Jonathan Lipnicki Looks Like This Now

November 9th, 2011 // 76 Comments

We’re all Jerry Sandusky now.

Dlisted had a few of these earlier in the week, and now here’s the complete set of Jonathan Lipnicki wants to get Tom Cruise hard in the Xenu-parts workout photos because apparently he really wants people to know he’s not that nerdy little kid in Jerry Maguire anymore. No, really, ask him how much the human head weighs, and he’ll challenge you to an arm-wrestling match. “You see these guns, broheim? Wanna know how much they weigh, dawg? They weigh KERPOW!” *chugs protein shake, posts on Facebook he’s running in a marathon*

Photos: Pacific Coast News


  1. Mr. Ed

    “Jonathan Lipnicki Looks Like This Now”

    What’s that? A young gay man trying out for gay porn?

  2. Jonathan Lipnicki Workout
    Iv Moony
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    I sorta feel weird being a bit turned on by the Stuart Little kid…quick! upload a grown up men picture gallery! Sean Connery maybe

  3. Yea, but I bet he never calls his mother. Or wears his yarmulke.

  4. Jonathan Lipnicki Workout
    The joaker
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    I’m gonna leave you in the dust, gay thoughts!

  5. IdiotJoe

    The sweet irony is that you can’t get buried in a Jewish cemetery with a tattoo.

    • Satan's bitch

      Well observed!

    • rican

      what about the concentration camp survivors with tattooed arms?

      • The Prof

        History lesson, rican: Hitler had the Jews tattooed specifically to prevent them from entering heaven. Read a book, dude.

    • crazypants

      The tattoo thing isn’t an actual rule, just a cultural expectation, as in only sailors and criminals and trashy people get tats, not decent folk. Sort of how it was in this country until about 1995 when seemingly everyone in the country decided to get the barb-wire/tribal/tramp stamp tattoo and very NBA guy just lost their mind.

      So Jonathan and other inked up Jews are fine to be buried in a Jewish cemetery.

      • Trek Girl

        I don’t recall reading anything in the Torah about not being able to get buried in a Jewish cemetary if you have a tattoo, but it does say specifically that your are not to “make gashes in your flesh…, or incise any marks on yourselves.” While Jewish people with tattoos may have broken that rule, they are not excluded from anything, including activities in the synagogue and being buried in a Jewish cemetary.

  6. Jonathan Lipnicki Workout
    Johnny P!
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    Wow! These are sure to make him relevant again!
    Casting directors, the line-up starts here!
    What a wanker…

  7. Jonathan Lipnicki Workout
    Cock Dr
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    Although I am loathe to discourage the blogger from posting pics of fit bare chested men, can I be blamed for hoping that he would aim higher in the celebrity pecking order?
    This is just some random guy.

    • Satan's bitch

      Oh no, dear, not just some random guy, the kid from Jerry Maguire. The cutest and most talented of the 3 main characters… (That’s not counting Cuba Gooding Jr who was, let’s just say it, HAWT HAWT HAWT in that film.)

  8. I just cant stop roughing you (Michael Jackson)

    Btw this is not the end; next he will attend Harvard to show people he’s not stupid. Also, between spring breaks, he may bang tons of chicks to prove to people he’s not gay. Stay tuned.

  9. Prolapsed Liver

    Short man syndrome. I could throw that kid over a house.

    • Alex

      I get a kick out of the sawed-offs in the gym. Like little bad ass oompa loompas. Very cute.

    • Burt

      Right, doughboy can lift 105lbs…Nothing to brag about.

      • The Man

        Burt is clearly short and not only in his pecker (which ironically looks smaller the bigger his muscles get).

        Burt is the sound of air escaping his butt when his boyfriend pulls out.

    • occam's boner

      Dude really has something to prove.
      Hey Dude, know what that means, doncha? It means you’re a pussy. You don’t look angry. More like: on the verge of crying like a little bitch. Enjoy greasing yourself up like an ass-loving fairy.

  10. Satan's bitch

    But Fish, darling, you forgot to post all those wonderfully homo-erotic wrestling shots!

  11. Minky Wail

    He and Joey Lawrence must shop at the same GNC.

  12. Marshall Crist

    He’s the Anti-Osment.

  13. We haven’t seen the Skarsgard lately. I want to see the Skarsgard.

    • Be grateful the Skargard wasn’t a child star. Elijah Wood, Haley Joel Osment, this guy… they’ll all look like they should be seated at the kiddies’ table for the rest of their lives. Oh yeah, and Daniel Radcliffe, too.

    • Dan

      I would rather look at Skarsgard too.

      • Dan

        Or even that Joe what’s his face.

        I have been trying to practice is steamy look he gives the camera because it seems to make the panties moist.

  14. Jonathan Lipnicki Workout
    Commented on this photo:

    Tom Cruise has really updated those kiddie-leashes.

  15. Dufresne

    A human head weighs eight pounds.

  16. Jonathan Lipnicki Workout
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    Tom Cruise has really updated those kiddie-leashes.

  17. Jonathan Lipnicki Workout
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    He’d look so much better if he wiped the Spencer Pratt of his chin…

  18. Jonathan Lipnicki Workout
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    Shit this makes me feel old…He was soooo cute and tiny! Now he´s all grown up o.0
    He still has the same smile,and he still looks pretty small,so Im not likin all the muscles at all…someone fetch him his glasses!

  19. Jonathan Lipnicki Workout
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    He was an adorable little kid…I loved his cheeky smile! SO not diggin him as an adult though.I wonder if he still has a lisp..?

    He really is just some random guy now.I mean,if you saw him in the street,it would be impossible to recognise him,even though he is still the same hight as he was 20 years ago.
    Maybe if he put his little round glasses on…Like Clark Kent,remember? His amazing disguise was his glasses.No one ever recognised him once he took his glasses off.

    Maybe if he put them on,people would be like “Oh yeah,its Stuart littles little brother!”.

  20. Jonathan Lipnicki Workout
    it had to be said
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    Why do I want grape juice all of a sudden?

  21. Jonathan Lipnicki Workout
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    Is that the star of gayness?

  22. Jonathan Lipnicki Workout
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    Gayest position ever!

  23. Venom

    Poor kid you can tell he is desperately trying to get shed his image as a child actor and how he looked back then, just like Jaleel White aka Urkel.

  24. Donald Trump

    Beautiful body. Gotta trim the pit hair though.

  25. Me from Oz

    Casting Director: WOW! Lipnicki! You look great! Now if you could read the first line for me, and I’ll read the lines of ‘Lisa’..

    JL: Hewo Wisa..

    Casting Director: HAHAHAHAAaaaaaaaaa.. no, seriously..

  26. mrsmass

    i thought lifting weights stunted your growth?

    • Ja

      He’s 21, not 12.

      Either way, no amount of muscles will make a short, already unattractive kid attractive.

  27. Morgan

    Seriously, who?

  28. Jonathan Lipnicki Workout
    Commented on this photo:

    he is jewish,what a pity.Nobody is perfect

  29. Jonathan Lipnicki Workout
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    This kid does drugs. He’s got that look in his eye. Meth, roids…..SUMTHIN’. Guaranteed.

  30. Jonathan Lipnicki Workout
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    Let’s spend 6 hours a day on upper body and ZERO on lower body. Why do guys do this? PROPORTION, people!

  31. TypingFingers

    i didnt know who he was, I havent seen the Jerry Macguire movie. But he does have a bangin body. Why isnt he smiling in these pics?

  32. Jonathan Lipnicki Workout
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    its nice to see he graduated from the Spencer Pratt school of fail beard growing

  33. Jonathan Lipnicki Workout
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    thing is he is using steroids…how can you tell? his puffy nipples are showing signs of gynecomastia…i’d still tie him up and fuck him though

  34. Jonathan Lipnicki Workout
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    puffy nipples = gynecomastia = steroids

  35. Jonathan Lipnicki Workout
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    He lifting 20 pounds. You know the human head weighs 20 pounds. That’s the last relevant thing any one remembers me for.

  36. Jonathan Lipnicki Workout
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    Dam Jonathan! Now lets see some swimsuit shots?

  37. Jonathan Lipnicki Workout
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    ok he should smile more instead of trying to look tough

  38. Jonathan Lipnicki Workout
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    doesn’t matter how much he works out if his face still looks like a pinched off turd.

  39. Jonathan Lipnicki Workout
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    oh dear lord

  40. Jonathan Lipnicki Workout
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  41. Jonathan Lipnicki Workout
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    Fap Fap Fap Fap Fap

  42. Jonathan Lipnicki Workout
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    Sweet Jesus…..He’s a Jew.

  43. Jonathan Lipnicki Workout
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    I’ve seen this face before….in the showers at Penn State.

  44. Jonathan Lipnicki Workout
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  45. Jonathan Lipnicki Workout
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    if he comes with a little mouse im in :D !!

  46. Jonathan Lipnicki Workout
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    His face isn’t incredible…but I’d be sitting on it so I guess that doesn’t really matter anyways.

  47. Jonathan Lipnicki Workout
    Mickey B.
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    This is a great photoshoot of Jonathan, thank you!

    I do wonder, however, how someone managed to put up this particular picture backwards considering the rather obvious tattoo! I would believe a picture taken in the mirror if it wasn’t for the barbell bar at the lower edge… §:c)

  48. Jonathan Lipnicki Workout
    Jackie martling
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    Homeboy has skinny legs – needs to do more squats, fewer benchpresses.

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