Jonathan Rhys Meyers arrested

November 19th, 2007 // 50 Comments

Jonathan Rhys Meyers was arrested for public drunkenness and breach of peace at Dublin Airport on Sunday. The actor was displaying “erratic, abusive behavior” which led to his eventual arrest, according to USA Today:

Dublin Airport Police said they called Ireland’s national police force, the Garda Siochana, after Rhys Meyers refused repeated requests to calm down.
Police charged him with two counts of violating the Public Order Act, then permitted him to pay an undisclosed cash bail on condition he return to Dublin District Court on Dec. 5 for his arraignment.

Jonathan Rhys Meyers looks like a coked-out version of Voldemort, so I’m convinced that Harry Potter showed up at some point to lend officers a hand. Of course, I was also convinced that the real Chewbacca would show up for my eighth birthday party. Instead my dad just got drunk and wore my mom’s fur coat. Though a lot of the sound effects were spot on, I’ll give him that. But things went downhill when Dad threw the neighbor kid into the TV because he “didn’t want the Viet-Cong reading his mind and stealing his secret recipe for whiskey on the rocks.” When I told him that wasn’t in Star Wars, he puked on the birthday cake then punched Grandpa in the foot. Man, having kids is awesome. I should get a girl pregnant. But not leave town after I find out this time.


  1. whoneedsenemies


  2. whoneedsenemies

    How dare he get drunk in public! pfft

    At least he wasn’t driving………

  3. Screw You Superfish

    I’m Superfish! I’m zany!! Wakka Wakka!!

  4. Binky

    They could have tasered him continuously like they do at Vancouver airport.
    Then, at least, he wouldn’t have had to come up with the bail money

  5. kool

    Why does it look like his eyes are drilling holes into my soul?? Creeper!!

  6. oliver


  7. oliver

    still yawning

  8. oliver

    and yep — that was another yawn

  9. Wow. He’s hot, I wanna diddle his bottom.

  10. oliver

    where is that bottle of vodka……..??

  11. veggi

    what’s her asses ass…..and now his face…????? are you helping us be thankful during this holiday season?

  12. Jaba the Slut

    Another one bites the dust…

  13. fweem

    with a chainsaw

  14. simon rosenthal

    is he gay, or what??

  15. veggi

    9- shut yer pie hole troll.

    10- i put it all in my 7 up. sorry

  16. p0nk

    “…public drunkenness and breach of peace at Dublin Airport…”
    you can get arrested for that in Ireland?

  17. veggi

    haha! No shit, p0nk! It’s Ireland for blimeys sakes.

  18. jack

    Who is this guy? And why do his eyes make him look like a psycho killer?

  19. veggi

    looks like the trolls are back. ek.

    I’m off to lunch.

  20. Shallow Val

    AHHHHHH hahahahahaha! I always hatedthat dude. Ugly monchichi!

  21. baaaaaaa

    #19 is a troll fucker

  22. I thought that shit was mandatory………

  23. Duh

    This guy and Angelina’s brother should get together and have a staring contest.

  24. p0nk

    and yeh, that really was me. see how long it takes the trolls to hammer me again.

  25. Junyper

    LOL, poor Superfish, no wonder you’re so fucked up.

  26. meow

    I wanna stab this guy in the eye with a letter opener so bad.

  27. MARC!!!

    WTF? These jokes are horrid. Kill me.

  28. amma

    He’s my fave combo…hot AND crazy!!! Hahahah…glad he got arrested though, only cause he looks sooo whacked and it so rarely happens that crazy lookin’ people who are acting crazy end up arrested. In fact, usually doesn’t go that way at all. Yay for justice. Sorry honey, this doesn’t detract from your mad alien hotness at all!

  29. spam lips

    i would let this guy do all sorts of ungodly things to all of my openings. yep, but not on sunday.

  30. D. Richards (Dick.)

    Viet-Cong! Fuck, Meyers was abusive? My kind of guy. I can overlook his disgusting anemic blue eyes if he’s abusive.

  31. g

    He has a pervert moustache

  32. Shallow Val

    Amma – you poor deluded darling. If that’s what you call hot, I’d like to see what you consider ugly (just for science sake).

  33. veggi

    Sometimes a guy like this is perfect. You’re on a losing streak, you feel bad about yourself, you get loaded and desperate, and take this psycho home. After a prolonged series of unspeakable acts, during which you come more or less continuously, you go cry for an hour in a steaming hot shower. It hurts to walk, but you feel better.

  34. justifiable

    #34 Try cutting yourself next time – you use the same amount of towels but you don’t have to wash the sheets afterwards.

  35. KamUK

    Any suprises that this eejit was drunk, he looks insaner than Jolie’s brother for Gods Sake.

  36. Always put my eyes on this sexy and perfect man. LOVE YOU FOR EVER. BTW, someone told me that you appear on the celebrity and millioniare dating site called Is it really you? If it’s true, I will send an email because the profile looks sincere, attractive and sexy. Charlie sheen already found his girl at that site

  37. ttt

    im feeling hot hot hot
    when i look at him
    hot hot hot

  38. whatever

    Look into my eyes!!! In my eyes are the answers to all your questions. Do not look away! LOOK INTO MY EYES!!!

  39. Captain

    This has got to be one of the funniest of your postings yet. I cried I was laughing so hard. This and the one of Steven Tyler trying to walk on a beach. Priceless. If only there was more humor like this on the internet. You’re the best – whoever you are. Keep us laughing/crying! :)

  40. Caligulita

    You keep posting crazy eye pics, but OMG is he a hottie! A GREAT actor and he’s Irish (as am I) so leave the drinking be. Drooooooool.

  41. Samhain

    40 – Thanks for making me curious enough to look up the Steven Tyler post. I almost peed my pants! Thank God my breakfast was digested enough not to come back up!

  42. jack222

    That’s normal for this rude man. I even see him on the millionaire singles club a couple of weeks ago. He was kicked out by that website because he is rude and offended many members at that club.

  43. makemepuke

    He is a fuckin asshole ..period… if i had a nuclear weapon I’d put it in his eye ball and detonate it.

  44. Kyser

    He was drunk and disorderly because his mother died earlier in the week while he was in London..

  45. nicole

    he seems so nice and sexy and perfect in movies but in real life he must be really fucked up.well in this picture he looks like a cockehead zombie…..

  46. nicole

    he seems so nice and sexy and perfect in movies but in real life he must be really fucked up.well in this picture he looks like a cockehead zombie…..

  47. cortney lleonart

    yall are messed up

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