Jonathan Rhys Meyers sees right through you

November 12th, 2007 // 87 Comments

Jonathan Rhys Meyers attended the premiere of August Rush last night in New York. Way to stare directly into the camera. Makes me believe you’re not completely tripped out of your mind right now. Oh, hey, what’s that look? You’re a wizard now? And you’re looking into my soul? That is some freaky shit. Listen, there’s someone I want you to meet. His name is James Haven. Yeah, Angelina Jolie’s brother. I want to see what happens when you two occupy the same space. Maybe you’ll merge into one, or, God willing, explode.

Photos:, Getty Images

  1. Ahhhh, my eyes hurt looking into his eyes!

    Lay off the coke!

  2. Es Gorda

    CHARLES MANSON eye twin?

  3. Tiger Beat

    I’ve seen on the various blogs a lot of apparently well-informed assessments of what dope he’s probably on. My guess, based on what I recall from a million years ago, is acid (or something like it). As Es Gorda said just above, acid gives you a vacant, uncomprehending stare like Charlie Manson’s–the sense that you’re there but you can’t believe you’re there. On the other hand, from what I’ve read of his drug history, he might be on several things at once. Since he’s Irish, what’s wrong with only a few old-fashioned whiskeys before he meets the public?

  4. Mysty

    He’s still hot. I would feel completely comfortable if he stared like that at me for days. ‘Cause he’s hot hot hot.

  5. MJ

    He’s a model.. isn’t he used to staring in camera’s?
    Yeah yeah you do drugs, we see wee see. Cool.

  6. below it all

    No, he’s not a bit self-absorbed or interested in what people think. Instead, he’s just trying really hard to look good for the premiere photos….being a nice back drop for the other stars by his side. Funny? Sexy? NO

  7. shosho

    am scared!!!!!!

  8. Shallo Val

    Never liked this dude. He is weird looking and not at all attractive; looks like a mosquito. They had the nerve to have this dude play Elvis, (ppfsh!)

  9. Dick Richards

    I am so proud of myself! I don’t know who-the fuck Jonathan Meyers is. I’ve never seen his “work”. Some people have the “it”. The look. Some people can even freak you out, just by look. This guy doesn’t have it. He just looks like he’s hallucinating; hard. Now, someone under psychosis can be pretty goddamn scary but Meyers, Meyers is just trying.

  10. Lisa

    Can you say “Cocaine” ……..what else would make the eyes look this way.

  11. Ladybug

    What the hell is wrong with this guy. He looks like an axe murderer.

  12. Melde

    Wow, JRM is usually really hot as hell. He actually looks frightening here. He’s taking the photographers on a trip to crazytown.

  13. Kentttt

    Murderer? haha.. He just try the best to open his eyes.. eemmmm. It is said He will join a TV show held by a luxury millionaire&celebrity dating site The site owner should be crazy! …

  14. Chicken80

    It looks like a member of the Heaven’s Gate cult didn’t make it to Outer Space after all. Seriously, though, he needs to lay off the crystal meth and take a nap, already. Jesus.

  15. Blair

    He was so good in Velvet Goldmine! I guess he kept the ‘props’ from that movie set…there was quite a bit! It’s like that scene in Friday the 13th part 3 when Jason squishes some poor guy’s head and his eyeball pops out at you!

  16. Blair

    He was so good in Velvet Goldmine! I guess he kept the ‘props’ from that movie set…there was quite a bit! It’s like that scene in Friday the 13th part 3 when Jason squishes some poor guy’s head and his eyeball pops out at you!

  17. blah, blah, blah

    Stop it! You are scaring the children!

  18. blah, blah, blah

    Stop it! You are scaring the children!

  19. survey sez

    he has a rare eye disorder which makes it more difficult for him to see at night. he only looks like this at night. fuck it, i’m lying. personally i think it’s hilarious. i can’t look at these pics without laughing.

  20. spam lips

    personally i like him. i hope he doesn’t get ruined by hollywood. i saw him do an interview and he said he liked living in wales cause all of his old friends are there and he can live a simple life with his longterm girlfriend.

  21. Tits McGee

    How about some weed to even you out, bro?

  22. Rachel

    He’s prannnggginnn outtt

  23. malicious

    this guy is one cold looking shark in every photo i’ve seen

  24. Jess

    Cocaine much?

  25. Dannie.

    holy shit! that guy is crazy lookin.

  26. Kimberly

    How is he doing that in ALL the photos?!

  27. Kris

    He’s looking for his next victim…

  28. Kris

    P.S. I just got a nice mental image of him jerking off in a dark corner late at night as he’s watching you sleep with that fucked up deranged ‘I will molest you and then kill you and then molest your dead carcuss’ look.

  29. Kat

    I totally think he’s doing it on purpose. Jessica Biel needs to take up creepy staring. No one’s going to put That on the cover of Star Magazine I promise you. It’s like paparazzi repellent.

  30. Jazy

    magic mushroom stare.

  31. TBag

    just a thought.. maybe he has hyperthyroidism or something. cus that can make your eyes bulge out and what not. Or maybe it’s just an amphetamine of sorts.

    please people, check out this picture of him.

    if you thought these pics freaked you out, you’re gonna die hahahaha

  32. LUVJON

    I am really sad about this.Yet another man get lured in by drugs! WHY!!
    He has so much going for him: lips & eyes are mezmerizing! And he can act!
    On an interview with a magazine he said he takes care of his body…
    JON not like this! Don’t ruin what God gave you!

  33. honest

    of course you put the worst pics, I saw some other pics form this premier and they were well gorgeous, he ruined august rush for me b/c I couldn’t keep my eyes off him, seriously if I could create the perfect man and would look like him except w/ hair, his hair does look bad here

  34. honest

    okay, I admit these pics are hilariously bad

  35. When Ugly People ATTACK

    you guys are all pathetic… I hope bringing Jonathan rhys-meyers down helps you feel superior to him or better about yourself. He is a regular guy with insecurities and weird habits like everybody else, what to want from him?

  36. Your Friendly Pharmacist

    A HAhahahahahahahahahaha……
    I need air…
    bwaaa hahahahahahahahah
    no, seriously,
    hahahahahahahah, etc, etc

  37. me

    I think all of you should shut up!!! He is great and if you don’t like him then stop looking him up online DUMBASSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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