Jose Canseco’s Being Investigated For Rape

According to a statement by the Las Vegas Police Department, Jose Canseco is being investigated for the rape of a fitness instructor who he’s apparently already named on Twitter like an idiot along with revealing her exact allegations and claiming he’ll take a polygraph test. Both of which he’s since taken down, yet still left these two gems at the top of his feed as of this post:

- Lets play truth or dare. I dare [victim’s name] to tell the truth.
– Who wants to spend a day with jose. Come into my world if u can handle it.

I’ve never been accused of rape before, so for the record, I’m not speaking from experience here, but it’s probably not a good idea to start making ominous statements like, “Come into my world if u can handle it,” if you don’t want to sound like a rapist. That’s just begging for a warrant to dig under the pool, and judging by that statement again, I have a feeling Jose Canseco doesn’t want them to dig under the pool. In fact, did I say pool? Because I meant school. Let’s keep kids in school. Ahaha! (Please don’t hit me with a bat.)

UPDATE: And he’s been cleared just two weeks later. The End.

Photo: Getty