Jose Canseco Selling Gun That Shot His Finger Off

Yesterday, we learned that Jose Canseco’s finger fell off during a poker tournament which is generally what happens after you explode it off your body with a bullet then try to reattach it with a few stitches, and I’m not even a real doctor. And now’s the part where you come in because he’s selling the gold-plated gun that accidentally went off while he was “cleaning it.” Via Twitter:

He’s also offering to throw in the finger which I can’t tell if this is a joke because Jose Canseco is the kind of idiot who shoots his own finger off while playing with a scorpion-encrusted gun and is familiar with the rabid nature of sports memorabilia. He’ll probably make a billion dollars:

Although, as others have pointed out, you can’t sell guns or body parts on eBay because Obamacare’s sucking all the freedom juice out of America with its Ebola tentacles. I saw the whole thing.

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