Jonathan Rhys Meyers arrested


Jonathan Rhys Meyers was arrested for public drunkenness and breach of peace at Dublin Airport on Sunday. The actor was displaying “erratic, abusive behavior” which led to his eventual arrest, according to USA Today:

Dublin Airport Police said they called Ireland’s national police force, the Garda Siochana, after Rhys Meyers refused repeated requests to calm down.
Police charged him with two counts of violating the Public Order Act, then permitted him to pay an undisclosed cash bail on condition he return to Dublin District Court on Dec. 5 for his arraignment.

Jonathan Rhys Meyers looks like a coked-out version of Voldemort, so I’m convinced that Harry Potter showed up at some point to lend officers a hand. Of course, I was also convinced that the real Chewbacca would show up for my eighth birthday party. Instead my dad just got drunk and wore my mom’s fur coat. Though a lot of the sound effects were spot on, I’ll give him that. But things went downhill when Dad threw the neighbor kid into the TV because he “didn’t want the Viet-Cong reading his mind and stealing his secret recipe for whiskey on the rocks.” When I told him that wasn’t in Star Wars, he puked on the birthday cake then punched Grandpa in the foot. Man, having kids is awesome. I should get a girl pregnant. But not leave town after I find out this time.