Christian Bale & Joseph Gordon-Levitt For Your ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Speculating

“Holy Spock eyes, Batman!”

If you’re trying to avoid any spoilers for The Dark Knight Rises now would be a good time to skip this post and possibly forget you just saw Christian Bale and Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s characters filming a scene together in New York this morning.

Are the nerds gone yet? Okay, good, now let’s talk about nerd shit.

So going by these pics, at minimum, it’s looking more and more like Joseph Gordon-Levitt is either going to be Robin or replace Bruce Wayne as Batman after Bane breaks his back. Then again, Christopher Nolan cast Anthony Michael Hall in The Dark Knight, hinted that he’d be playing a major character and he turned out to be a news reporter. So this could all just be sleight of hand to distract us from the truth, and that truth is Joseph Gordon-Levitt is the Clock King! I SLEUTHED YOU GOOD, NOLAN!

*waits for every woman in reading distance to recoil their vaginas shut in horror after the words “Clock King” and my knowledge of such*

Photo: Splash News