Jonathan Banks Is F*cking Awesome

September 17th, 2013 // 7 Comments
Jonathan Banks Speakeasy
WATCH: Jonathan Banks Read Fairy Tales As Mike Ehrmantraut

Last week Paul F. Tompkins had Mark-Paul Gosselaar react to 2013 situations as Zack Morris which would seem like an impossible concept to top except here’s Jonathan Banks reading children’s fairy tales as Mike Ehrmantraut from Breaking Bad. Even better is his full interview below where you will watch the mystical art of giving zero fucks flawlessly executed by a man I wish was my grandfather if not my own father. Or even both. I’d make peace with that. “So, wait, you had sex with.. you know what? Not important. Tell me a gruff story about Danny Trejo, grandpa dad!”

WARNING: Contains spoilers from Breaking Bad Season 5 Part 1 which you honestly should’ve watched by now, and great, now your mother’s crying. Happy, tough guy?

h/t Uproxx

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  1. JC

    According to the Walking Dead link you posted this morning, there’s going to be a “Better Call Saul” spin off of Breaking Bad. I also humbly request that they do a spin off in which the ghost of Mike acts as a grumpy guardian angel. It’ll be like “Highway to Heaven” with less hair but more violence.

  2. cc

    I might have to watch some of this Breaking Bad, which to this day I have never seen.

  3. Beer for thought

    Best Grandpa Ever.
    Don’t even get me started on breaking bad, I’m still recovering from that last one….
    Seriously if you are reading this and you have not seen breaking bad than what the fuck are you still doing here cancel everything an GO NOW.

  4. He’s kind of creepy on the Breaking Bad Insider podcast when he’s talking about the little girls that were on the show. Kiiiind of a creep.

  5. mike

    If you liked Mike in breaking bad, watch him in the old TV series Wise Guy. He was terrific.

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