Mixed Feelings About Jordan Peele’s ‘Twilight Zone’ Reboot

CBS has announced that they’re ready to bring back Rod Serling’s Twilight Zone series under Jordan Peele’s Monkeypaw production banner. This news comes as CBS attempts to move eyeballs towards their subscription streaming service, which I guess really popped off with the Star Trek: Discovery revival. Marco Ramirez (Sons of Anarchy, The Defenders, Daredevil) has supposedly scored the showrunning chair. Sounds fucking awesome, right?

Enter my emotions…

Like most warm-blooded humans who eat food and enjoy fresca, the Twilight Zone is my fucking jam. When I first read the headline and saw the words Twilight Zone and Jordan Peele, I just about had a conniption and threw my fresca at the cat. Get Out was basically a full-length Twilight Zone episode that had that rich, creamy social subtext that made Rod Serling’s series so timeless. Everyone knows all the other TZ reboots were utter dog shit (I’ll admit I didn’t mind the movie, even though they were just rehashed episodes) and Jordan Peele is hotter than a hot pocket right now so this could be great.

But wait… what if they blow it? What if Peele looses his momentum with an over-produced, highly-reserved pile of ‘meh’? Maybe it’d be better if they just gave him free reign to make something along the lines of other great Twilight Zone-esque shows like Black Mirror, Neil Gaiman’s Likely Stories, and (throwback) The Ray Bradbury Theater. Why do we have to keep rebooting shit just to get attention?

… Oh, right. Money. I forgot.

I guess my biggest gripe is that the T-Zone has become an ex that you keep having sex with and regretting it more and more each time. Sure we can memory jerk to the good old days (seasons 1-5 are on Netflix) but it’ll never be the same now that they’ve gotten all saggy and worn out.

So come on people, let’s have sex with someone that kind of looks like Twilight Zone, but isn’t. It’s called growing up.

**returns to playing with action figures laying all over desk**

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