting away with it when you are a cop is not that uncommon.

      • Captain Copter

        Police officers are mal – adjusted bullies . They are usually borderline sociopaths. Well – adjusted folks can’t do the job.

      • Stuart Le Chiffere

        Police are usually sadists. Maybe the women with the cop fantasies need to be punished , because they have been bad, very, very , bad.

      • SisterRay

        Let me clear things up: I am not attracted to police officers. I just happen to find Joseph Gordon-Levitt in this particular set of photos particularly delicious. However, the attraction is more to him (for being sexy, being a great actor, studying French poetry at Columbia, etc) than to the uniform.

  10. Nerd-Girl

    I’m probably the only chick who’s actually impressed at your knowledge of the Clock King! Supposedly, JGL said he’s absolutely not Robin…But that doesn’t mean he’s not Dick Grayson or Nightwing!

  11. Jill

    Huh, I just kinda assumed JGL was the Riddler… .

  12. Steelerchick

    When did they become “Twins”

  13. Rough tell thales

    Tell me Flava Flav is in the next Batman.

  14. Heather

    And Christian Bale is playing Scott Disick?

  15. Get over it

    Regardless of the cgi or makeup, it gave me a boner…fucking hot. THE CAR gentlemen, the car…looks like a lambo.

  16. Joseph Gordon Levitt Christian Bale The Dark Knight Rises
    The Pope
    Commented on this photo:

    Bale asked the officer a question, but he was tight-lipped about the situation.

  17. archphoenix

    Oooh there is so much pretty here. Bale, Levitt, and yes, that’s the NEW Lambo. So much pretty. Thanks Fish!

  18. wildfungus

    Someone told me this, so it’s probably bullshit.

    But A) Nolan thinks robin is pretty gay and doesn’t like the character, though likes the mentoring arc.

    B) has said (unconfirmed probably hopeful nerd bullshit) that Terry McGuinness will be in this movie. Though Levitt looks like more of a robin type, cuz Terry is hella badass, but he was batman in Batman Beyond were Bruce Wayne was a 70 year old man with a heart condition and gave some punk kid who was sneaking into his batcave a robot batsuit because all bruce wayne does anymore is sit in a wheelchair and watch crime on close circuit cameras all over Gotham. And sometimes Bruce would have to go out side and save the day for Terry because, he’s fucking batman, even if that is Terry’s name now.

  19. anonymous

    why the hell is Joseph Gordon-Levitt doing that wrinkle thing with only his forehead?

  20. Crusty Drawers

    Kudos for the Clock King reference.

  21. forrest gump

    correct: AMERICANS ARE FORCED TO LIVE “Low Profile”, folks!!

  22. Joseph Gordon Levitt Christian Bale The Dark Knight Rises
    Commented on this photo:

    ♫ Lookin’ back on the track for a little green bag… ♫

  23. Brooke

    The police uniform doesn’t make me think he’ll be Robin. I also kind of think if they brought Robin into this, he’d actually be a little boy and not Chris O’Donnell or whatever his name was. I could kind of see JGL being the Riddler or something…

  24. CrashHell

    I have my theory. He is playing a character named JOhn blaKE. Read the comics. He met some clown in Gotham City…heehee.

  25. Alexandra

    I’m a woman and I most certainly did not recoil into my vagina at your Clock King reference! Comics Rule!

  26. Gerald Tarrant

    Isn’t that the kid from 3rd Rock? When did he become all “real actor”?

    Seriously though, no Robin, or the next thing will be nipples on the suit.


    Oh my god, is Patrick Bateman getting arrested?

  28. sofia

    Bale is looking more Bateman than Batman in this picture…

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